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Chapter: 234

This Child Is Quite Pitiful 2

Mu Yao regained her standing posture, and her face was full of grievance.

"Sigh… and you’re a useless daughter who can’t even refuse her own father. Why are you so embarrassing!’

However, the reason why Yin Jianghong would speak so harshly this time was probably related to the incident where Mu Yao was caught last time. After that silly girl was rescued by Yin Jianghong, she had been scolded quite a lot.

Knowing that the ending couldn’t be changed, Jiang Beiran first looked at Mu Yao, then at Yin Jianghong, "I wonder what Cult Master Yin wants me to do with Miss Mu?"

Yin Jianghong casually waved his hand, "Just make her a female official. The main purpose is to let her learn more from you."

The grievance on Mu Yao’s face became more obvious after hearing it, but she didn’t dare to object and could only bite her lower lip.

"Female official…"

Female officials were also called palace lady. It sounded nice, but they were just high-level palace maids. They were usually responsible for managing the ordinary palace maids and training the young palace maids who had just entered the palace. Of course, taking care of the members of the royal family was definitely her main job.

"Too bad…"

"My Father, the demonic cult master, sent me to the palace to be a palace maid. It doesn’t seem normal no matter how I think about it." Jiang Beiran had thought of a book title for Mu Yao’s distressing situation.



While Jiang Beiran was thinking about how to arrange this little female official, Yin Jianghong suddenly patted his shoulder and said, "Come, come out with me."

Jiang Beiran nodded and followed Yin Jianghong out.

After the two of them left, Mu Yao squatted down, feeling wronged.

"Why is Father so cruel this time…"

Coming to the garden outside, Yin Jianghong looked at Jiang Beiran and said, "Beiran, I know that Mu Yao is extremely mischievous in your eyes, but if you spend more time to understand her, you will realize that this is not her true appearance."

"F*ck… is he trying to force his mind on me?"

Yin Jianghong naturally could not hear Jiang Beiran’s grumbling in his heart and continued to talk, "Mu Yao had a rough time. When she was young, there was a plague in her village and people died every day. However, because the local county magistrate didn’t report it, no one came to save them."

Jiang Beiran had seen many villages that were plagued by the plague. In this era where hygiene and medical conditions were lacking, the number of people who died from the plague every year was almost the same as those who starved to death.

"Because Mu Yao’s physique was naturally good, when her entire family was infected with the plague, she was the only one who was not infected. Hence, she shouldered the burden of taking care of her family. However, the plague was not something that she could cure as a child."


"One day, her two-year-old brother died. She buried him with her own hands. The next day, her mother died, and she buried him with her own hands. When the members of my cult found her, she was the only one left in her family of eight."

"When she was first brought into the cult, she didn’t say a word for a few days and didn’t cry. However, she fought for every job. Everyone in the sect felt sorry for her, including me. Therefore, I took her in as my adopted daughter."

"Mu Yao was very talented and soon became one of the best disciples of her age. At the same time, she learned more and more things. She believed that her family didn’t get a doctor until the day they died because the imperial court had done nothing. The imperial court had done nothing because the righteous disciples were all hypocrites."

"From then on, whenever she saw righteous sect disciples like you, she would despise all of you. But in fact, she was really a good child and the people in the cult liked her very much."


Jiang Beiran didn’t think that Yin Jianghong lied to him.

Because back then, Kong Qianqian also told him that Mu Yao was usually very good to her. It was only because Kong Qianqian clung to him that she often made Mu Yao angry.

He let out a long sigh, Yin Jianghong looked at Jiang Beiran and said seriously, "The reason why I gave her to you is because her hatred towards the righteous sect is too excessive. Moreover, she often does some impulsive things. Even… forget it, forget it. There are some things that I can’t teach her. But as a righteous sect disciple, you definitely can. Mu Yao is my very important family member, so I’ll leave her to you."

"Where did you get this confidence in me…?"

However, facing Yin Jianghong’s words, Jiang Beiran naturally answered seriously, "I will do my best."

At this moment, Yin Jianghong was not the cult master, nor was he the emperor.

This was the entrustment of an old father, and as a junior, he accepted this entrustment.

