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Chapter: 122

The Lurker

Chapter 122 The Lurker

When Yin Jianghong was far away, Jiang Beiran cupped his hands to the Sect Masters and said, "Thank you for your help, Sect Masters."

The Sect Masters laughed when they heard him. Jiang Beiran didn’t panic when he called for help just now. He just wanted to scare away Mu Yao.

But they thought that among so many disciples, he was the only one who could come up with such a perfect solution.

Soon, all the other sect masters left. Only Lu Yinlong was left. He looked at Jiang Beiran and said, "I guess that Mu Yao won’t dare to come near you for a while after being scared by you."

"That would be the best."

Lu Yinlong sized Jiang Beiran up for a long time and said with a smile, "I really don’t know what to say about you. Let’s go to the arena together. The match will start soon."


Although Jiang Beiran wanted to walk around for a while more, he knew that Sect Master Lu would be worried, so he could only agree. When they arrived at the arena, Lu Yinlong went to the special seat of the Sect Masters while Jiang Beiran went to the main arena to wait.

The comprehensive martial arts competition was the most anticipated match. Later, the first match would be Wu Qingce against Mu Yao. After a few minutes, the main arena was filled with people. Almost all the righteous sect and demonic cult disciples had come.

At the same time, Wu Qingce and Mu Yao were also standing on the main arena.

"I will definitely make you pay for what you said just now!" Mu Yao glared at Jiang Beiran and Wu Qingce and roared.

"Ha, it depends on whether you have the ability or not." Wu Qingce stood with his sword in hand, his face full of confidence.

"Brother Jiang thinks that I can win, then I can definitely win!" Wu Qingce thought.

At this time, the head judge walked up to the main arena and asked the two contestants if they were ready. After receiving a positive answer, he announced the start of the match. "Clang!" On the main arena, Mu Yao and Wu Qingce drew their swords at the same time and attacked each other.

Both of them were extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, they crashed together. Their clashing of their swords emitted a dazzling light. Both of them were emphasized on their attacking speed. The difference was that Mu Yao’s attacks were continuous and fast, while Wu Qingce was pursuing one lethal attack at a lighting speed. "Clang!"

When Levin collided with the Frost Flower Sword again, Wu Qingce felt his qi and blood churning in his chest. He then activated Rolling Cloud Technique and quickly retreated to a corner of the stage.

After all, Mu Yao was a level 3 great mystic practitioner, which was two levels higher than him. If they were to clash head-on, he would still be at a disadvantage.

However, Mu Yao did not immediately catch up to Wu Qingce because she also needed to adjust herself.

"This fellow’s cultivation technique is indeed more troublesome than I imagined." Mu Yao thought.

After the earlier few matches, Mu Yao already knew that Wu Qingce had a cultivation technique that could conceal his mystic energy. She originally thought that this technique would be useless once she saw through it. However, she did not expect that it would so annoying when fighting Wu Qingce. She needed a lot more effort to parry with Wu Qingce.

Because she couldn’t sense how strong Wu Qingce’s attack was at any time. So, Mu Yao swung her sword with all her strength every time. However, when her full-strength attack collided with Wu Qingce’s sudden weak attack, she would feel like she had missed. That feeling was very annoying. Then, Wu Qingce could take the opportunity to launch a fierce counterattack.

Seeing that the two people on the stage exchanged more than ten moves in a flash, the righteous sect disciples suddenly saw hope. They originally thought that Wu Qingce would be defeated in no time, but it seemed like he could win.

"Come on! Brother Wu! Defeat her!"

"Come on! Qing gang, you can definitely win!"

"Wu Qingce! Attack her lower half!"

Hearing the cheers from the righteous sect disciples, the demonic cult disciples naturally didn’t want to be outdone.

"Sister Mu Yao! Quickly finish him off!"

"Senior sister is just playing around. If she gets serious, she can stab that Wu Qingce to death with a single sword."

"Sister Mu Yao is the strongest!"

When the "cheerleaders" from both sides were shouting with all their might, Jiang Beiran’s ears twitched. He realized that the five golden flowers had unknowingly appeared behind him again.

"Tsk… I’ve been too busy these few days. I forgot to scare them away."

Because the system had not given him a notification, so Jiang Beiran did not pay too much attention to it. However, when he thought about all the things that had happened in the past, Jiang Beiran felt that the system was digging a hole for him. If he was not careful, the system would at least pop out a yellow grade reward to him one day.

Actually, Liu Zijin and the others had unintentionally come behind Jiang Beiran because he was standing at the front row. When Liu Zijin and the others came, the senior brothers at the front politely made way for them. In the end, the five of them stood behind Jiang Beiran.

