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Chapter: 102

A Fish Began to Rot From the Head Down

Chapter 102 A Fish Began to Rot From the Head Down

When she heard Jiang Beiran say "I don’t mind", Ye Xincai sat down next to him and revealed a bright smile, she said, "Brother Jiang, why did you… Eh? Brother Jiang, where are you going?"

Before she could finish her words, she realized that Jiang Beiran had already left the hall as if he was "running away", leaving her to sit on the spot and blink her eyes awkwardly.

"It seems like this Brother Jiang’s lack of confidence is far beyond my imagination… I have to be more careful in approaching him in the future."

[ Chosen quest completed. Reward: Agility + 1]

Walking out of the door, Jiang Beiran sighed. He felt that he had somehow provoked another trouble.

Thinking that Wu Qingce should have gone to Sect Maser Lu to report the conflict, Jiang Beiran was about to go to the Sect of True Martial’s guest house and wait. Just as he turned around, he met a familiar-looking female disciple in red, at the same time, three options appeared in front of him.

[ Option 1: Walk towards her. Reward for completion: Brahma Dragon Seal (earth grade low tier)]

[ Option 2: Take the initiative to go up and greet Ren Qiuyan. Reward for completion: Heart-destroying Claw (black grade middle tier)]

[ Option 3: Immediately leave in the opposite direction. Reward for completion: Random basic skill points + 1]

"So, it’s this dangerous woman…"

Immediately choosing option 3, Jiang Beiran turned around and walked into the small alley beside him.

[ Chosen quest completed. Reward: Formations + 1]

"What’s the background of that woman…"

Jiang Beiran clearly remembered that ever since Shi Fenglan had tried her best to introduce this Ren Qianyan to him, the system had kept popping up options above black grade for her. The difficulty level could be said to be frighteningly high.

"But why is there danger if I walk to her? Could it be that she can recognize me? That shouldn’t be… I didn’t even greet her before. No, I should say that I didn’t even make eye contact with her… I have no idea where this danger came from, it’s strange." On the other side, Ren Qiuyan saw Jiang Beiran turn around and leave. She also felt that he looked familiar.

"Junior sister, What’s wrong?" Su Changqing, who was walking with Ren Qiuyan, turned his head and asked.

"Oh, nothing. I just seem to see an acquaintance."

"Acquaintance?" Su Changqing looked ahead and found that he wasn’t looking here. "Where?"

Ren Qiuyan shook her head. "I’ve probably mistaken."

After saying that, she continued to move forward.

Su Changqing hurriedly strode forward and caught up with her. With a smile on his face, he said, "Junior sister, I heard that there is a very lively mystic square in the Sect of Masked Moon. Do you want to go and take a look together?"

"No, master ordered the two of us to keep an eye on the other disciples and not stir up trouble. We have responsibilities, we can’t slack off."

Holding the hilt of his sword with some disappointment, Su Changqing said with a smile, "You’re right. Then let’s patrol a few more rounds."

While Jiang Beiran was thinking about what exactly was going on with this Ren Qiuyan, Wu Qingce had already brought a group of injured disciples to the courtyard where Lu Yinlong lived.

The guest where the disciples stayed was already quite good, the places for the various Sect Masters were naturally even more luxurious. Every Sect Master who came to the Sect of Masked Moon this time had their own independent courtyard. "What happened?" In the hall, Lu Yinlong sat on a pear blossom wood chair and asked.

Wu Qingce, who was standing at the front, immediately cupped his hands and answered, "Reporting to Sect Master, in the morning, Yi Zan, Ding Chengxuan and the others had conflict with the Sect of True Martial. The cause…"

Before Wu Qingce could finish his sentence, Lu Yinlong interrupted him and asked, "Did they win?"

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Hearing Sect Leader’s words, Wu Qingce could not help but be stunned.

"Brother Jiang is right. Sect Master really only cares about this…’

"It’s a draw. Both sides suffered serious injuries."

"They didn’t win?" Lu Yinlong immediately said unhappily, "What happened after that?"

Looking at the clearly impatient expression on Sect Master’s face, Wu Qingce was sure that if he said that he was only here to report this matter and asked Sect Master for a verdict, Sect Master might kick him out in the next second.

"Fortunately, I have Brother Jiang to teach me." Jiang Beiran felt relieved in his heart

"Reporting to Sect Master, after that, I took Qi Cheng to the guest house where the Sect of Masked Moon stayed to ask for an explanation…"

Upon hearing this, Lu Yinlong’s expression turned from dark to bright as he nodded his head in satisfaction. Then, when he heard Wu Qingce drew five strokes on the other party’s chest with his sword, he was even happier.

"However, just as I was about to barge into their guest house, their elder appeared and blocked me. He asked me if I was bullying their Sect of True Martial. I…"


Before Wu Qingce could finish his sentence, Lu Yinlong smashed the round table next to him, he stood up with an angry expression and shouted, "How awe-inspiring! How dare he bullied the young generation! I think it’s them who’s bullying us. Come with me!"

Lu Yinlong walked out of the hall after he finished his sentence.

The few disciples standing behind Wu Qingce were stunned. Sect Master didn’t even ask why there was a conflict? It was a waste of their long discussion on the road.

"The Sect Master of the Sect of Returning Hearts, Lu Yinlong, is here. Xu Jingqiu of the Sect of True Martial, come out and answer!" "Oh? It’s starting, it’s starting." Jiang Beiran, who was not far from the Sect of True Martial’s guest house, pricked up his ears. He had long guessed that once Sect Master Lu finished listening to Wu Qingce’s report, he would definitely be unable to sit still.

"I’m going to watch the show!"

Lu Yinlong’s angry roar that resounded throughout the entire park was naturally not only heard by Jiang Beiran. The disciples of the other sects also put down the things in their hands and ran over. After all, what could be more important than watching the show?

Those disciples who had already watched Wu Qingce’s scene earlier were even more beaming. The sudden stop of the big show just now had made them very dissatisfied. Now, they found that an even bigger show was about to be staged, and it was the sequel to the previous show. They were very eager for the show to start.

However, Xu Jingqiu, who was one of the "main actors", was not in such a good mood. He did not expect that the people from the Sect of Returning Hearts would come so soon, and it was the Sect Master Lu himself. Looking at the disciples who had just been reprimanded by him, Xu Jingqiu said, "You guys stay here. I will go and meet that Lu Yinlong."

"Elder, be careful!"

All the disciples cupped their hands at the same time and spoke.

Then, with a bang, the window on the second floor of the guest house was blown open. Xu Jingqiu flew out and landed in front of Lu Yinlong.

Xu Jingqiu cupped his hands and said, "Sect Master Lu, you look so impressive. I wonder if you have anything to ask me."

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The two sects, the Sect of Returning Hearts and the Sect of True Martial, one was in Rivernorth, and the other was in Riversouth. They did not usually have any contact with each other, and they did not have any bad blood with each other. Therefore, Xu Jingqiu only knew about Lu Yinlong just now.

Lu Yinlong took a step forward and shouted, "As an elder of the Sect of True Martial, you had just bullied a disciple of the Sect of Returning Hearts, aren’t you?"

"It was your disciple of the Sect of Returning Hearts who came here first and injured my disciple, and…"

"Stop talking about those useless things! I only want to ask you, as an elder of the Sect of True Martial, you have a high position, but you interfered with the affairs of the younger generation. You even threatened him with words. Is that true or not?"

"Damn it… I was wondering why that Wu Qingce was so overbearing. It turns out that he learned it from his elder. This Sect Master is even more damn unreasonable!

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