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Chapter: 240

Probing 2

The reason why Yin Jianghong had always suspected that Jiang Beiran was hiding his strength was because Jiang Beiran did not show off many skills. He knew that Jiang Beiran was smart. Moreover, a youth who could resolve the crisis in Fengzhou "unintentionally" had stayed in Sect of Returning Hearts for six years and had only developed superb Go skills?

Yin Jianghong did not believe it at all.

Nodding his head, Jiang Beiran rolled his eyes and thought, "After probing me a few times with conversation, are you planning to change the method now? Do you want to use force?"

The meaning of the option to let him strengthen the Twenty-Eight Night Ghost Locking Formation was very simple. The purpose was to tell Yin Jianghong.

"You guessed it right. I am indeed hiding something. What I am hiding is the unparalleled formation-setting method in the world."

Unlike playing Go, as long as the person who set up the formation had enough time, it was completely possible for him to kill the cultivator who was several levels stronger. It was very normal for him to hide this ability as a trump card when his combat strength was very weak.

Moreover, the learning and cultivation of formations were extremely difficult. There were many variables and patterns that needed to be learned. To be able to perfect a high-level formation like the Twenty-Eight Night Ghost Locking Formation in just six years was definitely a heaven-gifted talent.

"This should be enough to dispel Yin Jianghong’s doubts and make him feel that he has seen through my trump card."

"I hope that the old guy can calm down a little after this."

However, Jiang Beiran completely understood Yin Jianghong’s probing behavior. Just like how he took in his own underlings, he absolutely had to know everything. Only after passing through layers of screening and the system’s affirmation would he take in his errand boys.


It was the same for Yin Jianghong. He wanted to do something big with Jiang Beiran, so he definitely wanted to know everything about Jiang Beiran. It was human nature.

"But I should be the only one who know my own trump card. If one more person knows it, it might become an open card. An open card can’t catch the opponent off guard."

Jiang Beiran felt that he had guessed it right, so he put away the compass and jumped down from the eaves. Then, he quietly returned to his bedroom.

After perfecting the formation for the whole night, Jiang Beiran did not feel sleepy. Instead, he was in high spirits. So, he decided not to take a nap. He took out a book of classics from his storage ring and began to study it.

It was not until 7 am that a eunuch came to the door and shouted, "Your Majesty, it’s time for breakfast."

"Come in." Jiang Beiran closed the book and shouted.

With a creak, the huge and heavy mahogany door was pushed open. Four palace maids followed the eunuch in, including Kong Qianqian.

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up and help Emperor change clothe."

Seeing the four palace maids were all stunned, the eunuch hurriedly urged them with his sharp voice.

"Yes." The four palace maids answered and came to Jiang Beiran’s side.

Wearing the emperor’s robe was a bit complicated, especially the part that tied the waist. If it was not tied properly, it would not affect the beauty. Once the emperor’s robe was spread outside, these palace maids would be sentenced to death.

Therefore, when he saw Kong Qianqian pick up the belt to study, Jiang Beiran snatched it away and said, "Go wait at the door. There’s no need for you here."

Seeing that her teacher did not trust her, Kong Qianqian felt a little wronged, but she still obediently left.

Jiang Beiran passed the belt to a palace maid on the left and suddenly asked with interest, "What’s your name?"

The palace maid was stunned and then her heart started beating faster. Even her breathing became rapid.

"The Emperor asked for my name! The Emperor asked for my name!"

But in her excitement, the palace maid immediately bowed and replied, "Your Majesty, my humble name is Qing’er."

"Not a bad name. How many years have you been in the palace?"

"Your Majesty, I have been here since I was six years old."


At this moment, Jiang Beiran was certain that Deng Bo definitely had some disgusting fetishes.

While Jiang Beiran despised Deng Bo’s fetishes, Qing’er’s heart was already blooming with joy.

Ever since the new emperor entered the palace yesterday, she had been by his side. She realized that the new emperor did not recognize anyone, and she was the first to be asked her name among the palace maids.

"Is Emperor going to favor me? Am I going to be promoted to a concubine? No, I am Emperor’s first woman in the palace. Could it be…"

Although Qing’er’s mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts, her hands did not stop moving as she helped Jiang Beiran change out of his robe.