They thought that it would be too obvious if they squeezed out of the crowd. So, the five of them chose to stay. Fang Qiuyao even imagined that if Wu Qingce won the competition later, she would be able to take advantage of the chaos to hug Jiang Beiran.

"I should try it… it’s normal to hug him when we’re celebrating a victory."

While Fang Qiuyao was having these unrealistic fantasies, Wu Qingce, who had recovered, suddenly moved.

Seeing Wu Qingce coming at her, Mu Yao was not afraid at all. She used the Dark Glacial Technique with all her strength.

"This time, I must make sure he has no chance to escape."

Just as Mu Yao was about to make her move, she suddenly felt an intense pain on her back and arms.

"What’s going on?!"

Mu Yao’s eyes were wide open. She had no idea what had hurt her, but Wu Qingce was already right in front of her.


With a shout, Mu Yao’s purple mystic energy completely exploded. The explosion blew away all the Shadowless Darts that were embedded in her body. At the same time, the Frost Flower Sword gave off a chilly air, blocking Wu Qingce’s attack.


Mu Yao still blocked Wu Qingce’s attack, but it was really close. In fact, Wu Qingce’s sword was only 5 centimeters away from her neck. Mu Yao barely blocked his attack because when she was about to parry, she felt a sharp pain in her shoulders. However, she did not retreat at all. She withstood the pain and parried Wu Qingce’s attack.

"Damn it, I was so close." Using the Shadowless Dart and Dazzling Hundred Blossoms was one of Wu Qingce’s strongest killing moves. He did not use it in the earlier matches because he wanted to save it for Mu Yao.

However, he did not expect Mu Yao to be so strong. Even though she was injured, she still managed to block his attack. After his attack failed, he knew that the situation was not good to him. Just as he was about to retreat, Mu Yao’s sharp counterattack had already arrived.

Every time the Frost Flower sword, which was emitting an intense freezing air, stabbed at him, Wu Qingce could clearly feel that his movements would become slower. Moreover, his sense of slowness was getting stronger and stronger.


Finally, his body could no longer withstand Mu Yao’s sharp attacks. The Frost Flower Sword continuously stabbed Wu Qingce’s body several times.


Seeing that Wu Qingce was already at the end of his rope after being stabbed repeatedly, Mu Yao’s sword stabbed at his chest.

At the critical moment, Wu Qingce’s body suddenly burst out with a burst of dark thunder energy. It instantly activated his upper body that was about to be frozen. At the same time, he swung the Levin Sword at Mu Yao with all his strength.

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Mu Yao did not expect Wu Qingce to be able to counterattack under such circumstances. For a moment, she could only try to defend Wu Qingce’s attack. She held the Frost Flower Sword horizontally in front of her body to block Wu Qingce’s Levin. But in the next second, Mu Yao found that the sword in Wu Qingce’s hand actually "cracked".

Before she could figure out what was going on, three fragments of Levin had pierced into her body. Realizing the seriousness of the problem, Mu Yao quickly swung her sword to cut down the other four Levin fragments, but the three fragments that had already pierced into her body still made her grimace in pain.

"Nice! Mu Yao has been seriously injured!"

"Brother Wu is so powerful! That sword is so powerful!"

"Wu Qingce! Take the opportunity to finish her


Seeing that Mu Yao was seriously injured, all the righteous sect disciples were excited for a moment.

They could win! They could really win!

In the distant stands, Yin Jianghong frowned and said, "What sword is that? It has such a miraculous effect." Then, he looked at Lu Yinlong and said, "Your lousy sect really has a lot of talented people."

Upon hearing the name "lousy sect", Lu Yinlong was displeased at first. But when he realized that Yin Jianghong said that because he was exasperated, he immediately felt relieved.

Seeing that Lu Yinlong was smiling happily, Yin Jianghong shouted again, "Is that sword made by your sect?" "Of course." Lu Yinlong admitted.

Although he didn’t know where Wu Qingce’s sword came from, Wu Qingce was a disciple of the Sect of Returning Hearts, so Wu Qingce’s sword was naturally made by his sect.

"Your sect does have some connections. Your cultivation is not high, but there are many freaks. After the gathering is over, I will definitely come and visit your sect in person."

Lu Yinlong’s heart twitched when he heard this, but he still shouted in an imposing manner, "You are welcome at any time, but some things involve top secrets and you’re not allowed to know, Cult Master Yin."

"Don’t worry, I know what to do. When the time comes, I’ll use the specialty of our demonic cult to exchange with you."

