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Chapter: 2565

you are not strong

For Ye Tianyi, doing all this is very simple!

But for Gu Cheng, it was a bit difficult!


Gu Cheng gritted his teeth and stared at Ye Tianyi.

He never imagined that his space could not compare to Ye Tianyi?

This is outrageous!

"Do you dare to fight me like this?"

Gu Cheng glared at Ye Tianyi and asked.

"Just to see if you can simply run out."


Gu Cheng shattered Ye Tianyi's space blockade again!

Then, Ye Tianyi released the space blockade again.

He wants to run!

I want to escape!

But no matter what he releases the space power or whatever, he can't get away in time.

He was held in place again!

"What a strong spatial attribute!"

Sakura Yunuo looked at this scene and sighed.

Strong is a bit outrageous.

In itself this situation is not easy to see.

Even if I saw it, it was a martial artist with a stronger realm releasing space to a martial artist with a lower realm, and that martial artist with a lower realm could not break free from this space barrier no matter what.

Being restricted there again and again.

However, now, it is a martial artist with a lower realm who uses space to limit a martial artist with a higher realm, and it is still a big difference.

This is indeed never seen before!

Sakura Yunuo has indeed never seen it before!

Ye Tianyi's space attribute is really strong to a certain extent!

To be fair, the combat power he has displayed so far is very strong!

Ying Yunuo believes that even though both of them have a lot of power that they haven't released yet, but...

Ye Tianyi's performance is definitely worthy of this ranking.

He must have more ways to hide!

Actually, there is no need to continue fighting.

Because Ying Yunuo believes that no matter what, in a sense, Ye Tianyi has already won, and he won very thoroughly.

"It's over, space blasting!"

Ye Tianyi released the space blast.


The space where Gu Cheng was located exploded directly!

Then Ye Tianyi continued to bombard him in a continuous manner!

Maybe one time wasn't enough to cause him much damage, but many times in a row, Gu Cheng didn't have to fight.


With a loud bang, the independent space force released by Gu Cheng collapsed directly.

Several of them appeared outside!

It was also seen by many people.

"Cough cough—"

Gu Cheng stood there with a face full of embarrassment, staring at Ye Tianyi viciously.

"I don't know how the ranking of the list is, but you are really not strong."

Ye Tianyi looked at Gu Cheng and left after speaking lightly.

Ying Yunuo also followed Ye Tianyi into the shop of the pickled fish.


Gu Cheng scolded angrily.

"Young Master Gu."

Long Chen quickly walked over.

"I'm fine."

Gu Cheng's eyes narrowed slightly.

"He's too shameless. Relying on his strong spatial attributes, he actually used such a shameless method to fight Young Master Gu."

Long Chen said angrily.

"Strong space attribute? Hahaha, stop teasing."

Gu Cheng sneered.

"Oh? What does Young Master Gu mean?"

"Space attribute is one of the most difficult attributes to cultivate. No matter how strong the talent for space cultivation is, it is absolutely impossible to do like him. He has crossed so many realms, and there is a big realm, so that space can crush me. ,Is it possible?? Even the most powerful geniuses, their space absolutely can't do it."

Long Chen nodded; "Indeed, it's too outrageous."

"So, he must have used some kind of space spiritual tool at the same time to realize that he can control space better than me."

Long Chen also expressed his opinion.

"Pretend to be pretty cool, shit!"

Gu Cheng scolded angrily.

"Young Master Gu, we can't just let this matter go."

Long Chen said.

"I will never let him go!"

Gu Cheng's eyes narrowed slightly!

the other side.

"Your space attribute is very strong."

Ying Yunuo said to Ye Tianyi.

"Well, from a young age, the control in this aspect is relatively strong." Ye Tianyi said.

"I guess they should still be suspicious."

"Doubt what?"

"I doubt that this is not your own strength."

Ye Tianyi looked at Ying Yunuo: "Senior Sister Ying thinks this is my own strength?"

Ying Yunuo nodded: "Although I think it's a bit too powerful, but think about it carefully, Junior Brother Ye's medical skills are so powerful, there are not many people in the world who can match you, Junior Brother Ye is a top genius, I think There's no doubt about that."

On the contrary, she was suspicious of Ye Tianyi's purpose in coming to Shengyang Royal Academy.

According to his ability, although the realm is not high, but other aspects of the conditions are very strong, just for his medical skills, there should be many sects who will want him.

"Thank you, Senior Sister Sakura, for your compliment."

Ye Tianyi smiled.

"What did Junior Brother Ye come to the academy for?"

Sakura Yuno asked.

Ye Tianyi knew that Ying Yunuo must doubt him.

Although his realm is not high, he is indeed quite strong in some aspects, to be precise, very strong!

Gu Chengqiang?

He is really strong.

But in front of Ye Tianyi, he would appear very weak!

It's not that he is weak, it's that Ye Tianyi is too strong.

"Actually, I went to the academy to find someone. I came here from the realm of the gods. I had a friend who came here early. I heard that it seemed that I came to the Royal Academy of the Holy Sun, so I came to take a look. ."

"Who is your friend?"

Sakura Yunuo asked.

Ye Tianyi thought for a while.

Then he said casually, "Xi Qianyu."

"Huh? Your friend is Xi Qianyu?"

she asked in surprise.

Xi Qianyu is a disciple of the lower plane Chang Xi, and they had already met when they were here.

She is like Shi Jiayi, they came to the realm of the gods early.

I haven't been in touch for a long time.

"Senior Sister Sakura knows?"

Ye Tianyi asked in surprise.

No way?

Is this world so small?

"Is she a particularly beautiful girl, and at the same time she has a very strong thunder attribute?"

Ye Tianyi; "..."

rely on me!

Even if he is really alone.

"Ahahaha, no, maybe it's the same name, but she's really beautiful. Who is the Xi Qianyu that Senior Sister Sakura said?"

Sakura Yunuo felt normal.

Duplicate names are indeed normal.

"A friend I met when I was practicing before, she was also practicing, and we got along with her for about half a month, and then we parted ways."

Sakura Yunuo said.

That should be her.

"Oh? Where is she now?"

"I didn't ask specifically, but I feel that it should be powerful, quite strong."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"Stop talking, let's eat."


After eating, they both returned to the academy.

"Senior Sister Ying, I want to focus on cultivating fire attributes. Who are some people with strong fire attributes in our academy?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

"Did you mean that?"

Sakura Yunuo asked.

"It doesn't have to be a mentor. Senior brothers and sisters are fine. My fire attribute has special flames and effects. I want to see if it is stronger or weaker than them."

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