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Chapter: 99

During dinner, Jiang Yunyun’s mood was much better. Although her eyes were still swollen, her face was showing signs of relaxation.

Wu Yuanyuan sat at the table, looking at her red and swollen eyes, a little strange: "What’s wrong with Yunyun?" After that, she looked at Guo Ming.

"I don’t know. I didn’t pick her up today. Godfather called and said he had picked her up, so I came back directly from the Medical Clinic."

When Father and Mother Wu heard Wu Yuanyuan’s question, they both looked at Jiang Yunyun. After all, this was Jiang Yunyun’s private matter, she should decide whether to say it out or not.

"Well, today… I wrote a love letter to a female classmate, and was invited by the teacher to meet the parent." Jiang Yunyun was a little embarrassed but still said it out at the dinner table.

Guo Ming didn’t understand what’s "writing a love letter" meant when she saw Wu Yuanyuan staring at Jiang Yunyun with wide eyes in surprise.

"After we came back, Father Wu educated me. He said that liking girl is not a perverted behavior, but in junior high school, you should focus on your studies. If you really like someone, you must plan for the future, and you can’t influence your classmates in the name of ‘love’. So I am going to apologize to my classmates tomorrow." Jiang Yunyun continued.

At this time, Guo Ming understood the meaning of "writing a love letter", but she didn’t expect that the child also liked girls, so she stared at Jiang Yunyun with wide eyes.

"The most important thing for me now is the high school entrance examination, so I have to do my best and not be distracted by these things." Jiang Yunyun said, and lowered her head again: "Besides, she doesn’t accept me. She told the teacher."

These few words were a bit pathetic. Mother Wu patted her head: "Don’t be sad, you are such a lovely girl, you will be able to find someone! She doesn’t like you because she has no vision, it’s not that you are bad! Be good, eat. When you’re full, study hard!"

Jiang Yunyun nodded obediently, but blinked at Wu Yuanyuan when no one noticed. Wu Yuanyuan suddenly understood. Where was there such a thing as "writing a love letter to a girl". This is simply Jiang Yunyun’s efforts to help her come out in the open!

Thinking of this, Wu Yuanyuan’s face suddenly turned pale. Looking at Father Wu and Mother Wu eating, she opened her mouth but hesitated for a long time.

"Yuanyuan, eat something." Guo Ming found out that something was wrong with her. She thought she was too surprised because of Jiang Yunyun’s affairs, so she helped her with the sweet and sour pork ribs she liked.

"Oh." Wu Yuanyuan raised her eyes to look at Guo Ming, and there was concern and love in those phoenix eyes. She couldn’t help but smile.

When I have someone like you, what can I ask for.

The fear in her heart seemed to be overcome just like that. Wu Yuanyuan thought that a teenage child, for the sake of helping her, performed such a big scene, and even made trouble with the teacher, it seemed that she couldn’t be cowardly.

What’s more, there was Guo Ming. So what if your parents don’t agree? Fight for your own happiness, even if the result is not satisfactory, it is better than saying nothing and just keep it secret.

Besides, it will definitely take time for parents to accept themselves like this. Who can guarantee that you will be blessed as soon as you come out in the open!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so what are you worrying about!

Thinking of this, Wu Yuanyuan suddenly felt a lot more relaxed. She lowered her head and began to eat seriously.

When everyone had almost eaten and was about to clean up the dishes, Wu Yuanyuan grabbed Mother Wu who was getting up to clean up, and said softly, "Dad, Mom, I have something to tell you."

Jiang Yunyun seemed to have guessed what she was going to do, and looked at her in surprise. And Guo Ming didn’t know what Wu Yuanyuan was going to say, and her face was blank.

"Dad, Mom. I guess Jiang Yunyun doesn’t like girls."

"Huh?" Wu’s father and Wu’s mother looked inexplicable.

"She did this because she wanted to help me find out how you’ll react."

"It’s me who likes girls."

As soon as Wu Yuanyuan said these words, the family was in a frenzy. Mother Wu’s tears flowed down suddenly, she covered her chest with her right hand, and sat on the chair gasping for breath.

Father Wu’s face was ashen, his teeth were clenched, and he didn’t make a sound, just sat there in a fixed manner.

Jiang Yunyun looked at Wu Yuanyuan with a smile, and then looked at Father and Mother Wu with a worried look.

Guo Ming, after hearing this, got up from the chair, walked to Father and Mother Wu, and knelt down heavily!

"Godfather, godmother. Yuanyuan was bewitched by me and decided to stay with me. If you two wants to blame, just blame me, don’t blame Yuanyuan."

"We know that this kind of relationship is unacceptable here, but we really love each other and nothing else. I hope you two would understand!"

Mother Wu’s face was covered with tears, and she looked at Wu Yuanyuan and Guo Ming: "You two, what are you doing!"

"Why do you like girls! The path you have chosen is too difficult to walk!" Tears fell down her cheeks as she spoke.

And Father Wu, after a while, said, "Ridiculous!" and got up and left.

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