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Chapter: 123

A Sudden Commotion

Chapter 123 A Sudden Commotion

"Long live the demonic cult!! Slaughter all the righteous sect dogs!"

When the flower official saw Jiang Beiran fall heavily onto the arena, he thought that Jiang Beiran was dead for sure. He knew that Jiang Beiran was a level five qi refining trash personally who was by a mystic master. "Brother Jiang? Brother Jiang! Brother Jiang!"

Yu Guishui, who was being protected by Jiang Beiran, shouted with all her might. Until now, she still didn’t understand what happened. However, Jiang Beiran’s aura was gradually disappearing, which made her extremely panic. All the disciples were also stunned. They didn’t expect that someone would actually attack Jiang Beiran, and it was a fatal move!

Most of the people knew who Jiang Beiran was because he had just made a name for himself in the morning. All the disciples in the stands knew that he was a level 5 qi refining disciple who was exceptionally good at playing Go.


Sensing that Jiang Beiran’s aura had disappeared, Lu Yinlong’s mystic energy completely exploded.

"Demonic cults! I knew I couldn’t trust you b*stards!"

At the same time, he fully opened his mystic sense and realized that another member of the demonic cult was about to attack the righteous sect disciples. Just like the previous person, he shouted "Long live the demonic cult!"


The furious Lu Yinlong threw out a palm attack, and an amber-colored mystic energy directly blasted the demonic cult disciple into pieces. "Purge the demonic cult!"

Lu Yinlong roared and gathered his strength again, aiming at the other demonic cult disciples.

"Don’t hurt our disciples!"

The few cult masters of the demonic cult were also dumbfounded. Before they came, they had agreed that they would only intimidate the righteous sects. Why would someone suddenly kill them?

However, judging from Lu Yinlong’s stance, it was obvious that he was too furious to listen to any explanation. Although they didn’t know what had happened, they had to stop him first!

Seeing the group of demonic cult masters surrounding Lu Yinlong, the other righteous sect masters couldn’t just sit by and watch.


All of a sudden, dozens of mystic emperor realm experts burst out with mystic energy.

At this moment, Yin Jianghong shouted, "Stop, all of you! This is a misunderstanding! I’ve never given such an order!"

However, Lu Yinlong, who had lost his disciple, wouldn’t listen to Yin Jianghong. He directly threw the Myriad Dragon Spear to a demonic cult master who was flying towards him.

Although the demonic cult masters wanted to listen to Yin Jianghong’s order, the righteous sects had already attacked them. They couldn’t just stand there and be a target, so they could only fight back with all their strength.

Two streams of magnificent mystic energy collided with each other, causing a violent explosion.

Seeing that he couldn’t persuade him, Yin Jianghong could only use the power of the righteous sect to forcefully stop them. However, Guan Shi’an shouted angrily, "Don’t you dare move!"

On the main stage below, Yu Guishui hugged Jiang Beiran’s "corpse" and cried, "Brother Jiang! Brother Jiang, wake up!!"

The group of righteous sect disciples were furious when they heard Yu Guishui’s miserable cry. They all thought that Jiang Beiran was dead. They all knew that he was the one who won the first place against the demonic cult this morning.

"You’re all despicable demonic cult beasts!"

"Let’s follow the sect masters! Purge the demonic cult!"

"Purge the demonic cult!"

Only Wu Qingce, who was also standing on the stage, was dumbfounded. Brother Jiang was dead? What kind of joke was that…? He didn’t believe that his senior brother would die even if all the sect leaders were dead, but his senior brother’s aura had indeed disappeared. He was also stunned for a moment.

On the other side, when the disciples of Fierce Fang House saw their flower official being killed by the righteous sect master in the stands, they were instantly enraged.

"These sect dogs are crazy! Brothers, kill!"

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Seeing the sect masters fighting in the sky, the disciples of both the righteous sects and the demonic cults roared and charged at each other. The flower official who killed Jiang Beiran laughed happily. This was exactly what he wanted.

"Hahahaha! That’s it! More chaos! More chaos!"

Just as he was about to move, a weak voice suddenly sounded, but it made everyone stopped instantly.

"Sect… sect master, cough… Cough! I’m fine…" Lu Yinlong, who was in the middle of a fierce battle with a demonic cult master, was ecstatic. He quickly turned around and shouted, "Save him! Quickly save him!"

Seeing that the situation had turned for the better, Yin Jianghong immediately shouted, "Everyone, stop! It’s just a misunderstanding! I order all of you to stop!"

Seeing that Jiang Beiran was not dead, Guan Shi’an also immediately shouted, "Everyone, stop! Save him first, save him first!"

Since the big shots of both sides had spoken, the disciples who had just pulled out their weapons had no choice but to step back, but their eyes were still fixed on each other.

Lu Yinlong landed on the arena in an instant. He took Jiang Beiran from Yu Guishui’s arms and checked Jiang Beiran’s condition. He found that the organs in Jiang Beiran’s body were actually recovering at an extremely fast speed. "How is Beiran?" Guan Shi’an rushed over and asked.


"He’s fine. He’s fine." Lu Yinlong answered while feeling the recovery rate in Jiang Beiran’s body. His face was full of relief.

"How could this be…"

In the crowd, the flower official’s eyes were wide open. He was completely dumbfounded. As a superior mystic practitioner, why he couldn’t kill a qi refining realm trash with his full strength?

And he was using a poison technique! It was to avoid any accidents and guarantee that he could kill the target. But how did that kid was not poisoned?

"How could this be… How could this be?"

Just as the flower official was extremely puzzled, a figure appeared in front of him. It was Yin Jianghong!

The flower official’s eyes were wide open. He no longer thought about why Jiang Beiran was still alive. He immediately planned to use his mystic energy to burn all of his internal organs. But in the next second, he realized that he couldn’t use the mystic energy in his body at all.

He cried out in his heart, "Oh no!"

The flower official was about to bite the poison hidden in his teeth. Just as he was about to bite, his chin was pinched by Yin Jianghong.

"Do you like to die that much? Come with me. I know many ways to slowly kill you. I guarantee that they will make you die slowly!"

Under the flower official’s terrified eyes, Yin Jianghong carried him and jumped onto the stage.

"Sect Master Guan, don’t worry. I will definitely give you an explanation for this matter."

Guan Shilan glanced at the flower official. After thinking for a moment, he said in a low voice, "Lock him up in Sect of Masked Moon. I want to interrogate him with you."

"Okay. Since you don’t mind the trouble, I have no objections."

After saying this, Yin Jianghong looked at Jiang Beiran, who looked very weak. "Thank you for being alive. I owe you a favor."

Jiang Beiran, who didn’t know what to reply, could only pretend that he didn’t hear it. Otherwise, would he reply with "You’re welcome"? It felt strange.

After saying that, Yin Jianghong looked at a demonic cult master behind her and said, "Haoyan, I also hope that you can give me an explanation."

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Haoyan was the cult master of this flower official, so after hearing Yin Jianghong’s words, he immediately lowered his head and said, "Yes!"

Then, Yin Jianghong looked at another cult master and said, "And you, Wenxing." The one named by Yin Jianghong was the house master of Fierce Fang House, and the second person who shouted "Long live the demonic cult" was from his sect.

"Yes, I will definitely investigate this matter thoroughly."

Nodding, Yin Jianghong said to the others, "Go, go and check if any disciples were injured."

After hearing this, all the leaders dispersed.

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