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Chapter: 2566

The sensation brought by Ye Tianyi

In fact, Ye Tianyi was simply preparing to start his own journey of finding someone.

Balrog, that is a kind of flame! The flame of special power!

Since this person can obtain the power of the Balrog and still not die, first of all, he is definitely a genius who is not weak.

Second, he must have the fire attribute!

Therefore, the people who are selected by the fire attribute and the relatively powerful fire attribute warriors are estimated to have the power of the fire demon.

Because normally, he may know that this is the power of the Balrog, so he will not use it easily.

But people, especially young people, probably like to express themselves!

Since he knew that he was very strong, he naturally didn't want to live in the academy just like that.

So, he is probably a famous person.

Ying Yunuo said: "In the academy, the fire attribute is really powerful. In my opinion, it is not a realm. There should be no more than five people whose fire attribute exceeds yours."

"Which five are they?"

Ying Yunuo said, "One is Senior Brother Yang Chenxiao, you know it."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"The other is Senior Brother Yang Tianyuan, who also has a powerful fire attribute, and the other is Senior Brother Yang Lin."

"All surnamed Yang."

Ying Yunuo said, "People from the royal family."

"Huh? The royal family? Isn't the royal family's surname Murong?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

"There are two branches of the royal family, one is Yang, the other is Murong, and Murong has always been the surname of the emperor of the Holy Sun Empire."

"Never changed?" Ye Tianyi asked.

Because according to his previous knowledge of those empires, for example, the royal family of an empire may have two surnames or three families.

There will be some way between them. Maybe this family has been the emperor for hundreds of years, and for decades, the family also chooses someone to be the emperor for decades, and everyone alternates.

"Yeah, the royal family of the empire in the God's Domain is different. After all, think about it, the royal family of the God's Domain is the most powerful force. Since it can become the most powerful emperor, then the power and power he controls are definitely not others. For comparison, even if the royal family has several surnames, as long as the other surname is not powerful enough to surpass the surname of the emperor, they naturally cannot be the emperor."

Sakura Yunuo said.

"Understood, and the emperor definitely doesn't want others to sit on the throne of God and control powerful forces, so they will suppress other royal family surnames intentionally or unintentionally."

"That's right, it's definitely the case, and even if the Yang surname has grown very strong, unless they crush the Murong surname, they will lose both in the fight, and crushing the Murong surname is impossible, so , the Yang family line will never be able to sit on the throne of the king of God."

Then Ying Yunuo said: "But it's okay, at least they are more than ten thousand people."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"Then this Senior Brother Yang Chenxiao, Senior Brother Yang Tianyuan and Senior Brother Yang Lin, they are..."

"Senior brother Yang Chenxiao is the son of a county king. Brother Yang Tianyuan is also the son of a county king. Brother Yang Lin is the son of a prince."

In this imperial family, the power of a county king is monstrous, let alone a prince.


Ye Tianyi nodded.

"What about the other two?"

"The other two, they are both members of the Ziban, one is a descendant of the Fire Vessel, I don't know exactly what her name is, and the other is a girl, I don't know either, but she and the Fire Vessel The descendants are all red-haired and easy to identify."

Sakura Yunuo said.

"it is good."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"Then I'll study that set of mental methods first, and I may have to retreat for two days."

"I've troubled Junior Brother Ye."

Sakura Yunuo said gratefully.

"Sister Sakura is very polite."

Then Ye Tianyi separated from Ying Yunuo.


After Ying Yunuo left, she went directly to the depths of an academy.


Ying Yunuo saw an old man sitting there and saluted respectfully.


The old man looked at Ying Yunuo and nodded.

"Come and sit down."


Then Ying Yunuo walked over and sat down.


The old man looked at Ying Yunuo and suddenly felt that something was not right.

"Why did your Calamity Power dissipate?"

He is a very top-notch powerhouse, so he can clearly perceive the changes in Ying Yunuo!

At the same time, he could sense that the unseen power of calamity wrapped around Ying Yunuo's body disappeared.

"Master, it's that Junior Brother Ye, the disciple told you before..."

Ying Yunuo then told him what Ye Tianyi had done in the past two days.


Obviously, Venerable Star Watcher was also stunned.

"So miraculous?"

Ying Yunuo nodded; "The disciple didn't expect it at all, but the fact is right in front of you."

"This kid, this old man thinks it's a bit strange. He created a medicinal pill in a short period of time, and if he succeeded, he was able to suppress your body of calamity."

Ying Yunuo nodded; "Furthermore, Junior Brother Ye has investigated the situation of the disciple. He is now creating a set of mental methods for the disciple to operate the power of disaster. He said that it may be successful. Once successful, the disciple can control the disaster. strength."

Venerable Star Watcher frowned.

"So miraculous?"

"The disciple also thinks it's a bit incredible."

Venerable Star Watcher said, "Well, can you fully control it in the future?"

"Junior Brother Ye means that there is no problem before the fourth stage of the body of disaster, but when it reaches the fourth stage, it is useless."

Venerable Star Watcher nodded.

"Okay, you give him a try first, if you do, bring him here as a teacher~~ I'm still very curious about how a young boy at the fifth level of the true **** realm can have this ability. ."


"Well, let's go."

"The disciple retire."

Then Ying Yunuo left.


Two days later.

Ye Tianyi is out.

The first thing I did when I got out was to find Ying Yunuo.

Ying Yunuo didn't have anything to do these two days, but she felt more comfortable.

"Have you heard? The new Junior Brother Ye seems to have helped Senior Sister Ying solve the body of disaster."

"I heard that, and I saw with my own eyes that the current Senior Sister Ying is no different from ordinary people, she can now sit anywhere at will, and she doesn't need to worry about the power of disaster contaminating other people. "

"It's amazing, what kind of person is this Junior Brother Ye?"

"I don't know, but it doesn't seem to be that simple. I heard that he defeated Gu Cheng with the fifth rank of the True God Realm."

"It's the one who just came to Tianyimen, isn't it? I heard that he is still on the battle power list, what the hell? Ye Tianyi defeated him?"

"In the beginning, we thought that Ye Tianyi was a person on the bloodline list, but after this incident, we found that he was also a person on the battle power list, and he was a fifth-order person of the true **** realm, and his ranking in the battle power list was higher than that of the gods realm two. The rank Gu Cheng is more than a thousand taller!"


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