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Chapter: 2569

class comparison

Ye Tianyi then looked at Ying Yunuo.

"it is also fine."

"Then go with me."

Ye Tianyi nodded: "Okay."

Then Ying Yunuo left here with Ye Tianyi.

After going around, they came to a relatively secluded place.


Ying Yunuo shouted.

"Well, come here."

The voice of Venerable Star Watcher came, and then Ying Yunuo walked over with Ye Tianyi.

Ye Tianyi looked at the old man.

God's Domain, who has a certain status in this academy, is definitely a very strong existence.

"Junior Ye Tianyi has seen senior."

Ye Tianyi clenched his fists.

Venerable Star Watcher turned around and looked at Ye Tianyi.

When he saw Ye Tianyi for the first time, he had a deep intuition.

This one is not easy.

Because of these powerhouses, they can sometimes see something like a person's roots just by looking at them.

In his eyes, Ye Tianyi's appearance, Ye Tianyi's eyes, and some of Ye Tianyi's breaths were indeed slightly different from those of ordinary warriors.

"Well, sit down first."

Then Ye Tianyi and Ying Yunuo sat there.

Ying Yunuo then got up, poured a cup of tea for Venerable Star Watcher and Ye Tianyi and sat down again.

"I heard that you have been helping Yunuo to solve the calamity, and you also created your own medicine pills and spiritual methods?"

Venerable Star Watcher asked.


Venerable Star Watcher glanced at Ying Yunuo.

"Yunuo doesn't release the power of Calamity now, because the previous medicine pill is still..."

Ying Yunuo said: "Master, Junior Brother Ye retreated for the past two days and created the mental method. The disciple just used this mental method to suppress the power of disaster."

"Oh? In other words, this mental method has also been created successfully?"

Venerable Star Watcher showed a surprised expression.


Sakura Yunuo said.

"What a genius."

Venerable Star Watcher sighed.

This is really genius.

With these two methods, even he can't do it!

It can only be said that this may be the true martial arts genius.

For martial arts, he has an inhuman talent!

It is not without reason that there are more than 7,000 combat power lists on the fifth-order true **** realm!

If his realm is higher, Venerable Star Watcher even feels that he can compete for the top of the rankings.

"What did you come to study at the academy?" asked Venerable Star Watcher.

"I want to cultivate the fire attribute."

"Fire attribute? It's not bad. The academy's cultivation of fire attribute is still well-known in the mainland. Release your fire attribute and see."

Ye Tianyi then released a fire attribute!

The Venerable Star Watcher stretched out his hand, and the flame in Ye Tianyi's palm flew to his palm, and he felt it carefully.

"Your fire attribute is very strong, your fire attribute contains a variety of flames, and even the flames of the phoenix lineage, and it has a powerful effect of ignoring spiritual power. Your flame can already be compared to holy flames. ."

Venerable Star Watcher said.

"So I want to cultivate the fire attribute to a higher level." Ye Tianyi said.

"Well, the fire attribute is a good attribute. The world thinks that as the five most basic attributes, the fire attribute is not that strong. In fact, there are no weak attributes, only weak warriors, no matter what attributes, they cultivate to a certain extent. After the height, it is extremely terrifying, not to mention the few absolutely offensive attributes, I heard that you have several attributes, and fire attribute cultivation must not be slack."

Ying Yunuo said, "Master, I wonder if you can ask Senior Murong to teach Junior Brother Ye?"

"That's fine, I have to talk to him, but..."

Venerable Star Watch looked at Ye Tianyi and said, "You have to bring something out."

Venerable Xing Guan continued: "It's really inappropriate to just stuff you into Murong Huo. I can tell you a little bit about it. You'd better get his attention in person."

"What do you mean by senior?"

"You are now in the first class of the red class. There will be a class competition in the next two days. The first place can be promoted by a level. For example, you can enter the green class. At that time, many people in the college will watch it. Including Murong Huo, what you need to do is to crush everyone in this competition and attract his attention, especially in terms of fire attributes!"

"Everyone cherishes their talents, and they all hope that they can teach them to be the top powerhouses in the world in the future. Therefore, if you show yourself proud enough, I don't need to say, he will definitely take the initiative to accept you. for the disciples."

Ye Tianyi nodded: "Junior understands."

"Well, let's go."

"Yes! This junior retire."

Ye Tianyi then walked away.


Ying Yunuo glanced at Venerable Star Watcher.

"Well, you can go too."


Then Ying Yunuo walked out with Ye Tianyi.

"This kid is not easy."

The Venerable Star Watcher sighed when he looked at Ye Tianyi's back.

Just the two things that Chong Ye Tianyi did, he was already shocking enough!

To put it simply, how many powerhouses in the entire continent were studying the Body of Calamity?

But what did they research?

Nothing at all!

However, Ye Tianyi researched it in just a few days.

He should not say that he has researched the body of disaster, he is a special genius.

"The realm is not high, although this doesn't fully explain anything, but the old man doesn't think that this kid's talent is not enough! The fifth rank of the true **** realm has entered the battle power list of more than 7,000, which is indeed an exaggeration."


Ye Tianyi and Ying Yunuo walked out.

"Junior Brother Ye, let me invite you to dinner~~ Ying Yunuo said.

"Sister Sakura, no need."

Ye Tianyi said with a smile.


Ying Yunuo pondered.

She owed Ye Tianyi a great deal of favor, and Ye Tianyi helped her with the treatment, and he also used some expensive heaven and earth spirits.

Glazed fairy grass.

"Junior Brother Ye, what do you want? If possible, I'll get it for you."

Sakura Yunuo said.

"I don't have anything I want for the time being. Senior Sister Ying, you can do it first. I also have to prepare for the class competition in the Red Class."

Ying Yunuo nodded; "Alright, then I won't bother."

"it is good."

Then they parted ways.

For Ying Yunuo, she was really surprised.

Ye Tianyi helped her so much without any benefit.

This made her feel bad for herself!

Ye Tianyi said no, but she absolutely had to give it!

But he doesn't lack anything...

It can only be said that Ying Yunuo owes Ye Tianyi a great deal of favor. Perhaps in the future, if he encounters difficulties, she will definitely repay Ye Tianyi regardless.

"Let's see if this mental method can be improved and become more powerful."

For Ying Yunuo, now there is a top priority.

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