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Chapter: 4

Holding the pitiful rabbit in his arms, Yang Mu used his newfound cultivation to recklessly fly back into the sect on his sword.

That being said, as he had only recently mastered the art of flying, Yang Mu didn’t dare to fly too high for fear of becoming the first cultivator in history to die by falling off his own sword. 

In the air, Yang Mu began increasing his speed and flew faster and faster. The little rabbit squeezed his dark eyes tightly shut and desperately clung onto Yang Mu’s sleeve, his drooping, dusty pink ears flapping in the wind.

Although the rabbit had already attained spiritual awareness, he had not even formed his beast core yet. Trapped in the hands of nightmarish humans while on this reckless, high-speed flight, he cowered against Yang Mu’s chest, trembling fiercely.

Feeling the rabbit tremble, Yang Mu conscientiously slowed down. In the heat of the moment, he had momentarily forgotten that the rabbit’s cultivation was so low he had yet to form a beast core. If he kept his current speed, Yang Mu wouldn’t even have to wait for other humans to kill the rabbit beastman—the rabbit would already have suffered a heart attack from fear and died.

Yang Mu slowed to a halt and lightly balanced on his sword. Looking around, he paused. Surrounding him were undulating mountains so majestic they seemed to pierce through the sky itself. The land itself was a verdant green with wisps of foggy mist floating through the greenery. The scene was worthy of being an immortal’s paradise.

Then he looked down…

Ah! Holy shit!! Below his feet a bottomless abyss gaped up towards Yang Mu. Somehow the deep darkness reminded him of an arcane monster baring its fangs and claws at him. As long as someone falls into its grasp, their end will be inevitable.

But of course that only applies to ordinary mortals. For cultivators like Yang Mu, as long as his body is not completely smashed into meat paste he’ll eventually be able to climb back out alive.

Tightening his arms around the rabbit, Yang Mu noticed a group of disciples gathered up ahead excitedly chattering and laughing. 

Yang Mu suddenly remembered the year he himself was originally accepted into the Yu’an Sect. Just like back then, the senior disciples were sent to observe the incoming disciples. And once again they stood off to the side laughing disdainfully at the laborious efforts of the newcomers participating in the sect exam.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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"Qtja’r rb tlijglber? Jbwf bc, ifa wf tfjg la abb," Cr rbbc jr Tjcu Ze mjwf lcab fjgrtba, tf tfjgv j ofk bo atf ujatfgfv vlrmlqifr wjxlcu oec bo atf mbwlmji jqqfjgjcmfr bo atf cfkmbwfgr milwylcu atf wbecajlc yfibk.

"No-nothing." The disciples who were just making a racket laughing suddenly heard a voice coming from behind. The moment they saw Yang Mu, their faces paled and they hurriedly lowered their heads in  a respectful silence. 

When bowing their heads, they also glimpsed a new rabbit beastman in Yang Mu’s grasp that they had never seen before.

They could pretty much guess already that this beastman had been stolen from a fellow disciple… Many of these disciples themselves have had the beastmen they’d found stolen by Elder Yang in the past. So seeing the rabbit Yang Mu was holding reminded them of their own experiences with Elder Yang and caused resentment to bubble up in their hearts.

"Is it time for this year’s new disciple exam already?" Yang Mu asked lightly.

"Yes sir," In front of him, the leader of the disciples respectfully replied, bowing. 

Every year, the Yu’an Sect’s new disciple exam is to have these ten to fifteen year old children climb the mountain up to the Yu’an Sect’s gates. The first fifty children get accepted as disciples and the rest are eliminated.

During the exam, all fighting and foul play is allowed. As a result, many people end up dead every year as well…

Yang Mu rolled his eyes and looked at the dense cluster of newcomers at the bottom of the mountain. He estimated that there were at least four hundred participants this year. "When did the exam start?"

"Replying to Elder Yang, the exam has just begun." 

"Got it." With a thought, Yang Mu’s flying sword reappeared beneath his feet and he flew towards the base of the mountain where the participants were gathered. The wind blew against Yang Mu causing his robes to billow like a cloud, his ink colored hair dancing gracefully in the wild, free and unrestrained.

When the disciples saw Yang Mu’s flying sword appear, they knew he planned to observe the participants in person. Looking at Yang Mu’s flying sword, those disciples couldn’t help but flash a trace of envy and jealousy in their eyes.

They… when… When could they also be eligible to ride a flying sword in the sect?


