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Chapter: 230

Harem of 5 000 Beauties 2

During the visit, Jiang Beiran walked along the steps to the dragon throne.

Although it was also called the dragon throne, the dragon throne here was carved with an Azure Dragon, an ancient divine beast that everyone on the continent worshipped.

"Sit on it and try," Yin Jianghong said.

"Cult Master Yin, you should sit."

"If I ask you to sit, then sit. Stop talking more nonsense." Yin Jianghong pressed Jiang Beiran’s shoulder and pressed him onto the dragon throne.

The moment he sat on the dragon throne, Jiang Beiran realized that this position could overlook the entire Flying Feather Palace. He felt as if the whole world was under his feet.

"How is it?" Yin Jianghong asked.

"Pretty good."

"What do you think is the reason why you can sit in this position?"


Hearing Yin Jianghong suddenly throw out a death sentence, Jiang Beiran could not help but sigh in his heart, "I actually felt much more comfortable discussing this matter with Yin Jianghong yesterday. There must be something wrong with my thoughts."


However, even though he sighed, he still had to answer the question.

"It’s because I’m a righteous sect disciples and I was recommended by you. That’s why I’m able to sit on this position."

Yin Jianghong looked at Jiang Beiran with a faint smile and said in surprise, "Oh, you’re not pretending anymore?"

"I’ve always said what I have to say in front of you."

The reason why Jiang Beiran answered this question directly was firstly because Yin Jianghong had somewhat opened his heart to him. Secondly, he now had to understand how he should be an emperor through his conversation with Yin Jianghong.

"Very well, keep it up. You’re right. You’re a righteous sect disciples, that’s why Guan Shi’an agreed to my suggestion immediately. But I know that you and I are the same kind of people."

"I’m not, I’m not."

Although Yin Jianghong had said a lot, Jiang Beiran did not dare to say that he had seen clearly which path he was walking on.

It was normal for an old shady person like him to suddenly take a turn as he walked.

"This can be considered an exception. The previous emperors were all ordinary people who were unable to cultivate. This was also one of the requirements of the righteous sect for the selection of the emperor, but you…"

Upon hearing this, Jiang Beiran sighed deeply. "I understand that my lack of cultivation talent is one of the important reasons why I was chosen to sit on this throne."

"I’m glad that you understand. So, since you’ve sat on this throne, you shouldn’t think about cultivation for the time being. At least not now."

"Then… What should I do?"

Jiang Beiran, who had finally found an opportunity to ask this question, looked at Yin Jianghong and spoke.

"You have to make a choice. "What you need to do now is to let the people of Sheng Kingdom live a better life. As for the righteous sect and the demonic cult, you don’t have to care about them." Yin Jianghong took out a flute from his storage ring and handed it to Jiang Beiran.

"When you blow it, a Xie Eagle will fly to you. You can contact me at any time."

"Thank you, Master Yin." Jiang Beiran took the flute and thanked him.

"But Deng Bo just had an accident. No one will dare to cause you trouble in a short period of time. Let’s go and visit other places."


Standing up, Jiang Beiran followed Yin Jianghong out of the Flying Feather Palace. They passed through the Imperial Garden and entered a group of buildings with many flowers, plants, and trees.

Just as Jiang Beiran was looking around, he suddenly found a group of women kneeling in front of a palace.

"Welcome Your Majesty to the throne. Long live Your Majesty."

Looking at the thousands of women kneeling, Yin Jianghong turned around and gave Jiang Beiran a smile that any man would understand.

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"This is Yuxiu Palace. Deng Bo’s wives and concubines are all here. Logically speaking, they should all be going to be buried with Deng Bo. However, that Old Man Guan said that it was too cruel to them, so he left them live for now. You can decide what to do with them."

Instantly, the word ‘harem’ appeared in Jiang Beiran’s mind.

"I’ve been listening to the word ‘harem of three thousand beauties’ and thought that it was an exaggerated number. I didn’t expect that Deng Bo is really a demanding man. There are probably five thousand women here. F*ck… just how big is this harem? Can he really handle all of them?’

Just as Yin Jianghong finished speaking, the woman in the lead crawled two steps forward and knelt in front of Jiang Beiran. "Your Majesty, please pity us. If Your Majesty doesn’t take us in, we will only die. Please show mercy, Your Majesty."

