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Chapter: 245

Six Rulers 3

Although the green-clothed man was extremely fast, he was still unable to deal with the three fragments at a lower level. Soon, more than ten wounds appeared on his body.

"I’ll kill you!!!"

Seeing that his escape route was completely blocked by the three fragments, the green-clothed man roared in desperation, and the azure mystic energy on his body soared.

"Oh no! He wants to fight with his life!" Lu Ziling shouted.

Usually, a superior mystic practitioner would learn a few ultimate techniques that burned their own life force to use as a last resort. Such moves were usually very powerful, but the user would also fall into a long coma. Moreover, it would also take a lot of time to recover after they woke up.


The green-clothed man shouted, and the soaring azure mystic energy directly shook away the three Levin fragments surrounding him. Suddenly, the Vile Wind Sword in his hand emitted a terrifying sound that sounded like the wails of ghosts and howls of wolves.

Wu Qingce did not panic at all. He waved his index finger and middle finger together, and an even more terrifying thunderclap sounded in the sky.

"Boom! Boom!"

Under the incredulous gazes of Lu Ziling and the others, four thick greenish-gray lightning bolts descended from the sky, all striking the body of the green-clothed man.

Just when Lu Ziling and the others thought that it was over, an even thicker purplish-purple lightning bolt descended, striking the green-clothed man who was already unable to move.


With a miserable howl, the green-clothed man slowly fell to the ground.

"Hu ~"

Letting out a breath, Wu Qingce’s right hand shook while holding the sword hilt. Then, the seven Levin fragments flew back together.

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"Well done." Wu Qingce said with a smile.

Levin also let out a sword cry, as if in response to Wu Qingce’s praise.

After putting Levin back into the sword sheath, Wu Qingce took out a silver dragon rope from his storage ring and tied the hands of the green-clothed man. Then, he opened his mystic sense and searched for the other followers of the Ferocious Spirit Cult nearby.

The remaining followers of the Ferocious Spirit Cult had already fled in all directions when they saw the ghost general of the cult being killed. Unfortunately, with Wu Qingce’s blazing speed, even if they ran five hundred meters first, they were still all caught.

"Go and crouch down."

After catching the last disciple of the Ferocious Spirit Cult, Wu Qingce began to count the number of people.

At this time, Lu Ziling and the others had already arrived at the town square. As soon as they saw Wu Qingce return, they immediately went forward and cupped their hands. "Thank you for your help, Senior! If it weren’t for you, we would have died in that Inn."

Wu Qingce glanced at them and smiled. "It’s good that you’re all fine."

"Senior, did you come here specifically to save us?"

"Yes, my Order Master received your message for help. I happened to be here, so I came to help. Are all the disciples of your sect here?"

Lu Ziling could not help but look a little sad when she heard that. He replied, "Yes… only the five of us are left."

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Wu Qingce understood what he meant the moment he heard that. He sighed and said, "Sorry, I’m late."

"No, no, no. If you didn’t come, we would all die here. How would we dare to accept your apology?" After Lu Ziling said that, he bowed and cupped his hands. "May I know your name, Senior? We can repay you in the future."

Wu Qingce cupped his hands toward Lu Ziling and replied, "I’m Wu Qingce of the sect of returning hearts. There’s no need to repay me. We are all working hard for the same goal. It’s only right for us to help each other."

"This person is really Wu Qingce!?"

All of a sudden, the five of them felt their brains buzzing, and they felt that their worldviews had been greatly impacted.

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