Yang Mu rode the wind down to the base of the mountain and hid his presence. Standing on his sword he watched the exhausted teenagers climb the mountain with their heads almost planted to the rocks.

This particular mountain is extremely steep and is very difficult and dangerous to climb.

For the cultivators living at Yu’an Sect, all they need to do is ride their flying swords to traverse the mountain. But for these mortal youths with no cultivation base, climbing the mountain is an extremely arduous and difficult task.

In just a short period of time, the mountain which originally had over four hundred climbers dropped down to less than two hundred. These teenagers have reached the middle section of the mountain and now the truly difficult part begins. 

The higher one climbed, the steeper the mountain became. Additionally there were many ambitious teenagers who would eagerly stab one another in the back to rank higher. It was not easy to climb up because not only do you have to face the difficulty of the terrain but you also had to be mentally cognizant at all times to prevent yourself from being harmed by other climbers.

Just when the teenagers had climbed up to a point where there were less than a hundred of them left, Yang Mu suddenly saw a young man in cyan robes approach the teenager in white robes next to him.

The cyan robed youth suddenly threw out a vicious palm strike towards the youth in white.

Just when Yang Mu thought the youth in white would be knocked down the cliff, the youth moved. He reached out and snatched the outstretched arm of the cyan robed youth with a sneer on his pale face. 

Under the stunned expression of the cyan robed youth, the youth in white snapped his arm with a ‘crack’ and flung the other boy screaming down the cliff, his life or death unknown.

The agility and sheer indifference of the white clad teen left Yang Mu slightly stunned.

The teenagers around the youth in white looked up when they heard the scream. The youth coldly made eye contact with them and the other climbers quickly looked away and silently continued to climb the mountain.

In the face of the white clad teen’s ruthlessness, the people who had also made calculations against him quickly dismissed those thoughts and changed their targets. 

Yang Mu looked at the back of this white clad youth. He had a slim waist, graceful figure and slender yet strong legs leading up to a perky butt. Even wrapped in white robes, the youth’s good figure shone through.

In the future, he will definitely grow to be a tall, slender man with a narrow waist and broad shoulders—the kind of figure that instinctively gives other people an innate sense of security.

Just as Yang Mu sighed and was about to turn his gaze to the other applicants, the youth in white seemed to notice something and suddenly turned around, his icy glare locked on Yang Mu’s face.

Yang Mu finally got a clear view of the youth’s face and froze, swallowing hard. 

Two words appeared in his mind—"Hand shredded…"

The teenager in white had his black hair tied up with a few loose strands framing his face swaying in the breeze. His sharp eyebrows contained a sword-like majesty and staring into his eyes was like looking into an underground frozen lake of unknowable depth. His thin lips pursed slightly as he looked up.

Although there were still traces of youth on his handsome face, it was already clear to see that he would grow up into a great beauty in the near future.

That face, however, Yang Mu was all too familiar with. Isn’t that teenager in white just the miniature version of Shi Dixuan??! 

When he remembered how Shi Dixuan unhesitatingly threw the youth who wanted to kill him down the mountain, Yang Mu pursed his lips and increased the amount of spiritual qi he used to hide his presence.

It wasn’t physically possible for Shi Dixuan’s skills to be strong enough at this point in time to sense Yang Mu’s presence, but Yang Mu had a feeling he’d been completely exposed under the glare of those icy eyes.

Having seen the young version of Shi Dixuan, Yang Mu immediately lost all interest in watching the prospective disciples compete. He hurriedly flew back to his house on his flying sword and, completely flustered, dropped the rabbit down on his bed.

Yang Mu opened his beast storage bag and released the stallion. Seeing the sluggish look of the petite stallion, Yang Mu cursed and only had one thought in his mind—"excessive ejaculation." 

It clearly looks like it’s been ‘milked’ clean! Fuck!

When Yang Mu realized that this body might have ingested a beastman’s jingye he almost vomited on the spot. At the same time he felt a wave of sadness come over his heart.

Looking at the terrible state of the beastman in front of him, he realized he had no clue how many beastmen Elder Yang may have used before. Maybe he’d already exploited several beastmen to death already.

If Shi Dixuan ever found out about this… Yang Mu thought about his fate and shuddered violently. 

The blood and corpses that painted the sect in his previous life vividly flashed through his mind.

As a sweet fragrance began to permeate the air, Yang Mu touched his chin deep in thought: What’s there to stop him from striking first and preemptively killing Shi Dixuan?

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