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Chapter: 2467

3 daughter

Ye Tianyi is indeed too handsome.

This woman is also very beautiful, but unfortunately, she has a big scar on her face.

She looks about thirty years old, but ignoring the scars, she is very beautiful. Even if there are scars, I actually think she looks good.

She is quite revealing, and her figure is extremely explosive, but if you take a closer look, you will find that although she is revealing, she doesn't seem to reveal anything.

"Sanniang, don't beat my people's ideas."

The North Wind said to her.

"Tsk tsk tsk."

She got close to Ye Tianyi and circled around Ye Tianyi a few times.

"He's so handsome, where is my little brother from?"

"The Realm of the Gods."

Ye Tianyi said.

"Okay, it seems that you have passed the Jiuzhongtian test. Our branch has another master, and he is such a handsome master. Little brother, why don't you consider joining my team, the salary is definitely better than his fourth team, why? Sample?"

She said to Ye Tianyi with a smile.


Ye Tianyi didn't speak yet, she just held Ye Tianyi's arm.

"Okay, please join me here."

She shook Ye Tianyi's arm.

Ye Tianyi said that if the big-breasted beauty was shaking, he could rub his arm with his own, Ye Tianyi might agree.

Then who kept her from rubbing.

"I said Sanniang, don't do it, the people I brought."

North Wind hurriedly said.

"What is that? I'm optimistic, Beifeng, please make an offer."

Sanniang said directly.


Beifeng touched the tip of his nose and glanced at Ye Tianyi.

"Brother Ye, what do you think?"

Ye Tianyi: "..."

Damn it!

Wouldn't this North Wind really send him to another team?

"Captain North Wind..."

Beifeng then dragged Ye Tianyi aside and whispered: "Brother Ye, I definitely wanted you to be on my team, have a grudge against Luo Yun, and it just so happened that these three mothers are Luo Yun's boss, do you understand? And she's about to be the fifth-level guardian envoy, she can cover you, except that the president of our alliance is the sixth-level guardian envoy, there is no fifth-level guardian envoy, and there are only two fourth-level guardian envoys."

Damn it!

This woman is about to become the fifth-level guardian of the gods.

"And let me tell you, Sanniang may have other special identities. There is absolutely no harm in following her. She has just been transferred, and within two months, I estimate that she has a mission in Beiyang City. Just stay in our branch for a while."

"What special identity?"

Ye Tianyi asked curiously.

"I don't know either. I told you that the alliance of the gods is made up of major sub-alliances on the surface, the presidents of various branches, and the guardians of the gods from the first to ninth levels, but as far as I know, there are many hidden secrets in this alliance of the gods. The branch organization of the Divine Alliance is affiliated to the Shenmeng, but it is not an ordinary guardian envoy to enter. I suspect that Sanniang is one of them, and…"

Beifeng said: "Don't look at her so enthusiastic, although she does get along well with everyone, but she has never asked anyone directly, let alone holding your arm, she saw it at a glance. You, since she has a crush on you, it is definitely better than following me."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"Captain North Wind wants what she gave, right?"

"Cough cough—"

Beifeng coughed dryly and said, "There is this reason, but also for your sake."


Ye Tianyi shrugged his shoulders.

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with what he said.


Then Beifeng looked at Sanniang with a smile and said, "Sanniang, I discussed it with Brother Ye, and he agreed."

"Nice job!"

Sanniang then got close to Ye Tianyi, circled around him a few times, and looked at Ye Tianyi carefully.

"He's so handsome, what's your name?"

"Ye Tianyi."

Ye Tianyi said.

"Brother Tianyi, not only is he handsome, but also makes a wise choice. I like it."

Ye Tianyi thinks...

This Sanniang is too enthusiastic.

According to what Bei Feng said, she had never done this before.

Although she really has such a personality, Ye Tianyi is an exception to him.

Is it just because you are handsome?

Ye Tianyi thinks... It's possible, but after all, this is God's Domain. Everyone is a master, so it shouldn't be possible, right?

Or is it because the people in the Divine Realm are too arrogant?

That's not so, is it?

Well, what is the reason that should be told to Beifeng!

But what could be the reason?

Then what if her identity might not be that simple?

Can she still plan to lure herself to one of her mysterious organizations of the Divine Alliance just by looking at herself?

Not really.

"Captain, you praise Miu."

"Don't call the captain, just call Sanniang."


Sanniang immediately smiled.

"Let's go."

She then swayed and walked inside.

"Hey, Sanniang, Brother Ye has to go to the review team to review it."

As Sanniang walked forward, she raised her hand and made an "OK" gesture.

"Also, don't forget what you promised me."

North Wind shouted again.

It's still the same gesture.

Ye Tianyi followed this Sanniang to the inside.

Soon, they came to a large room.

"Brother Tianyi, wait for me."

Sanniang looked at Ye Tianyi's beautiful eyes, said a word, and entered the room.

Soon, the door opened again.

"come in."

Ye Tianyi walked in.

This room is not particularly large, there are six or seven staff members operating in front of the screen and keyboard.

There are many instruments.

"This is your team member, Sanniang."

A middle-aged man smiled and looked at Ye Tianyi and asked.

"Yes, handsome, right?"

Sanniang smiled coquettishly.

"Handsome, so handsome!"

Then he came over and stretched out his hand to Ye Tianyi, UU reading www. uukanshu. com said: "Wang Meng, the main job here is to be responsible for the review of the new guardian envoy."

"I have seen senior."

Ye Tianyi clenched his fists.

"You're welcome, if you're ready, take out the identity badge and put it directly into the instrument. Next, I will give you a score based on the ability you show. You can have reservations, but the result of reservations is that Your score will be less, of course, if you think that doing tasks with your ability can quickly improve the level of the guardian, it does not matter, but the tasks that can be accepted by the first-level guardian are limited, and the reward of task points is not high, and the speed is improved. It won't be too fast, weigh it yourself."

Ye Tianyi nodded, and then handed him the badge of his identity in the Divine Realm Guild.

"Am I going in now?"

Sanniang leaned against the wall, nibbled melon seeds and nodded, "Go in."

Then Ye Tianyi walked into an instrument similar to a crossing warehouse.

The glass-like door closed, and Ye Tianyi was trapped inside.

Then Wang Meng's voice came from inside.

"Get ready to start right away. You can release your attributes, laws, domains, etc. to improve your score."


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