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Chapter: 2578

He should be a disciple of the Demon Empress

Everyone was really dumbfounded.

Why is this?

Why did Wang Heng unleash the power of the dark attribute to directly hit Ye Tianyi, can Ye Tianyi be fine?

Why is this?

Wang Heng was at the seventh rank of the True God Realm, Ye Tianyi was at the fifth rank of the True God Realm, and Wang Heng was holding a spiritual weapon in his hand.

Even if the spiritual tool in Wang Heng's hand is relatively average, it can at least give him some power, right?

Ye Tianyi was at the disadvantage of the realm, and he was not that kind of defensive warrior. He blocked it directly, even with his back!

Forget it, his power was instantly released, and the flames flew Wang Heng straight out?

Is this a little too fake?

At least there is defensive spiritual power around Wang Heng's body, right?

Even if you are fine and the flames rush out, should you be blocked by Wang Heng's defensive spiritual power?

But Gu Cheng didn't feel any surprise when he saw this scene.

Because Ye Tianyi's flames have the effect of ignoring spiritual power.

This ignoring spiritual power, although it does not mean that he even ignores the realm, but he can ignore the spiritual power of the second-order of the gods, and is it not normal to ignore the spiritual power of the seventh-order of the true gods?

It's just that Ye Tianyi's physical strength is what makes him a little strange!

What an exaggeration!

When he was fighting with Ye Tianyi at that time, he was a second-ranker of the Divine Realm and kept punching with Ye Tianyi. His fists hurt so much, but this Ye Tianyi seemed to be fine.

He felt outrageous!

Now it seems that it is not a spiritual weapon.

It's because his physique is very strong!

Because of his strong physique, he was able to fight Wang Heng, who was holding a sword, with both hands.

But that's impossible, right?

A physique of the fifth rank of the true **** realm has reached the **** realm?

how is this possible?

Therefore, there must be other explanations in the middle!

Martial arts?

It is estimated that it is some kind of mental method to enhance combat power and defense.

This is very likely.

"No wonder he is so arrogant. It turns out that he has such a powerful mentality, which can not only improve his combat power, but also improve so much, and his physique can also improve so much."

Gu Cheng's eyes narrowed slightly.

"Cough cough—"

That Wang Heng coughed and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

The injury isn't very serious.

There are quite a few places on the body that were burnt black.

looks a little embarrassed.

"Did you use a magic weapon?"

Wang Heng pointed at Ye Tianyi and said angrily.

He doesn't understand!

If he didn't use a spiritual weapon, how could he have such an exaggerated combat power, he could fight back and forth with him without using a sword, and even his own attacks were completely scratchy to him.

This is outrageous!

It wasn't that Ye Tianyi's realm crushed him, but that his realm was higher than Ye Tianyi's.

"You can't find a reason to beat the classics, right?"

Ye Tianyi laughed.

Wang Heng gritted his teeth.

"Law, thunder burst!"

He directly released the power of his own laws.

Then, around his body, there was a thunder explosion condensed by the law.

This may be somewhat different from thunder in the ordinary sense. It seems to be thunder, but it is actually a law!

There are so many types of rules!

"I'll let you pretend again!"

After all, Wang Heng charged towards Ye Tianyi with a sword and a powerful thunder.

And even if Ye Tianyi didn't know what the effect of the thunderbolt law was, at least he knew that the opponent couldn't foolishly release a law with no effect to fight him!

At least in Wang Heng's eyes, the effect of his law is very powerful.

But, Ye Tianyi couldn't just hide like that, right?

However, Ye Tianyi still didn't release any special power, and the increase of Dragon God Jue didn't even release.

He felt that he possessed the physique of the first-order Divine Realm. No matter what, what if he tried the water?

And the immortal body.


Flames surged around Ye Tianyi's body, and he went up to meet him directly.

"Damn it? Isn't he? He doesn't use other powers to fight directly?"

"Is it true or false? What the hell? He is not a realm crushing Wang Heng."

"I want to see, what kind of skills he has!"


Then Wang Heng was stunned when he saw Ye Tianyi coming up to meet him.

"Made! Who do you look down on! I want you to die!"

Wang Heng cursed angrily.


The two forces collided together!

And at that moment, Ye Tianyi also knew the effect of his law!

This is a pure attack type rule. The thunder explosion surrounds his body. The moment Ye Tianyi touches him, a large number of thunder explosions will detonate. The power of this detonation is far beyond his current state.

He is at the seventh rank of the True God Realm. The power of this thunder explosion doesn't seem to have such a strong visual effect, but the power is afraid that it has reached the tenth rank of the True God Realm.

Sure enough!

It is still a little difficult for these people to easily reach the strength of the realm of gods from the realm of true gods.

So, why did they not enter the rankings? There is indeed a big gap.

"My grass and mud horse!?"

Then Wang Heng was dumbfounded!

What the hell?

He is the law of thunder explosion with extremely strong lethality!

How could this Ye Tianyi's flame be able to forcibly fight against him against his law of thunder explosion?

"Are you crazy?"

"what's the situation?"

"Is this Ye Tianyi wearing some kind of spiritual tool? Although he did not stimulate the power of this spiritual tool, as a protective spiritual tool, such as a class-A spiritual tool, it can isolate a lot of damage!"

"No, logically speaking, this small world can be probed, even if it's not a spiritual tool that can be stimulated to release power, it can still be probed."

"Could it be that his physique is really that strong?"

"Impossible, even if your physique is not bad, it is impossible to surpass your current realm, not to mention surpassing your current realm by so much! Realm and physical strength are complementary and proportional to each other. You can be physically strong, but that is also because You are physically capable of fighting."

"I still think it's some kind of martial skill or mental technique, that's how it should be."


Murong Huo frowned. UU reading

"Have you felt any martial arts?"

Murong Huo asked.

"To be honest, I don't really feel it."

Venerable Star Watcher said.

I really can't feel it.

But, is it really a bit outrageous?

"This kid is not easy."

Murong Huo stood there with his hands behind his back and sighed.

"Being able to enter the 7750th place on the list with the fifth rank of the True God Realm has already explained a lot, and today, in terms of his current combat power, he is worthy of it. I think he really deserves a fight against Gu Cheng."

Venerable Star Watcher said.

"I think he can win."

Murong Huo said.

"Oh? Are you so optimistic about him?"

Murong Huo looked at Ye Tianyi.

"His name is Ye Tianyi, right?"

Murong Huo asked.


"Do you remember that the Demon Empress accepted the sixth disciple."

Venerable Star Watcher paused.

"Ye Tianyi!"

He looked at Murong Huo.

"Calculate the time, the Martial God Academy has ended, and he should come to the God's Domain."

"So it is, so it is."

The star-gazing Venerable's gaze towards Ye Tianyi has completely changed.

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