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Chapter: 2581

Why is his physique so strong

I have to say that this Gu Cheng taught Ye Tianyi a lesson.

Before that, Ye Tianyi didn't even know about the collapse of the domain.

He has the ability to resist the collapse of the field!

It is enough to not move like a mountain.

However, he couldn't react.

Immovable as a mountain, it was too late to release.

"Yo, I thought the collapse of this young master's domain would at least seriously hurt you. So far, it seems to be okay."

Gu Cheng sneered and looked at Ye Tianyi.


Ye Tianyi wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and his undead body quickly recovered from his injuries.

"Hahahaha! Have something? You pretend to be Laozi, right? Let me see how you can fight this young master in such a state! Law, dark power!"

The law of dark power was released, and he rushed directly to Ye Tianyi.

Now, with Ye Tianyi's injury and the impact of his laws, he absolutely can't bear it!

I have to say, Gu Cheng is still amazing.

After all, he is a person on the battle list.

Ye Tianyi, who was attacking like a gust of wind and rain, was caught off guard by his set of attacks.


No one would have imagined that Ye Tianyi would be immortal.

"The Law of Creation."

Ye Tianyi released the law of creation, cooperated with the body of immortality, and instantly returned to its prosperous state.

However, they couldn't see it.

"The seventh floor of the Dragon God Art, seven dragons shine in the sky!"


A long howl came, and a golden light appeared on Ye Tianyi's body.

"Useful? Thor's Secret Art!"


Gu Cheng also released his mind, and then pointed to the sky, the sword in his hand wrapped around the sky with thunder and waved towards Ye Tianyi.

That coercion is indeed terrifying.

"I'll see how you pick it up!"

Gu Cheng roared angrily!

This is still a blow from his law of dark power.

Ye Tianyi looked up at this scene.

To be honest, it's very strong.

This power has surpassed the second-order of the True God Realm by a lot.

is also normal.

After all, Gu Cheng is not an ordinary genius martial artist, it is normal for him to be able to burst out with power beyond his current realm.

Is it tough?

Ye Tianyi thought for a while.

Do not!

He wants to hit hard!

Although he is as immobile as a mountain, he can perfectly block Gu Cheng's powerful blow!

But he didn't plan to use it!

He wanted to see how big the power disparity between himself and a martial artist of this level was!

He has already released the seventh level of the Dragon God Art, and he has to release the law of creation to increase his power!

As for martial arts!

Ye Tianyi really doesn't have many martial skills!

There are not many powerful martial arts!

Phoenix Nine Heavens is his strongest martial skill!

No, it is [God-Phoenix Nine Heavens].

This is a more advanced Phoenix Nine Heavens.

All are nine moves, but each move has a higher level and is more powerful!

Now, let him try the power with the normal Phoenix Nine Heavens.

"Phoenix Nine Heavens!"


A terrifying power erupted!

The collision of thunder and fire.

"If you don't hide, you still have to fight with this young master?"

Then Gu Cheng laughed angrily when he saw this scene!

"Give me death!"

He roared angrily, and the terrifying thunder rushed towards Ye Tianyi with the sword in his hand.

And Ye Tianyi was surrounded by nine phoenixes, rushing towards the thunder with the flames!


Thunder and fire collide!

In an instant, the ground flew sand and rocks, and everything around was overturned by two forces.

The instructors also hurriedly walked back.

Those people outside were dumbfounded!

"Damn it! What the hell? This Ye Tianyi is seriously injured, yet he has to fight with Gu Cheng for strength? Doesn't he have the space attribute?"

"Can you let it out? Space is strong, but when space is facing warriors who are much stronger than you, it is also very difficult to use, and it will easily be broken."

"So he may have no choice but to confront Gu Cheng head-on?"


"But he himself is difficult to beat Gu Cheng, and now he is seriously injured, why would he dare to fight against Gu Cheng?"


Gu Cheng's face is hideous!

The power of the two is constantly colliding, destroying everything around them!

When he didn't defeat Ye Tianyi in an instant, he was stunned!

But it doesn't matter anymore!

Because he couldn't hold on!

Thunder and fire kept colliding.

Ka Ka Ka -

Ye Tianyi's arm kept cracking because of the law of dark power leaked in!

The blood vessel was ruptured, and the flesh and blood flew out!


Gu Cheng sneered when he saw this scene.

"Can you hold on?"

Having said that, his power has been raised a notch again.

The people outside were dumbfounded!

"Damn it! This Ye Tianyi's arm is going to be crippled, he still doesn't use up his strength?"

"He can't take it. Now he can only force Gu Cheng to fight. Once he takes up the force, this unimaginable thunder will instantly knock him to the ground, and it may even be fatal!"

"You really care, how dare you fight with Gu Cheng? He doesn't think he is a god, does he?"


The people outside were shocked.

Can't fight.


"The Law of Creation!"

Ye Tianyi forcibly released the Law of Creation again and forcibly increased his power!

"Not enough! You can't improve enough! Totem, Thor!"


With a loud noise, a blue phantom condensed by thunder appeared behind Gu Cheng!


In the next instant, his power increased to a level that Ye Tianyi couldn't even compete with!

Ye Tianyi directly smashed it down, and then the thunder struck down!


There was an uproar below!

"Damn it! He won't die, will he?"

"I'm afraid... it's really possible to die."

"With such a terrifying power and such a huge gap in realm, you must die."

"It's over, it's over!"


Ying Yunuo frowned as she watched this scene!

Venerable Star Watcher frowned!


Gu Cheng stood outside the deep pit and looked ahead with a sneer.

"You have to die if you don't die."

He sneered and said to himself!

It's just dead. Even if UU Reading made a mistake, it was because he accidentally killed Ye Tianyi.

What great price could he have?

The instructors were also flustered.

"It's amazing."

A voice suddenly came.


Everyone's eyes widened.

Suddenly, they saw Ye Tianyi, covered in blood, standing on the edge of the pit.

Gu Cheng frowned and looked at Ye Tianyi.

"Can you still persevere?"

He looked at Ye Tianyi who was covered in blood.

"Totem, Heavenly Soul!"

A black light was entwined around Ye Tianyi's body and the soles of his feet.

This move cost him half his life.

It's been a long time since I've been injured so badly.

But, fortunately, his physique is strong enough, otherwise he would really die.

However, this is what Ye Tianyi always wanted.

He wants to feel his strength!

Now, Ye Tianyi probably has a sense of his strength.

Don't forget, Ye Tianyi has a lot of power and is useless!

It doesn't matter whether the spirit is forbidden or the spiritual power is invalidated, he is useless!

Just because he wanted to feel the strength of this power!

The injury is recovering rapidly.

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