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Chapter: 2479

dark alliance dark guardian

There are people inside.

Ye Tianyi's consciousness could detect it.

But the other party's cultivation base is not weak, so Ye Tianyi can only confirm that there is someone inside, but he can't determine where the person is.

Apparently, the people inside had already spotted him coming.

So, Ye Tianyi is about to fight.

Ye Tianyi pulled back a few meters.



The wooden door in front of him exploded directly.

As the wooden door exploded, several blood-red sharp blades rushed towards Ye Tianyi.

Extremely fast and destructive.

In front of Ye Tianyi, Wang Kang's pupils shrank!

"Master, it's me."

He subconsciously shouted.

However, it was useless, the other party did not intend to stop at all.

Ye Tianyi thinks it doesn't matter if he kills Wang Kang, but it's best to leave it to the Shenmeng.

With the release of space power, Wang Kang returned to Ye Tianyi's back, and Ye Tianyi's body erupted with power, blocking all the blood-colored sharp blades.

"A little **** guardian of the third level of the true **** realm dares to come to this old man to die alone? Then you will become the sacrifice of this old man."

An old man's voice came from inside.

After that, an old man turned his right hand into an eagle claw and rushed towards Ye Tianyi.

This vibe...

True God Realm sixth-order.

The sixth-order true **** realm is really not a powerful role in the realm of the gods.

It can only be said that this person's talent is indeed extremely ordinary, and he can only rely on these evil ways to improve his cultivation.

And what is the sixth rank of the True God Realm in front of Ye Tianyi?

The strength of his simple physique has reached the realm of gods.

"Master! Master save me."

Wang Kang shouted.


Ye Tianyi punched the old man directly.


The two forces collided together, and the entire underground space was directly shattered!

The next moment, the old man rushed out of the ground, and Ye Tianyi also rushed out carrying Wang Kang, and threw him on the ground at will.

"Something good!"

The red-eyed old man stared at Ye Tianyi in surprise.

A third-order true **** realm can block his attack like this?

There must be something special.

The corner of Ye Tianyi's mouth twitched slightly.

"I thought how powerful the members of the blood-shattering blood fiends were, but it turned out to be only a sixth-order true **** realm."

This task is not easy!

But the key to the difficulty is that they are so good at hiding!

Even everyone is not very sure how much his cultivation base is!

There are a large number of divine guardians searching for their traces, and they have been searching for a long time without any gain. Therefore, this task was once upgraded from a D-level task to an A-level task.

But there is one thing to say, according to the mission level of this alliance of God, plus the strength of these two people, in Ye Tianyi's opinion, it is indeed a D-level mission.

"A third-order true **** realm is here to say that the old man is not at the sixth level of the true **** realm? Hahahaha - the guardians of the gods are really proud of themselves."

Then his eyes narrowed, and a monstrous might burst towards Ye Tianyi.

"Master, come on!"

Wang Kang shouted excitedly.



A terrifying cold force poured out directly.

The old man's body was instantly frozen there.

"It's weak."

Ye Tianyi's ice attribute is very strong, but this old man is really bad, otherwise the normal sixth-order true **** realm will not be instantly frozen by Ye Tianyi.

But it is difficult for Ye Tianyi, who is a little more powerful, to do it.

Even if the old man has any other powerful means, he has no chance to use it.


Ye Tianyi walked over and directly stunned him while sealing his cultivation.

Yet at this time.

"It's really interesting, a **** guardian of the third level of the true **** realm dares to come here?"

A woman's voice suddenly came.

Ye Tianyi frowned and suddenly turned to look in one direction.

There, a woman walked over slowly.

"Who are you?"

"Yo, what a handsome man." She saw Ye Tianyi's beautiful eyes also lit up.

Ye Tianyi looked at her appearance.


The woman was wearing a mask and couldn't see her face clearly.

"Don't know the Dark Alliance? It seems that you are just entering the industry."

The woman said calmly.

"Save me, senior save me!"

Wang Kang shouted.

"Trash, you might as well die."

After speaking, her beautiful eyes burst into a ray of light.

In the next instant, a bloodstain appeared on Wang Kang's neck, and he hung up.

Ye Tianyi frowned.

So strong!

This person doesn't seem to be that old by listening to her voice, but she actually has the cultivation of the Primordial God King Realm.

Dark Alliance?

What kind of organization is this?

"For the sake of your good looks, this deity will give you a chance to survive and join the dark alliance."

Ye Tianyi smiled and said, "No need."

"It seems that you just don't want to live anymore."

She stretched out her hand, her palm condensed with a touch of black power.

At this moment, a powerful force suddenly appeared on the horizon!

The woman looked up.

"Life is big."

After all, she turned into a dark fog and disappeared in place.

Sanniang fell beside Ye Tianyi.


She glanced to the side, then looked at the place where the dark fog disappeared.

"Dark Alliance?"

Sanniangdai frowned.

Then she looked at Ye Tianyi suspiciously.

"How did you meet the people from the Dark Alliance?"

Ye Tianyi shrugged his shoulders and said, "I arrested them, and that dark alliance person suddenly appeared and wanted to kill me, why? Does this dark alliance have anything to do with the Shen alliance? Not bloody."

Sanniang said: "Blood Demon belongs to a small branch of the Dark Alliance. There are many branches of the Dark Alliance. The Hall of Blood Poison, including the Heartbreak Gate, are all branches of the Dark Alliance."

"Blood Poison Palace, all the gates of heartbreak?"

Ye Tianyi showed a surprised expression.

He also knew that the Blood Poison Hall was one of the forces that Mo Bai joined after that was the Blood Poison Hall!

And the Sect of Losing Hearts is one of the three major evil sects, as famous as the Yinyue Sect and the Heavenly Ghost Sect! It was also the sect of Qin Wuxin, who had secretly plotted against Ye Tianyi in the first Shenzong of the ancient times, and was later beaten by Ye Tianyi.

This Qin Wuxin seemed to be the saintess of the Heavenly Ghost Sect. UU Reading

It stands to reason that the gate of the heartbreak should belong to the top-level existence of the God's Domain, even if it can't reach the level of the Moon God Palace, it is almost the same!

After all, the three evil sects are the most powerful sects of the three evil sects!

Is it just a branch of the Dark Alliance?

"Yes! This dark alliance is very powerful, and even the dark alliance was established a long time earlier than the Shen alliance. They already existed when the gods first appeared, but it was not called the dark alliance at that time. After so many years of development, The Dark Alliance has become the largest evil sect in the entire God's Domain, no one! The Heartless Sect was founded by the people of the Dark Alliance, and the Heavenly Ghost Sect and the Yinyue Sect are nothing in front of the Dark Alliance, and even the Dark Alliance has a unified continent. Evil trend."

Ye Tianyi: "..."

"So exaggerated?"

Sanniang nodded: "The dark alliance is the enemy of the whole people in the true sense, and it is a very terrifying enemy. The members of the dark alliance are also called secret guardians."

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