While the two of them were talking, a flower official of the demonic cult was standing beside the main arena and watching the competition on the main arena seriously.

A flower official was a middle-level position in the demonic cult. It was usually taken up by cultivators at the level of superior mystic practitioner. Usually, flower official was in charge of organizing disciples to go out for activities. It was an important position in the demonic cult.

If someone noticed his expression at this moment, they would notice that he was extremely anxious. It was as if one of the two people fighting in the main arena was his closest relative.

Although he was anxious, the reason for his anxiety was completely different from the other disciples!

"Wu Qingce, please win!" The flower official shouted in his heart.

Why would a member of the demonic cult have such thought? It was because he wanted to kill someone!

This flower official had come to the Sect of Masked Moon with a quest. However, this quest was not given to him by his cult master, but by someone else. The goal of the quest was to kill a righteous sect disciple and cause great chaos. The best time to kill someone was when the demonic cult disciples were in great angry or disappointed.

However, he never expected the righteous sect disciples to be so weak! After so many days, the momentum of the demonic cult disciple grew stronger and stronger. The demonic cult disciples kept winning. Hence, he couldn’t find the right time to attack.

This morning, he was thinking of not waiting for the best time, but he didn’t expect Wu Qingce had the chance to win against Mu Yao.

Although the time when Mu Yao lost wasn’t the best time for him to act, it was still a very good opportunity.

So, he was full of anticipation for Wu Qingce to win!

At this moment, a bolt of lightning struck down from the stage and struck Mu Yao who was attacking Wu Qingce.

Mu Yao who was already heavily injured couldn’t withstand such a blow. Although she was very unwilling, she still slowly fell onto the stage.

At the same time, the head judge quickly went up to check on Mu Yao’s condition and quickly announced.

"Winner! Sect of Returning Hearts! Wu Qingce!" "Oh!!!"

The cheers instantly exploded in the entire arena, and all the righteous sect disciples started to howl like crazy.

If they were venting their frustrations in Jiang Beiran’s match in the morning, then they were truly shouted out of their excitement!

Many righteous sect disciples remembered how arrogant Mu Yao was. They thought that they wouldn’t have a chance to destroy her prestige this time, but they didn’t expect that someone could really defeat her. Moreover, it was the standard example a weak force overcame a strong opponent! This made them feel good from head to toe!

On the other hand, on the demonic cult’s side, they all looked at the arena in disbelief. They didn’t believe that Mu Yao would actually lose.

"Haha! Mu Yao! Why can’t you stand up! Trash!"

At this moment, a righteous sect disciple’s voice provoked the demonic cult’s disciples, causing them to explode. "Who do you think you are! You guys just win once! What are you being so arrogant for!"

"Get your asses to the arena, I will kill five of you each time!"

"B*stards! Do you think we are sick dogs? Come on! If you have the guts, come over!"

When the flower official saw the atmosphere exploded, he knew that this was his chance! He quickly followed the original route and squeezed behind Jiang Beiran.

This was something he had decided long ago. When Jiang Beiran won against Mu Jiuri in the morning, he had the urge to make a move. But in the end, he held it back. After all, it was just a Go match. People were not really hyped over a less exciting Go match

So, he decided to use this disciple who was in the limelight as a chess piece.

And now was the time for this chess piece to play its role.

However, when he squeezed behind Jiang Beiran, he discovered that there were five female disciples stuck close to him and kept changing their positions, causing him to be unable to find an angle to attack.

"Forget it, let’s kill them together!"

At the same time, Jiang Beiran was wondering why the righteous sect disciples would suddenly be so rude. Suddenly, three options appeared in front of him.

[ Option 1: Turn around and kill the sneak attacker. Reward: Rhinoceros Skin Divine Scroll (middle tier of earth grade]

[ Option 2: Stand still. Reward: Heroic Spirit Finger (low tier of earth grade)]

[ Option 3: Turn around and protect Yu Guishui behind you. Reward: Random basic skill points + 1]

When he saw these three options, Jiang Beiran was shocked, but he knew that he didn’t have time to think about it. He chose option 3 directly. Then, he turned around and hugged Yu Guishui. He shouted, "Be careful!!!" At the same time, he revealed his back to the superior mystic practitioner that he had found. "Bang!"

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The next second, a fierce palm landed on Jiang Beiran’s back.

But at this moment, Jiang Beiran only had one thought.

"That’s it?"

But he still had to cooperate and spit out blood as he flew to the arena.

After all, if he was a level 5 qi refining disciple, he would still be injured and sent flying by that superior mystic practitioner.

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