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Chapter: 2480

strange movement

Chapter 2456 Strange action

Ye Tianyi pondered slightly.

This dark alliance is much more fierce than he imagined.

I thought this was an evil sect, maybe even the Heavenly Ghost Sect and the Yinyue Sect, which were a little bit more powerful than the evil sect. That's all, who would have thought that this Dark Alliance would be the final big boss.

It is much older than the history of the League of God.

Even Ye Tianyi felt that some of the things of the Divine Alliance might be imitated by the Dark Alliance.

Moreover, the Shenmeng is actually more in the Holy Sun Empire. Although other empires also have Shenmenu and Shenmeng branches, but after all, they have reached other empires, and there are very few.

And the dark alliance is full of every corner of the continent.

Even various evil factions may be branches of the Dark Alliance!

This dark alliance is like a big company that truly grasps the lifeblood of the world. It has a huge information network. I am afraid that their control of the information network and other aspects is very exaggerated. It is more terrifying than the information network of the empire!

This dark alliance is indeed the ultimate giant in the true sense.

"That person was not weak just now. Fortunately, I came in time, otherwise I was afraid that something would happen."

Sanniang said.

Ye Tianyi nodded: "Indeed, I didn't expect such a huge existence in this God's Domain."

"This dark alliance is indeed the largest existence in the true sense, and they are indeed covering the sky with one hand. However, there are more powerful forces in the God's Domain, and there are more powerhouses. This dark alliance does not dare to do anything on the bright side. If he angered God's Domain, the forces of all parties gathered together, and his secret alliance would not feel good."

Ye Tianyi nodded.


Sanniang pondered slightly.

"It's really strange that there are secret guardians of the Primordial God King Realm here. I am afraid that the secret guardians of the Primordial God King's realm must have the level of fourth-level or even fifth-level secret guardians."

She paced slowly.

"She definitely won't say that she shot for the two members of Xuesha."

"Definitely, I'm afraid she just happened to pass by unintentionally. She has to tell the Shenmeng side about the next time here, let's go."

Sanniang said.

Sanniang was also quite surprised that Ye Tianyi had just completed this task, but now there are more important things.

Soon, they returned to the base of the Shenmeng.

Sanniang went to share the news, and Ye Tianyi went to submit the task.

"Yo, Captain Luo."

It just so happened that Ye Tianyi saw Luo Yun and a group of people also appearing at the place where the mission was submitted.

"Ye Tianyi!"

Seeing Ye Tianyi, Luo Yun's eyes narrowed again.

"It looks like your mission has been completed."

Luo Yun said a word.

"Good luck."

Ye Tianyi then submitted the task.

The points will be directly entered into the system when the task is submitted, and the task rewards obtained at the same time, such as training resources, will be distributed together with the salary of the guardian of the gods. Of course, if you want to ask for it in advance, it is also possible, but Just a little more troublesome.

The input task needs to be reviewed, there is a special review team, and the time will not be too long.

Here, Ye Tianyi brought the body of Wang Kang and the old man, and a special person would interrogate them and finally convict them.

It's absolutely essential anyway.

Luo Yun glanced at it and frowned.

"Captain, he actually completed the mission of **** chaos here."

A person next to Luo Yun said in surprise.

Luo Yun was also secretly startled.

How can it be?

There are not a few divine guardians who have received this mission. From the initial D-level mission, no one has been able to complete it, and now it is an A-level mission!

To be honest, no one expected such a forced mission to reach Grade A.

They also accepted the task, but there is absolutely no way to do this task, no progress at all!

They also went out to do the task just now, and their task is only a B-level task, which is relatively easy.

However, if they do it as a team, the points will be shared equally, and the captain will be higher, but in fact, there will not be many points.

It's embarrassing.

Then why should a team go?

That's naturally because it feels potentially dangerous.

"I saw."

Luo Yun's eyes narrowed slightly.

Grass is gone!

What is this Ye Tianyi coming from?

He came up to be the third-level **** guardian, and even the first one was the A-level task, and he completed it?

He just came here, and he doesn't know the situation here, can he do it too?

"It seems that Sanniang has helped you a lot."

Luo Yun said coldly.


Ye Tianyi smiled and replied casually.


Luo Yun snorted, and then went to submit the task.

"Yo, Captain Luo, a B-level mission, did your team do a B-level mission?"

Ye Tianyi suddenly exclaimed.

Luo Yun: "..."

"Ye Tianyi!"

He pointed at Ye Tianyi and scolded angrily.

"Don't look for trouble."

"Captain Luo, are you misunderstanding something? I'm just curious, is the B-level mission difficult? Do you need a team to do it together?"

The corner of Ye Tianyi's mouth curled slightly.

"Humph! You wait for me!"

Luo Yun snorted coldly and walked away.

Ye Tianyi shrugged his shoulders.

the other side. UU Reading

Sanniang found Qin Zhenfeng, the branch president here.


"It's Sanniang."

Qin Zhenfeng smiled and said, "Sit down."

"You don't need to sit down, I got a message here."

"Oh? You said."

"It's about the Dark Alliance."

"Dark Alliance?"

Qin Zhenfeng frowned.

"Is there any big news from the Dark Alliance?"

This dark alliance is very large. It is precisely because it is too large that any movement in the dark alliance will be targeted. Only the secret guards can do tasks and the like, and the general secret guards may do some things. Big things.

"The big news is not certain. The new Ye Tianyi has completed the task of A-level **** chaos, but when he just finished, a secret guardian of the ancient gods and kings appeared and wanted to do something to him. , and fortunately I appeared in time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable."

Qin Zhenfeng slowly paced and thought about something.

"A fourth-level, fifth-level secret guardian appeared in this place?"

The appearance of the secret guardian is different from the appearance of the divine guardian.

There are divine guardians everywhere, and so are secret guardians in theory.

But generally the appearance of the secret guardian is to do the task.

And the appearance of the guardian envoys does not necessarily have tasks, they may be living normally and socializing.

In particular, their Beiyang City is a relatively remote place. In their place, it has been a few years since there has been an open and secret guardian. It is really strange to appear suddenly.

"Strange, it seems that this dark alliance is moving near Beiyang City."

Qin Zhenfeng said.

"I'm also so suspicious. What strange things have happened in Beiyang City recently?"

Sanniang asked.

(End of this chapter)

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