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Chapter: 244

Six Rulers 2

Jiang Beiran sighed in his heart and said happily, "Good, then from today onwards, you will be my grand tutor. I want you to teach me these Six Rulers that were used to measure the world."

After hearing this, Zhu Gang was about to kneel down, but he was held by Jiang Beiran.

"Since you are already my grand tutor, you don’t have to kneel."

"Thank you, Your Majesty, for your kindness." Zhu Gang bowed.

"Come, Grand Tutor Zhu, this way please. I have many questions to ask you…"

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed in a hurry.

Fengzhou, Zhangyun County, Duan Town.

"Surround them! Don’t let any of them escape!"

"They went up to the third floor."


"Good! Ruan Ming, bring some men and surround this inn. Don’t let them escape."


On the third floor of the inn, five injured Sect of Aurora disciples were circulating their qi to heal their injuries. The male disciple with the most severe injuries was applying jade dew ointment on his wounds, he said, "Brother Lu, how can there be a superior mystic practitioner of the demonic cult here? The intelligence clearly said that it was just a group of great mystic practitioners."

Lu Ziling wiped the blood from his mouth. Then, he panted heavily and replied, "Now is not the time to discuss this. At most, those demonic cult disciples will attack in a short while. Hurry up and recover. Otherwise, we won’t even be able to use our last bit of strength later."

Just as Lu Ziling finished speaking, there was a ‘bang’, and a hole was suddenly opened under the floor. A green-clothed man with the Vile Wind Sword in his hand leaped up.

"Get into formation!" Lu Ziling shouted loudly. He picked up the spear on the ground and stared at the green-clothed man in front of him.

It was this person who had killed more than ten of his junior brothers and junior sisters just now. As a level nine mystic practitioner, he could still barely hold an ordinary superior mystic practitioner off for a while. He wanted to buy some time for his remaining junior brothers and sisters to escape.

However, this green-clothed man in front of him was probably a level five superior mystic practitioner. Moreover, his cultivation method was extremely powerful. When they fought, he was completely unable to retaliate.

"You are disciples of the Sect of Aurora, right?" The green-clothed man looked at Lu Ziling and asked.

"So what if we are?" Lu Ziling replied.

"You were clearly chasing south a few days ago. Why did you suddenly head north today? Who told you that I was here?"

"We were just following orders. We will chase wherever the sect tells us to."

"Oh?" The green-clothed man revealed a smile. His moved and grabbed a male disciple who was holding a sword beside him.

"So fast!"

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Lu Ziling did not see the green-clothed man’s actions at all. His Junior Brother Fang was already lifted into the air by the green-clothed man.

"I’ll count to three, and you have to think carefully. If you still use the same answer, I’ll break his neck."

"We’re really just following orders! We don’t know the sect’s plan!"


"Wait, wait, let me think, let me think."

"Two, forget it, I’m out of patience."

"Junior Brother Fang!"

Just as the green-clothed man was about to break Fang Jing’s neck, his eyes suddenly turned cold. Before he could react, he felt waves of intense pain coming from all over his body.

He flung Fang Jing to the side, but before he could make the next move, a bolt of lightning smashed into the room like a comet.

Lu Ziling only heard a "boom". There was only a vast expanse of white in front of her eyes. By the time she could see again, the green-clothed man was already gone, and a huge hole had appeared on the wall beside him.

"Junior Brother Fang, how are you!" Lu Ziling, who did not know what had happened, asked loudly.

"Cough, cough… cough cough. Brother Lu, I… I’m fine." Fang Jing struggled to get up from the ground and answered.

At the moment when the green-clothed man exerted his strength, he thought that he was already dead, but he did not expect he was still alive.

Seeing that his junior brother was fine, Lu Ziling hurriedly ran to the side of the hole and looked down. He saw that on the ruined town square, a man in white whose entire body was covered in purplish-red mystic energy was holding a black sword with azure sword patterns in his hand. The slash caused the green-clothed man to repeatedly retreat, and he was getting more wounds on his body.

"So strong!" Lu Ziling couldn’t help but shout.

At this time, the other Sect of Aurora disciples had already surrounded him. One of the female disciples took a glance and shouted, "It’s the Levin Sword! That person is the King of Hell’s bodyguard from Sect of Returning Hearts, Wu Qingce!"

"He’s Wu Qingce!?" Lu Ziling exclaimed.

He was the peerless genius who had suppressed all the young disciples of the righteous sects and demonic cults in Fengzhou. He was a champion in the Sect of Masked Moon’s Gathering of Young Heroes.

Now, Wu Qingce had become extremely famous in Fengzhou.

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"That’s not right…" Lu Ziling suddenly frowned. "I heard that he had just broken through to become a great mystic practitioner not long ago when he won first place half a year ago. That man in green clothes is a great level 5 mystic practitioner of. How could Wu Qingce be stronger than the green-clothed man?"

Hearing Lu Ziling’s question, the junior sister who shouted Wu Qingce’s name was also a little confused. "That’s right… It’s only been six months. No matter how talented he is, it’s impossible for him to become a superior mystic practitioner in short period. Moreover, he can suppress a superior mystic practitioner of level five and above."

"Could it be that Wu Qingce’s master?"

"That makes sense!" The others nodded in agreement. This seemed to be the logical explanation. "Hey! Look! That sword is broken!"

As the few of them spoke, Fang Jing saw the white-robed senior’s black sword suddenly split into seven pieces. Four of the pieces flew into the air at an extremely fast speed. The remaining three pieces surrounded the green-clothed man as if they were alive and continued to attack.

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