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Chapter: 2577

strong physique

To be fair, other people would also like to see Ye Tianyi fight Wang Heng.

This battle is full of grievances.

It is a game of grievances.

Therefore, Wang Heng will definitely do his best.

Moreover, he had watched the battle between Ye Tianyi and Shi Xiong. He absolutely couldn't think that his realm was high, so he would have to fight against Ye Tianyi forcibly.

Therefore, this battle looks good.

The sword in Ye Tianyi's hand was thrown aside.

Wang Heng frowned.

Everyone outside frowned.

"What do you mean??"

Wang Heng pointed at Ye Tianyi and said angrily.

"I originally thought that I might be a master, so I'd better use a spirit tool. I didn't expect it to be you. That's just right, so I don't need a spirit tool."

Ye Tianyi said lightly.

"Grass mud horse!"

Wang Heng cursed angrily.

Who do you look down on?

The group of people outside were stunned.

"Fuck! So pretending?"

"Is this too pretentious?"

"Hehehe, I've never seen such a forceful person! He thought he was amazing after defeating Wang Heng? Look, he's going to lose, and his face is gone!"

"That's right! Under normal circumstances, it doesn't matter if he loses. His realm is not as high as the opponent's, and he has reasons to explain when he loses. But if he is so pretentious, if he loses, even if he says he doesn't use spiritual tools, who will let him? He doesn't need it himself?"

"Hehehehe, pretend to force something."


"really interesting."

Yang Chenxiao looked at Ye Tianyi and his eyes narrowed!

"This kid is interesting."

Looking at Ye Tianyi inside, Murong Huo couldn't help but say something.

"Does it suit your appetite?"

Venerable Star Watcher asked.

"I understand."

Murong Huo looked at Venerable Xing Guan and said, "Emotionally, are you planning to introduce him to this old man?"

Venerable Star Watcher smiled.

"Isn't it enough?"

"Whether it's enough or not, then we'll have to see his subsequent performance." Murong Huo said.

"However, this arrogant feeling, the old man still likes it very much."

Murong Huo looked at Ye Tianyi with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Because Murong Huo was like this when he was young!

No, to be precise, it is now, but it's a lot more restrained.

"Instead, does he have anything special for you to introduce to this old man?"

Murong Huo put his hands behind him and looked at Venerable Star Watcher.

"Isn't it enough for him to be ranked 7,750 on the fifth-order true **** realm on the combat power list?"

Venerable Star Watcher asked with a smile.

"This is indeed an extremely peculiar point, so this old man sees how good he is."

Inside the arena.

That Wang Heng gritted his teeth.

"Okay! Let me pretend to be a bee, right?"

The sword in Wang Heng's hand pointed at Ye Tianyi.

"I know what you're thinking, you're just not good at swordsmanship, you want to drop the sword yourself, and then I will drop the sword after I see it, hehehe! Then you can fight in the way you are better at it! Can you hold it or not? What does the sword have to do with Lao Tzu? You have to pretend to be beeping yourself, so I hope you don't take out the sword after you can't beat it! And don't lose it by then, and excuse yourself that you didn't use a magic weapon, which is a shame."

Ye Tianyi twisted his neck.

"You don't need to care about this." Ye Tianyi said lightly.

"The competition begins."

Following the instructor's order.

"Thunder Sword Technique!"


That Wang Heng's body, including his sword, is entwined with the power of dazzling thunder!


Then, he rushed towards Ye Tianyi directly.

"Let you pretend to be beeping for Lao Tzu! Lao Tzu will see how you act!"

After all, he directly chopped over.

And Ye Tianyi raised his hand and his strength exploded.


The people outside were stunned for a moment.

"He's going to use his body to fight the magic weapon?"

"Shabi, does he think his body is awesome?"

"The realm is two levels lower than others, and you have to use your own body to collide with the spiritual weapon. Isn't this what a ghost pen is?"



The next moment, Ye Tianyi's arm directly blocked his sword with Thunder!

Although there is a reason for the release of spiritual power, but...

Ye Tianyi's realm is lower than the opponent's, let alone using his body to release spiritual power, even if he uses a spiritual tool to release spiritual power to collide with the opponent, he should be defeated.


Ye Tianyi actually blocked it?


Everyone's eyes widened!

Then Wang Heng was also stunned!


On Ye Tianyi's body, the fire attribute was entangled.

"Grass! How long do you pretend to be Laozi? I see how long you can pretend!?"

Then Wang Heng did not release other powers. Seeing Ye Tianyi doing this, he forcibly slashed the sword in his hand, and Ye Tianyi used his hands and arms to constantly greet his weapons as if they were turned into spiritual weapons.

Everyone was stunned!

"Damn it! How is that possible?"

"Is this his law or some martial skill? Strengthen the body?"

"He's not the realm crushing Wang Heng, how can he do this?"


Na Murong Huo also showed a surprised expression.

"Get out of the way."

He passed through the students and went directly to the small world where Ye Tianyi and Wang Heng fought.

Venerable Star Watcher also followed along!

When they came to the scene, they could clearly feel that Ye Tianyi didn't use any power to strengthen his body at all!

"What a strong physique!"

Murong Huo couldn't help but sighed in admiration.

"It is a bit exaggerated to use the realm of the fifth rank of the true **** realm to resist the attack of the seventh rank of the true **** realm with a spiritual weapon."

Venerable Star Watcher also brightened his eyes.

After all, they haven't even heard of such a thing!

Except for some monsters or warriors with strong natural defenses.

However, Ye Tianyi is not at all.

For Ye Tianyi, his physique is the first rank of the Divine Realm!

As for this spiritual tool, it is not a good one, and there are not many blessings given to Wang Heng.

Therefore, Ye Tianyi forcibly attacked with his physique, and Wang Heng's strength could not hurt Ye Tianyi's physique!

This is the benefit that the Demon Empress brought him. UU Reading

It is indeed a bit exaggerated.

"Shadow Instant Kill!"


Then Wang Heng also used something that was unexpected to him, the dark attribute martial skill!

Dark attribute martial arts are different from space!

At first glance, it seems similar, but the power of the dark attribute has its own unique advantages!

For example, if you release a space force, no matter how fast you are, you must also create a space, such as teleportation. In fact, you are teleporting in a space, which can be directly blocked by stronger forces.

But the dark attribute cannot be stopped.

Wang Heng appeared behind Ye Tianyi, and the sword in his hand was directly inserted into Ye Tianyi's back.


Ye Tianyi was surrounded by flames. Even so, his sword should be able to insert into Ye Tianyi's body.


Wang Heng felt as if he had stabbed an iron wall, unable to pierce it!

This? ?

He showed an expression of disbelief.

The next moment, flames wrapped his sword.


The power burst out!


Wang Heng spurted out a mouthful of blood and flew out.

Everyone: ? ? ?

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