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Chapter: 2579

Holy Sun Temple

The title of Demon Empress is extremely loud even in the Divine Realm.

Perhaps to many, many people, the Demon Empress is nothing more than a hundred-year-old junior!

Nowadays, there are many people who can reach the Primordial God King Realm within a hundred years. After decades, maybe even decades, many people on the list are afraid that they will be promoted to the Primordial God King Realm!

However, what really made the mainland shudder with the Demon Empress was not just because she was the first person in the past 100 years to advance to the Primordial God King Realm, but because of her extremely terrifying combat power!

She was the first to kill a demigod at the first order of the Ancient God King Realm! It is also the only one that can be done without some unique external forces.

Ye Tianyi is not the second!

Because Ye Tianyi relies on some external force!

With a cultivation level beyond the reach of a demigod, he has fought against a large number of saints, holy monarchs, and supreme beings of all ages.

With the cultivation level of a demigod, he slaughtered a sect full of strong men.

She is the first!

The appearance of the Demon Empress broke a warrior's view of realm.

"It is said that the Demon Empress has become a demigod."

Murong Huo said.

Venerable Star Watcher nodded; "It's been a while, the Demon Empress has been comprehending the godhead for a long time, but it's just that she hasn't fully condensed the godhead. Sooner or later, she can achieve such an earth-shattering cry of ghosts and gods at the fourth rank of the Primordial God King Realm. The demigod is a huge gap, and God knows how far she is now."

"The number one person in the martial arts world."

Murong Huo sighed.

This so-called first person in the martial arts world does not say that she is the most powerful!

But she will definitely become the most powerful person.

"The most powerful thing about the Demon Empress is her actual combat ability. Her previous disciples are all very strong in actual combat ability, but Ye Tianyi's actual combat ability and cross-level combat ability are exceptionally strong, which made me see the second Demon Empress. shadow."

"God's Domain doesn't know much about this Ye Tianyi, but I happen to be understanding, especially when I heard that Ye Tianyi should come to God's Domain, I'm still very curious that such a legendary young man with amazing skills can be in God's Domain. What kind of storms are stirred up, now it seems that it is not easy."

Murong Huo sighed.

"Thinking about it now, if it was that Ye Tianyi, it wouldn't be so surprising if he entered the 7750th place in the combat power list with the fifth rank of the True God Realm."

"What is he doing here?"

Murong Huo frowned.

"It stands to reason that with some of his legendary deeds, let alone the Royal Academy of the Holy Sun, I feel that the Holy Sun Palace will accept him, even some top sects." Murong Huo pondered.

"He came here to cultivate the fire attribute."

"Oh, really?"

Murong Huo looked at Venerable Star Watcher.

"To tell you the truth, Yunuo's calamity was temporarily resolved by this Ye Tianyi."

Murong Huo nodded.

"This kid, I heard that his medical skills are also the best in the past and present. Now it seems that this is the case. He has solved the body of calamity that so many people in the whole continent can't solve."

Murong Huo sighed.

"It's not a solution, right? It's temporarily resolved."

Murong Huo nodded.

Then Venerable Guanxing continued: "The old man wanted to help him, but he didn't expect to be a disciple of the Demon Empress before, and he wanted to cultivate the fire attribute, so I introduced you to him, and I said, if he can be in the red He stood out in the class-by-class competition, I think, you should like him."

Murong Huo laughed.

"Now it's not a matter of whether you like it or not, but the old man is not qualified to teach him."

Then Murong Huo thought about it and said, "There's no need to watch the battle. If it was Ye Tianyi, I think he could win against Gu Cheng even if he fought very hard. Since he has already won before, what reason is there now? Can't win? I'll go to the imperial palace."

Murong Huo wanted to leave.

"The meaning of Venerable Murong is..."

"The old man is not qualified to teach him. The old man intends to introduce him to the elders of the Holy Sun Palace. I think the elders of the Holy Sun Palace must be very interested in him."

Seeing Murong Huo thinking like this, Venerable Xing Guan also smiled and nodded.

"That's fine too."


Then Murong Huo walked away.

Ye Tianyi glanced at that Murong Huo and walked away, stunned for a moment.

What's the matter?

Does he play badly?

"The phoenix dances to the sky!"

Afterwards, Ye Tianyi directly condensed his martial skills.

Na Murong Huo stopped, noticing the powerful martial skill that Ye Tianyi unleashed.

"One of the Phoenix Nine Heavens of the Phoenix lineage seems to be him."

Murong Huo nodded.

His martial skills are not very strong!

In the realm of the gods, he is considered top notch, but when he arrives in the realm of the gods, at least his rumored martial skills belong to the middle level!

He lacks a lot of truly top-level combat power and martial arts!

The Demon Empress should have taught him something, but thinking about it is not necessarily true, because the Demon Empress is very strange to accept disciples, and her followers are more than these external forces.

Murong Huo walked away.


As he walked away, Wang Heng fell directly to the ground.

Ye Tianyi released a little more powerful power, and he didn't have to fight.

Don't think that Ye Tianyi's realm is lower than him, but Ye Tianyi's combat power is definitely not comparable to him!

A person who is in the middle of life and death, has a lot of blessings and promotions in the system, and has killed all the way from the lower realm to the upper realm. Ye Tianyi's combat power is no longer comparable to ordinary people.

"Damn it! He just won like that?"

"It feels like playing at home."


"That's an exaggeration, why is his combat power so strong?"


Really surprised.

Ye Tianyi walked out directly.

Venerable Xingguan looked at Ye Tianyi~~ and smiled, and said, "Boy, you are lucky."

Ye Tianyi showed a puzzled expression.

"Senior please make it clear."

"Murong Huo, that is the person I intend to introduce to you, he intends to introduce you to the elders of the Holy Sun Palace, he is a member of the royal family, and the elders will sell him a thin face no matter what, this academy treats you The help is not that big anymore, go to the Holy Sun Palace."

Ye Tianyi; "..."

Lying trough.

Originally, he didn't come here mainly for cultivation.

This is bad.

Can he refuse?

It seems that I can't refuse.

He said that he came here to cultivate the fire attribute. Now, people want to introduce him to the more powerful Sacred Sun Palace, the Sacred Sun Palace, that is the real genius of the Sacred Sun Academy of the entire Sacred Sun Empire. The place.

To put it simply, all the students of the entire Sacred Sun Royal Academy, those from the Purple Class, they have tried their best to cultivate more just to enter the Sacred Sun Palace!

However, whether it is the so-called Yang Chenxiao or Yang Tianyuan who seem to be quite powerful, they are not even qualified to enter the Holy Sun Palace.

It doesn't matter whether their family members belong to the county king or the prince.

Useless, strength, talent is not enough, no matter how you can't get in!

Ye Tianyi had a headache.

After he left, his trajectory would change.

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