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Chapter: 105

Imagination was the Most Fatal

Chapter 105 Imagination was the Most Fatal

Arriving at an empty space, Wu Qingce took out a box from his storage ring and said, "Brother Jiang, look, surprise!"

"Is this the surprise you mentioned yesterday?"

Looking at his senior brother’s rather helpless expression, Wu Qingce said somewhat embarrassedly, "I definitely won’t be able to understand the various meanings in the Sect Masters’ words like you. So, I can only use this to replace the surprise. Brother Jiang, open it and take a look. I guarantee you’ll definitely like it!"

"Alright, then I’ll look forward to it."

Jiang Beiran said as he took the box and slowly opened it.

"Oh? This is…" looking at the white flowers in the box, Jiang Beiran’s expression instantly became a little surprised.

"The leaves are extremely dense, shaped like cotton balls, and the cotton hair is thick. There are sixteen of them inside, and the pollen grains are spherical. Is it the king of hundred herbs, the excellent tier of medicine, the Cotton Snow Lotus?"

"Yes, you recognized it at a glance. This is the Cotton Snow Lotus!" "This is a rare item that can be ranked on the spirit herbs list. Where did it come from?"

"Sect Master gave it to me. He said that I have just broken through to the great mystic practitioner and this cotton snow lotus can help me stabilize my cultivation."

"Yes, the Cotton Snow Lotus indeed has the effect of consolidating one’s foundation and strengthening one’s vitality. Sect Master is really thoughtful." Nodding his head, Jiang Beiran closed the box again and said, "Then I won’t stand on ceremony and accept it. I will give you a portion when I refine the medicinal


"Thank you, Brother Jiang!" Wu Qingce said happily, "Oh, right, Sect Master also gave me something else."

After saying that, Wu Qingce took out a jade waist token from the storage ring, "Sect Master said that with this token, we can go to the auction house in the mystic square. I heard that in order to celebrate Sect Master Guan’s birthday one day earlier, some good treasures will be auctioned tomorrow. Are you interested?"

"Auction house… of course I’m interested. When will it start?"

"At midnight."

"Are you going to Sect Master Lu’s place tomorrow?"

"There’s no need. Sect Master said that I should relax on the last day before the competition."

"That’s good. Tomorrow at 9-11am, you can wear Suit of Blending In and wait for me outside the mystical workshop. I can go in and take a look."

The so-called mystic square was a trading market that was specially opened to cultivators. Only cultivators could enter.

To open such a mystic square, one had to have a large faction protecting them. Otherwise, it would be very easy for people to attack and steal treasures in the mystic square. Therefore, in the entire Fengzhou, the mystic square of the Sect of Masked Moon was the liveliest place, and it had more treasures than other places.

Jiang Beiran had been doing some investigations around the past few days, so he had not had the chance to go around properly. Now that it was the last day, there was naturally no reason to miss it.

On the other side, the three Yu sisters were in Fang Qiuyao’s room, putting on the same pitiful expression as they complained to Liu Zijin.

"Sister Zijin, Brother Jiang saw me at a glance and even threw a rock at me. I was scared to death…"

"It’s not just Miao Miao. Brother Jiang discovered the three of us in an instant."

"This Cloud Breathing Technique seems to be… not very useful?"

After comforting the three sisters for a while, Liu Zijin said, "It’s my fault. I overestimated Cloud Breathing Technique. I’m sorry." Fang Qiuyao, who was at the side, said after hearing this, "I don’t think you overestimated the technique, but you underestimated Brother Jiang…" After saying this, Liu Zijin and the three Yu sisters were stunned.

However, after thinking for a while, Liu Zijin still shook her head and said, "Although Brother Jiang knows everything, I’ve asked the Law Protector Yu. She said that Brother Jiang’s cultivation seems to be really only at the level five of qi refining realm. I heard that some Order Masters have tested his strength. it shouldn’t be wrong." "Level five of the qi refining realm…"

The three Yu sisters muttered and looked at each other at the same time. When they thought of how their senior brother’s glance scared them into silence, they immediately shook their heads in unison.

"I don’t believe it!"

Fang Qiuyao thought for a while and said, "Since Order Law Protector Yu has said so, then Brother Jiang’s cultivation should really be at the level five of the qi refining realm. However, I have a feeling that there must be something special about him."

After hearing this, the three Yu sisters suddenly said, "In that case… I feel that Brother Jiang didn’t deliberately hide in front of us."

"Right, in any case, he definitely didn’t act like a level five qi refining realm disciple in front of


"Does this mean that he actually trusts us?"

Liu Zijin thought for a moment after hearing this. "Eh… Now that you mention it, it seems to be true."