After saying that, the woman raised her head and stared at Jiang Beiran with her watery eyes.

The woman’s flowing dress was tightly wrapped in green silk, revealing her exquisite and alluring figure. The strapless blue butterfly coat covered her fair skin, but there was a sense of temptation. There were blue stripes around her bra. If looked closer, a dark blue shade could be seen around her bra.

A pair of crystal-clear inverted earrings hung down, swaying with the breeze. The black hair scattered around her shoulders was tied up with a blood-red bellflower hairpin. Her black hair was inserted diagonally into her flowing cloud-like hair.

Her delicate face was lightly made up with makeup, and her eyebrows were like willow curls. A light touch of vermilion on her forehead made her entire face appear even more charming and pretty, and her red lips were as red as apple. Her beautiful face emitted a languid feeling, which aroused a man’s desire.

Her appearance was definitely worthy of the words ‘devastatingly beautiful’.


"Deng Bo, you pervert did have a good taste."

When Jiang Beiran was in school, he had seen pictures of the emperor’s harem. Each one of them was looked quite different from conventional beauties, which made Jiang Beiran sigh. He did not know whether it was because these emperors had different tastes from ordinary people, or because the people at that time had different standards towards beauty.

"I hope Your Majesty will pity us."

Just as Jiang Beiran was sizing up the woman in the lead, the thousands of beautiful women in the harem behind him also opened their mouths to beg for mercy.

It was very pleasant to hear.


Looking at the expectant eyes of the woman in the lead, Jiang Beiran said, "You can stay here for now."

The eyes of the woman in the lead lit up, and she immediately knelt down and shouted, "Thank you, Your Majesty, for your mercy. Thank you, Your Majesty, for your mercy."

The beautiful women behind her also immediately reacted. They also kowtowed together and said, "Thank you, Your Majesty, for your kindness."

Then, she looked at Jiang Beiran with an expression that all men understood. Yin Jianghong smiled and said, "Not bad. It seems that I understand you a little more."

Looking at Yin Jianghong’s wretched smile, Jiang Beiran could not help but curse in his heart, "You are a mystic master. Why do you react like those losers when you see beautiful women? You have no dignity at all."

Probably afraid that Jiang Beiran would be in a hurry to ‘inspect’ the goods, Yin Jianghong said, "Since you’ve made your decision, then you should leave first. I still have something to tell you. It’s not too late for you to come tonight."

"Sigh. I didn’t expect you’re an old pervert as well, Yin Jianghong."

Under the complicated gazes of the girls, Jiang Beiran followed Yin Jianghong and left Yuxiu Palace.

Walking in the Imperial Garden, Yin Jianghong said earnestly, "I don’t care about your private life, but if you are unrestrained and abandon your public life because of your private life, then don’t blame me for being ruthless. Of course, if you can be like Deng Bo and not mix business and private life, then I won’t control you."

Hearing this, Jiang Beiran asked somewhat strangely, "Cult Master Yin seems to know Deng Bo very well?"

"I personally captured him from his bedroom and interrogated him. Do you think I know him well?"

"You really did everything on your own." Jiang Beiran couldn’t help but grumble in his heart.

However, when he thought of Yin Jianghong’s wild ambition, he somewhat understood Yin Jianghong’s action. Yin Jianghong’s ability to develop the demonic cult to this stage was probably because he did everything himself. After all, among the "melodramatic plots" and "ret*rded characters" that Jiang Beiran had seen in this world, Yin Jianghong was definitely a smart person.

And his intelligence was much better than those righteous sect people who were being a stupid simp and only thinking about how to pull others down from higher position.

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He had to admit that it was quite sad when he thought about it. After listening to Yin Jianghong’s story, Jiang Beiran was even more certain that there was something wrong with the righteous sect people’s mindset.

However, it could also be said that they were unscrupulous and only believed that the strength was everything. As for brains, that was something that only the weak needed to use.

They sat down at a stone table in the imperial garden. A few maidservants kneeling beside them immediately came up to pour tea and water for Jiang Beiran and Yin Jianghong. Their techniques were also extremely skilled.

Drinking tea and smelling the fragrance of the flowers, Yin Jianghong sighed, "What a glorious scene. It’s a pity that Deng Bo doesn’t know how to treasure it. To be honest, I originally thought that he was also a talent."

"Grumpy old man…" Jiang Beiran ridiculed in his heart.

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