"Thank you." Yin Jianghong smiled and nodded.

Returning to the hall, Mu Yao, who was squatting on the ground and drawing circles, quickly stood up and adjusted her posture.

Yin Jianghong first glared at her, then said to Jiang Beiran, "In that case, I’ll entrust Mu Yao to you. You must teach her well. If she doesn’t obey, you can ask Xie Eagle to send a letter to me. I’ll definitely come right away."

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"I understand." Jiang Beiran nodded.

"Then you can think about the rest of the matter yourself. I still have a lot of things to deal with, so I’ll leave first."

"Father!" Hearing that Yin Jianghong was going to leave, Mu Yao couldn’t help but shout.

"Listen to Emperor’s words obediently, do you understand?" Yin Jianghong looked at her and spoke.

"I… I understand." Mu Yao nodded.

"Well, then I’m relieved. When the matter is over, I will come to see you."

After saying that, Yin Jianghong turned around and left.

"Father…" Mu Yao murmured and her body relaxed.

"Sigh, who told you to relax? Keep a good posture. You’re a female official. You have to set an example for the other palace maids."

"You!" Mu Yao pointed at Jiang Beiran, but when she recalled the experience of resisting Jiang Beiran and the words of her big father, she finally kept a good posture.

She nodded her head in satisfaction, Jiang Beiran walked to her side and said, "I am a reasonable person. If you perform well, I will tell Cult Master Yin the truth. Perhaps you will be able to return to your demonic cult as a chivalrous woman as soon as possible. Do you understand?"

"Humph! I don’t want to listen to you!" Mu Yao turned her head to the side after saying that.

"Stand properly!"

Although Mu Yao was very reluctant, she still straightened her head.

"Very good. As long as you keep it up, you’ll be able to go back very soon." After saying that, she walked towards the bookshelf at the side.

Mu Yao glanced at Jiang Beiran from the corner of her eyes and comforted herself in her heart, "I’ll endure so that I can go back as soon as possible, I’m not listening to him!"

Looking at the bookshelf that was dozens of meters high, Jiang Beiran looked at the eunuch who had been standing a few meters away from him and asked, "What’s your name?"

The eunuch immediately knelt down and answered, "My humble name is Gu Jinzhong."

"Jinzhong?" Jiang Beiran laughed. "What’s your position?"

"I’m the internal official supervising the department’s rites…"

"In charge of what?"

Gu Jinzhong first swallowed nervously after hearing this, then he answered, "I’m mainly in charge of purchasing the items used by Emperor."

Jiang Beiran took a book from the bookshelf and asked, "What about the books? Are they yours too?"

Gu Jinzhong quickly kowtowed and said, "All the books in the hall are Your Majesty’s."

Jiang Beiran laughed and said, "That’s smooth. Okay, I will ask you another way. Did you purchase all these books?"

"Your Majesty, I did," Gu Jinzhong replied.

"Okay, make a list later. I want to know the names of all the books and the general contents. I’ll give you one day to complete it."

Gu Jinzhong trembled after hearing it. With so many books, it would be difficult for him to make an outline in one day.

However, Gu Jinzhong still immediately kowtowed and said, "Yes, Your Majesty."

"Okay, go."

After hearing that, Gu Qing Zhong immediately ran out. This was a race against time.

On the other hand, Jiang Beiran was flipping through the book that he took out casually.

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"There are at least a few thousand books here. How could that person organize the outline in a day? You’re forcing him." At this moment, Mu Yao suddenly spoke while still standing straight.

Jiang Beiran smiled after hearing this. He closed the book and walked to Mu Yao’s side. "Are you teaching me how to do things?"

Looking at Jiang Beiran’s brilliant smile, Mu Yao felt a chill in her heart. She panted nervously and said, "I…"

Seeing that Mu Yao didn’t say anything else, Jiang Beiran stopped smiling and said, "If you dare to offend your superior in the future, I will teach you a good lesson. If you think I can’t do it, you can try."

Although Mu Yao instinctively wanted to refute, she remembered that her father had gone out with Jiang Beiran alone, so she ultimately shut her mouth.

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