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Feeling that she seemed to have grasped something, the three Yu sisters became even more excited.

Yu Guishui took out a magnifying glass from nowhere and put it in front of her right eye. She looked at Liu Zijin and said, "Sister Zijin, what if Brother Jiang has some unspeakable secrets that he is afraid of implicating us, that’s why he keeps a distance from us."

"It makes sense, sister." Yu Guizhui took out a leather hat and put it on her head. "Maybe he is not distancing himself from us but protecting us."

When it was Yu Guimiao’s turn, she searched the storage ring for a long time but couldn’t find any decent props. In the end, she could only pick up a piece of osmanthus cake and put it in her mouth. "Brother Jiang has much more secrets."

"I’m so curious!" The three sisters shouted at the same time.

Excluding the exaggerated performances of the three sisters, Liu Zijin felt that what they said made sense because it was weird that a powerful senior brother was not noticed by anyone in the sect.

"I think I know it!"

At this moment, Fang Qiuyao suddenly shouted, looking at the other four sisters who were frightened by her, she said, "Do you think that Brother Jiang is the illegitimate son of a certain Sect Master. Maybe he is being hunted, so he hid in the Sect of Returning Hearts. Moreover, he’s acting so cautiously just to avoid any suspicion."

"It makes sense!"

"Me! Me! Me! I also have an idea!" Yu Guimiao also raised her hand excitedly and shouted, "Brother Jiang actually…"

Just like that, the five of them analyzed until late at night, from the Sect Master’s illegitimate child to the runaway crown prince, but in the end, they still couldn’t come to a conclusion.

The three Yu sisters, who had completely exhausted their imagination, lay on the table and looked at each other.

"Brother Jiang is such a mysterious man…"

"But I think he must be protecting us."

"I still think he must be a royal who escaped from other countries and came to us. He has the aura of a superior!"

Liu Zijin smiled and pinched the faces of the three sisters. "Don’t think too much. Go back and sleep. We still have to accompany Qiuyao to go to the mystic square tomorrow." The three sisters raised their heads and asked.

"Sister Zijin, what kind of identity do you think Brother Jiang is hiding?"

"Why do you think he stays in the Sect of Returning Hearts?"

"Do you think he will suddenly disappear one day?"

Liu Zijin thought for a while with a smile and answered, "I guess he is a peerless expert. His cultivation is so high that even the Order Master can’t tell how powerful he is."

"Wow!" The three sisters’ eyes lit up at the same time. "As expected of Sister Zijin. What a bold guess!" "Alright, alright. I won’t play around with you anymore. Go back to sleep. You have to wake up early tomorrow."


After a long sound, the three sisters got up and were about to leave when they found Fang Qiuyao sitting by the window with her sword in her hands without saying a word.

The three sisters exchanged glances and finally looked at Liu Zijin together.

Liu Zijin nodded and quietly walked to Fang Qiuyao’s side to pat her shoulder. "What are you thinking about, Qiuyao?" "Sister Zijin…"

"What’s wrong with you?" Seeing that Fang Qiuyao had turned around, her eyes were already red, and tears were falling uncontrollably. Liu Zijin, who did not know what was going on, hugged Fang Qiuyao in her arms to comfort her.

Hearing Liu Zijin’s cry, the three Yu sisters hurriedly ran over. Looking at Fang Qiuyao who was already in tears, they were all dumbfounded.

Did they just talk about such a sad topic?

"What’s wrong? Tell me." Liu Zijin gently patted Fang Qiuyao’s back and asked.

She wiped away her tears, Fang Qiuyao sniffled and said, "Do you still remember when we met the young master of the demonic cult, Brother Jiang told several stories about how he suffered when he was young… At that time, he said that only fools and idiots would believe it. But now, I feel that maybe he was telling the truth. Maybe he really suffered a lot, but he did not rely on anyone. He even helped a lot of people. He really, really… sob sob sob."

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Hearing Fang Qiuyao cry out again, Liu Zijin quickly continued to comfort her, "Isn’t this just everyone’s wild guess? You can’t be sure, right? Stop crying. Don’t you want to go to mystic square tomorrow to pick gifts for senior brother?"

Hearing this, the three Yu sisters also quickly came up to comfort Fang Qiuyao.

They had fantasized a lot of miserable backgrounds for Jiang Beiran. Each one was even more miserable than the previous one. For example, he was hunted down by the experts sent by their half-brothers, pursued by the experts sent by their stepmothers, being chased by experts sent by their biological fathers and so on.

"Brother Jiang seems to be… really miserable."

In addition to the intermittent crying of Fang Qiuyao, the three sisters’ eyes turned red for a moment. "That’s enough!!" Liu Zijin shouted helplessly.

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