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Chapter: 106

It s Important to Protect the Nature

Chapter 106 It’s Important to Protect the Nature

The next morning, Jiang Beiran, who was wearing the suit of blending in, arrived at the entrance of the mystical square early in the morning. It took him a lot of effort to find Wu Qingce at the entrance

"I didn’t expect that after adding the mask, the suit of blending in would be so strong that I could not notice Qingce at all even when I focused my attention." "Mm… I’m really good!" Because many people in the mystic square wore masks to spend their money, Jiang Beiran also made two masks. He didn’t think that the effect would be so outstanding. "Let’s go in." After calling out to Wu Qingce, Jiang Beiran walked towards the entrance of the mystic square. The mystic square of the Sect of Masked Moon had been built in the center of the mountain protecting formation, which was enough to show how important it was.

If it were any other time, one needed to pay entrance fee to enter the square. However, because of Sect Master Guan’s birthday banquet, in order to entertain the various sects, they didn’t charge any entrance fee for the next few days. Don’t underestimate this entrance fee. According to the rarity of today’s treasures, the entrance fee could range from three to ten low tier spirit stones. There were even times when a good treasure came, they would charge the entrance fee for a middle tier spirit stone.

The disciples of various sects praised the generosity of the Sect of Masked Moon. It was indeed worthy of being the number one sect in Fengzhou. Entering the mystic square, if those spirit herbs and precious materials were turned into fruits and vegetables, then this place was actually no different from a market. All sorts of goods were placed in different areas. In order to prevent the disciples from getting lost, they even provided map booklets at the entrance. It could be said to be a product that crossed generations.

Opening the booklet and only reading two pages, Jiang Beiran secretly exclaimed that the variety of goods here was far beyond his imagination.

Medicinal herbs, spirit pill, spirit wine, ores, spiritual artifacts, talisman papers, talismans, talisman treasures, various spiritual spells, jade slips, storage ring, storage necklace, formation plate, formation flag, spiritual fragrance, mechanisms, puppets, and so on were all available.

Although Jiang Beiran had been to the mystical workshop before, he had never been to such a wide variety of mystical workshops. For a moment, he actually regretted not coming earlier.

"Sect of Masked Moon deserves the title of number one sect. It’s a little more magnanimous than others on whatever they did."

Sighing in his heart, Jiang Beiran flipped to the next page and discovered that there were actually all sorts of mystic beasts being sold here, and they were the ones that had already been tamed.

But when he looked down again, Jiang Beiran’s brows suddenly furrowed.

"They are actually mystic beast spirit essences being sold here…’

Generally speaking, there was only one way to make a peerless tier weapon become a magical item, and that was to nurture the weapon spirit, allowing it to absorb and evolve after it had activated its intelligence.

However, the probability of making a weapon spirit was too low, so naturally, there were people who wanted to take a shortcut. The mystic beast spirit essence was one of the shortcuts.

The mystic beast spirit essence contained the spirit body of a mystic beast, which was also its consciousness and soul. If the spirit body could be directly injected into a weapon or armor, and supplemented with an appropriate array formation, the spirit body of the mystic beast could be ‘spiritualized’.

However, magical items that was evolved in this way were often called pseudo-magical items.

That was because most of the spirit bodies of the mystic beasts were unwilling to be injected into an item. Such pseudo-weapon spirits would be extremely malicious to their wielder. If such malicious intent persisted, it would be slightly easier for the wielder to deal with them. It would be fine as long as they were prepared for the backlash at any time.

However, they were afraid that some crafty pseudo-weapon spirits would hide their malicious intent and give the wielder a fatal blow at the critical moment. It would be extremely dangerous.

Moreover, even if one was lucky enough to control a pseudo-magical item, its value was still far lower than a magical item. That was because a pseudo-magical item had almost no room for growth. It couldn’t be compared to a weapon spirit that had its own intelligence.

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However, even with so many shortcomings, there were still cultivators who tried to create a pseudo-magical items. After all, a real magical item was too hard to come by.

However, it wasn’t that easy to instill the spirit body of a mystic beast into a weapon. Due to the low compatibility between the spirit body of a mystic beast and the weapon materials, ‘instilling’ the spirit body became a method with an extremely high fatality rate. Once the ‘instilling’ failed, the spirit body of the mystic beast would dissipate, completely disappearing from this world.

According to Jiang Beiran’s understanding, in the past, the mystic beasts didn’t start fighting as soon as they saw a human cultivator. However, ever since the ‘instilling’ method appeared, many people had tasted the sweetness of a pseudo-magical item and began to wantonly capture the mystic beasts.

However, the success rate of the instilling method was extremely low, which led to a large number of mystic beasts dying in vain. In many cases, only the spirit body of one mystic beast out of a hundred mystic beasts could be instilled successfully.

And the low success rate naturally led to the need for humans to hunt more mystic beasts. As time passed, the resentment of the mystic beasts toward humans rose to the extreme, and they would often launch suicide attacks on human strongholds. In addition, the backlash of the pseudo-magical items became stronger and stronger. They couldn’t even be used as their own item.

Hence, the indiscriminate hunting of mystic beasts by humans finally decreased significantly. However, Jiang Beiran had once heard that the demonic cult started to test the instilling method on humans. After all, compared to mystic beasts, the spiritual bodies of humans were naturally more intelligent, and more spirituality. Moreover, their potential was far higher than the spiritual bodies of mystic beasts.

Jiang Beiran believed that there was no smoke without fire. Since there were such rumors spreading around the places, it meant that some demonic cults had probably done such an inhuman thing "Brother Jiang, Brother Jiang?" Seeing that his senior brother didn’t speak for a long time, Wu Qingce couldn’t help but call out twice.

"What’s wrong?" Jiang Beiran turned his head and asked.

"What’s written on it? You seem to be reading it very seriously."

"I saw something that I thought wouldn’t appear here."

Jiang Beiran had always thought that fake spirit treasures were evil, but he didn’t expect that even the Sect of Masked Moon would allow it. Then the other demonic cults and some small sects would probably be even more unscrupulous.

"Sigh, they’re so short-sighted. The people here still don’t understand, those who anger nature will never have a good end.’

However, Jiang Beiran could not do anything about it. If he went to Sect Master Guan to talk about the environmental protection law, he would probably be treated like an idiot.

"Perhaps only when a large number of cultivators are used as materials for spirit bodies instilling will these great Sect Masters take it seriously.’

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Seeing that his senior brother did not give an in-depth answer, Wu Qingce did not ask any further questions and continued to stand not far away, waiting for orders,

After flipping through a few more pages of the booklet, Jiang Beiran discovered that this mystic square not only sold treasures, but there were also even various guilds that existed here.

For example, the alchemist guild, the armament guild, the talisman master guild, the formation master guild, and so on. As long as one entered the guild, one would be able to receive paid teachings and career guidance from various professions. They even provided all kinds of career level examinations.

"This is something that Sect of Returning Hearts could not compete with the Sect of Masked Moon."

As for the examination, Jiang Beiran naturally never thought about it. Firstly, he had to keep a low profile. Secondly, many people would be stunned by his exceptional skills if he exposed himself, which would cause more troubles to him.

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