"Ah, Emperor’s figure is so good. I really want to pounce into this strong chest."

The other two palace maids were jealous when they saw how excited Qing’er. They thought to themselves, "Am I not a hundred times better looking than her Qing’er? Emperor must not have noticed me."

Therefore, during the process of helping Jiang Beiran change into his imperial robe, the other two palace maids were extremely seductive. They kept fiddling with their exquisite figures. Unfortunately, Jiang Beiran was no longer in the mood to chat, he was thinking about what he should say when he went to court later.

Although the two palace maids were disappointed, they did not dare to show it in the slightest. They could only silently retreat to the sides.

Under the guidance of the eunuch, Jiang Beiran came to the Guanju Hall where he had his meal. He sat in front of a long table and soon, breakfast was served.

"Eight Treasures Mantou."

"Haiqing Examination Paper."


"Milk Skin Pancake."

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When each snack was served, the eunuch would use his sharp voice to announce the names. Soon, half of the three-meter-long table was filled.

There were more than 40 types of rice and noodle dishes.

"The emperor still knows how to enjoy it."

Among them, there were several pasta dishes that even Jiang Beiran had never cooked before. It could be said that he had learned a lot.

"Jade Silk Belly Lung."

"Roast Lamb Chop."

"Agate Cake Soup."


As soon as the noodles were served, the meat was served as well. Soon, the other half of the table was filled.

Jiang Beiran took a bite of a sugar cake and said, "Inform the imperial kitchen that there is no need to make breakfast so complicated in the future. I can’t eat this much."

The eunuch immediately replied, "The emperor only needs to take a small bite of each snack."

Jiang Beiran frowned and replied, "Are you teaching me how to eat?"

When the eunuch heard this, he immediately knelt on the ground in fear and kowtowed. "Your Majesty, please spare my life. Your Majesty, please spare my life. I do not mean that."

"Then what do you mean?"

The eunuch thought that he had already angered Emperor, so he might as well throw caution to the wind.

"Your Majesty, this breakfast is a rule set by the ancestors. It has to be a hundred dishes. It means that a hundred flowers will bloom, and there will be no mistakes. A hundred…"

"Say it again, who set the rule?"

The eunuch lowered his head and answered, "The ancestors set…"

"Whose ancestors?"


The eunuch did not know how to answer.

"Remember, from now on, my words are the rules. Get up."


As the real emperor who had descended from the sky, Jiang Beiran did not intend to be bound by any inexplicable royal rules. He could come as he pleased.

After breakfast, Jiang Beiran was just about to go to court, but just as he was about to reach the Mystic Listening Hall, he suddenly changed his mind.

Turning his head to look at the eunuch beside him, Jiang Beiran said, "I won’t be going to court early today. Go and inform those ministers to go back."

The eunuch was stunned when he heard this. He immediately replied, "Yes."

Although the eunuch felt very strange, Emperor had clearly been very diligent yesterday. Why did he suddenly not go to court today?

However, he did not dare to guess too much of Emperor’s thoughts. He quickly ran to the Mystic Listening Palace.

At this moment, all the ministers were already waiting outside the palace. Furthermore, all of them had brought memorials with them today. They were preparing to present the memorials like the minister did today.

However, just as all the ministers were whispering to each other, a sharp voice suddenly came from within the palace.

"His Majesty has said that today is not an early day for the court. All respected ministers, please leave."

All the ministers were stunned when they heard this. Their faces were filled with disappointment. Some of them had saw it coming. However, they did not dare to grumble here. After acknowledging the order, they all left the Mystic Listening Hall.

As soon as they left the palace, all the officials started to sigh.

"Sigh, he is still a happy king who does not care about politics."

"As I said yesterday, the Emperor is just a martial art boor and does not know anything. Why did you bother to prepare so many things?"

"Yes, isn’t it good for the Emperor to be carefree? We can also be free."

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"Sigh! I wasted my effort to prepare my memorial!"

Just as all the ministers were immersed in their grief, a voice exploded in their ears like spring thunder.

"Yo, everyone is cursing. Not bad, quite spirited."

The person who spoke was Jiang Beiran, who had just canceled the morning court.

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