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Chapter: 2580

field collapse

Ye Tianyi then looked at the Venerable Star Watcher and said, "Of course it would be better to be able to enter the Holy Sun Palace."

"Hahaha! That's natural, then just wait for the good news, I think it should be fine."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

never mind.

If you go to the Holy Sun Palace, go to the Holy Sun Palace.

no way.

It would be strange if he could go to the Holy Sun Palace but didn't.

He told them that he came here to cultivate the fire attribute, so now there is a place where he can better cultivate the fire attribute, he will not go, so do you have any doubts? Certainly doubt.

Therefore, Ye Tianyi could only bite the bullet and go.

It's probably pretty good too.

"Can I still come to the academy then?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

"Huh? What are you doing at the academy?"

Venerable Star Watcher asked curiously.

"Isn't this Senior Sister Ying in the academy?"

Ye Tianyi said with a smile.


Venerable Star Watcher laughed loudly.

Ye Tianyi scratched his head.

"Of course you can come. In theory, you are a member of the academy. After you go to the Holy Sun Palace, you can come over in your spare time. Yu Nuo also invited her over there before, but she refused, but now she is suffering from disaster. The body is temporarily suppressed, and she may join the Holy Sun Palace if she is not in good balance."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"Okay, then you should prepare well for the next battle. Use your last decisive battle with Gu Cheng to let them know you clearly."

Ye Tianyi nodded.


One fight after another!

To everyone's disbelief, Ye Tianyi reached the final.

"Fuck! TM's final was really Gu Cheng beating Ye Tianyi."

"This Ye Tianyi has played several times, and it seems that he hasn't used a lot of power yet."

"That's because his opponent will not be so strong in the follow-up. Although his opponent's realm in the follow-up will also have the ninth realm of the true **** realm, but I think that he even won against Shi Xiong before, and it seems that it is nothing to fight the ninth realm of the real **** realm. question."

"Yeah, those people's laws and fields have also been used, but they can't beat this Ye Tianyi, he is really strange, his physique is very strong, it's really strange, but he hasn't detected any spiritual tools, I don't believe it A warrior of the fifth rank of the True God Realm, his physique can make the power of the ninth and tenth rank of the True God Realm helpless!"

"He really doesn't seem to have any weaknesses, and his fire attribute, Nima's, can ignore defensive spiritual power, which is outrageous."


Really, before the fight, the vast majority of people thought that even if Ye Tianyi was quite powerful, he wouldn't say that he could win battles of warriors with a higher realm than himself!

But in fact, he won the battle, and even reached the finals, and finally stood at the end with Gu Cheng, the second-rank strongest God Realm.

"However, that's the end of it. This time he faces Gu Cheng and cannot use any spiritual weapon. Under the absolute suppression of Azai's realm, he can't win."

"Indeed, if he can really beat Gu Cheng, then I'll really convince him that he can be ranked 7750th in the power list."

"Indeed, he and Gu Cheng have a lot of gold in this match. Without the blessing of spiritual weapons, no one has an advantage, and no one has a disadvantage. Some of them are Gu Cheng's realm that will definitely crush Ye Tianyi. If he can still win, that's really amazing! That is, he has really overcome a lot of realms and a big realm and defeated his opponent. If he can overcome his opponent through so many steps, he is amazing."


"I didn't expect that in the end, it was you and Young Master Ben who stood at the end."

Gu Cheng smiled and looked at Ye Tianyi and said.

"Isn't this normal? What's more normal is that you have to lose to me in a while. After all, I am ranked so much higher than you in the battle power list."


Gu Cheng laughed loudly.

"Do you really think this battle power list can explain everything?"

"This battle power list was created by the upper realm, don't you see it more clearly than you?"

Ye Tianyi said lightly.

Gu Cheng's eyes narrowed slightly!

"Okay! Then I want to see how real this battle power list can be. Do you need to cultivate? If you need it, this young master will wait for you, don't lose to this young master, and you have an excuse to say that you are not in a state of prosperity. I fight."

"let's start."

Ye Tianyi replied lightly.

"it is good!"

Then the two of them entered the small world.

There are more and more students gathered outside.

Although the green class is also very fierce, but this is even more fierce!

There are two people from the battle power list fighting here, and it is the fifth rank of the true gods and the second rank of the gods!

Normally, they would feel that this battle was not worth seeing, but the facts told them that it was still very attractive.

Ying Yunuo looked at the two who walked in with her beautiful eyes.

She was still looking forward to a real fight between Ye Tianyi and Gu Cheng.

Although she didn't think that Ye Tianyi used some spiritual tools to defeat Gu Cheng before, but at least this time, they will definitely use their best skills.

"The battle begins."

As the words of the teacher of the small world fell, Ye Tianyi and Gu Cheng rushed towards each other with their swords held at the same time.

bang bang bang—

Between the electric light and flint, the two figures flickered like two cold lights, interlaced and collided, with extremely fast speed and extremely high frequency.

The reason why they didn't use their martial skills or mental skills was that they had to test their opponents a little, and warm up by the way!

Under the suppression of the realm, although Ye Tianyi and Gu Cheng seemed to be fighting back and forth, they were indeed at a relatively large disadvantage.

His physique is indeed very strong, but his strength really cannot reach the divine realm.

"This time, this young master will not be merciful. In the realm of UU reading, everything is crowded!"

Gu Cheng didn't wait for Ye Tianyi to use some power first, he directly released the domain.

"Your realm is useless to me. It has been confirmed before. What's the point of releasing it now?"

Ye Tianyi said lightly.

"Oh, you'll know what it means right away! The realm is collapsing!"


With a loud bang, the huge area of ​​the entire small world collapsed directly.

"Fuck! The realm is collapsing! This Gu Cheng's realm is actually collapsing!"

"It is only possible for one of the ten million domains to have the effect of a domain collapsing. Gu Cheng's hiding is really deep."

"It is estimated that Ye Tianyi didn't expect this, so he's probably finished."


Domain collapse is a very rare thing. Every warrior has a domain, as well as strengths and weaknesses, but no matter how strong or weak, there is a slight chance that the effect of domain collapse will occur!

In other words, you can control the realm and force the realm to collapse.

You are fine in your field, but the opponent will suffer huge damage!

Moreover, this is a momentary thing, except for prediction, it is impossible to react.

When the dust cleared, Ye Tianyi stood there.


He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Everyone: "..."

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