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Chapter: 246

What Did I Do to Provoke Them 1

"It’s true that a great teacher produces a great disciple. Sect Master Lu’s personal disciple is indeed extraordinary. It’s all thanks to your help this time. I’ll definitely pay a visit to Sect of Returning Hearts to thank you another day."

In Wuke town, the order master of Sect of Aurora Ju Tianyu looked at Wu Qingce and repeatedly praised him.

Wu Qingce cupped his hands towards Ju Tianyu and replied, "Order Master Ju, you’re too polite. We righteous sects have a common enemy and should help each other."

"Well said!" Ju Tianyu sighed, "I should have held a banquet to entertain you, but my sect suffered heavy casualties this time. I have too many things to do, so I can only owe you."

"Order Master Ju is too kind. Since you are busy, I will take my leave first."

"Please wait!" Ju Tianyu suddenly shouted just as Wu Qingce was about to turn around and leave.

"Order Master Ju, do you have anything else for me?" Wu Qingce cupped his hands and asked.

"I’m really sorry. As you can see, the disciples of our sect have just experienced a fierce battle, and they still need to recuperate. However, there is news from Xingfeng that they have found traces of the remnants of the Sect of Sky Wolf, and they want us to mobilize our men…"

Hearing this, Wu Qingce understood Ju Tianyu’s meaning, and directly replied, "In that case, let me do it for you."

As soon as Wu Qingce finished speaking, Gu Qinghuan’s answer to this question appeared in his mind.

"That’s good. I’m going to Neiqiu. Since it’s on the way, let me do it for you."

However, they were not going to Neiqiu that time, which made Wu Qingce exclaim in his heart, "I’ve learned it." However, he didn’t put it to use this time when he encountered the same situation.

"I’ll definitely do it next time!"

When Wu Qingce secretly swore in his heart, Ju Tianyu laughed happily and said, "You’ve really solved my urgent problem. Come, sit here. I’ll tell you the specific situation."

Following Ju Tianyu to a map, Wu Qingce listened to Ju Tianyu describe the news of Xingfeng Town while recalling everything that had happened during this period of time. Otherwise, when he encountered senior brother’s examination, he would be unable to answer.

When he returned from Lanzhou half a year ago, Brother Jiang said that Fengzhou would face a great chaos.

The facts proved that senior brother’s prediction was never wrong. Not long after they returned to the sect of returning hearts, the sect master of Sect of Masked Moon, Guan Shi’an, and the demonic cult master, Yin Jianghong gathered their men. They began to encircle and annihilate the sects and demonic cults that tried to drag Fengzhou into the chaos of war.

However, because the incident was relatively sudden and because Fengzhou was really too big, the people from those sects and demonic cults had all spread out. It was really too difficult to catch them all in one go.

Later on, in order to prevent these traitors from escaping Fengzhou, the righteous sects and demonic cults had to allocate a large number of high-end combat forces to guard the border.

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The rest of the people had to search thoroughly and catch those remnants, preventing them from finding a place where they could anew.

As Lu Yinlong’s direct disciple, Wu Qingce was naturally duty-bound this time. As a supporting force, he traveled around the various towns in Fengzhou. At the beginning, Wu Qingce didn’t think too much about it. He felt that everyone was doing this for the good of Fengzhou. That was why he worked so hard to exterminate the remnants.

However, after exterminating them, he discovered that some sects worked especially hard. Some sects didn’t work hard, and some only guarded their own small plots of land.

After he told his senior brother about his doubts, he quickly got an answer.

In his senior brother’s words, those who worked especially hard were those who had the ability to split the "cake" later. Those who did not work hard were those who were not strong enough, but they wanted to show that they were working hard so that they could eat some leftovers later.

As for those who only guarded their own land, they knew that they were weak, and they could not split the cake. They only wanted to reduce their losses.

Because his senior brother often used the cake to talk about things, Wu Qingce understood it very easily. Although the sects and demonic cults that were labeled as traitors had escaped, their foundations could not escape.

It did not matter even if all the resources in their bases had been taken away by them, because the spiritual essence land on the mountain was the most valuable.

After hearing this, Wu Qingce, who was a hot-blooded youth, felt that he had been doused with cold water. He suddenly felt that the righteous deed of protecting the peace of the Fengzhou had become boring.

However, being bored was fine. Because his senior brother wanted him to perform well in this turmoil, Wu Qingce had been sparing no effort to participate in it. His cultivation was also increasing at an extremely shocking speed.

"Alright, don’t worry, Order Master Ju. Leave this matter to me." After understanding the quest, Wu Qingce took a map from Ju Tianyu and cupped his hands.

"Thank you. When this matter is over, I will definitely make up for it with a feast for you."

"You are too kind, Order Master Ju. This matter cannot be delayed. I will set off now."

"Good! Among the younger generation, there are not many who are as swift and decisive as you. I already have a premonition that a new star is slowly rising."

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"You flatter me."

After exchanging a few more polite words, Wu Qingce cupped his hands and said, "I will leave now." Then, he pushed open the door and walked out.

When they arrived at the door, Lu Ziling and the others who had been waiting here all this time cupped their hands and asked Wu Qingce, "Brother Wu, are you leaving?"

Wu Qingce nodded. "Yes, there are still a lot of things to be done."

Hearing Wu Qingce’s affirmative answer, the five of them bowed together and said, "Brother Wu, we will never forget your heroic act for saving our lives. If Brother Wu needs any help in the future, please feel free to let us know."

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