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Chapter: 266

Perhaps he’d been put in a bad mood after saying those words from his own mouth,  the valley between his eyebrows deepened. Seeing him like that, Noah could barely hold back smiling, and in the end, she burst into laughter.

"You would never do that."

"Why are you so sure about that?"

Well, because Kyle was a human being who would jump from a spire rather than do something that prompted the decision whether it was immoral or moral. Cheating on a spouse was equivalent to something ‘moral’.

Noah, instead of giving him a long story, went around the desk to stand in front of him. Even while she was speaking sulky, Kyle turned his chair toward her when she came. His half-swept black hair was tangled in her fingers. Perhaps he liked the feeling of his hair between her fingers, Kyle’s eyes, which had emitted cold energy, became relaxed a little.

Noah opened her mouth, wondering if this was the time.

"There is something you’ve misunderstood. I didn’t mean it in a weird way."

"What are you talking about? Of course, it shouldn’t be."


The eyes Noah had thought were relaxed turned stern again. Kyle pointed out something as he tilted his head sharply.

"I just hate that you spoke that way. I understand enough that you resonate with a part of Adrian Rossinell’s past, but no matter how much I think about how it leads to the consequences of your life, I can’t understand…"

"Uh-huh. Now that I look back, you were the king of jealousy."

"Am I not allowed to be jealous?" asked Kyle.

"Well. If you find out what I am going to do from now on, your jealousy will be gone with the wind…"

"Noah, what I mean is—"

"Oh, I get it. From now on I won’t say such empty words. Please don’t glare at me like that."

If she were to leave like this, he would nag at her for an hour, so she just smiled and tapped his crossed arms. Kyle, even while making a suspicious expression, obediently uncrossed them. And soon he wrapped them around her waist.

She had naturally been swooped to his lap. This too was a recent habit he’d picked up.

"…so. Why did you say that? Noah, you won’t be able to eat dinner if you have a cookie now."

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While she buried her face in between his shoulder and neck, Kyle gently blocked her hand that tried to reach into a cookie box. Noah stared at it with pity. Queen of the Cookies. But it’s the limited edition hazelnut flavor sold only at the branch in the capital…

"If you’re not going to let me eat it, why did you bring it? Someone who doesn’t let sweets touch his lips."

"I brought it for Muell to eat. Don’t change the subject, Noah."

Kyle tickled the area between her earlobe and chin with his lips. Not stopping once, he continued to pester her. When she flinched at the pleasant goosebumps, his hand swept down her back as if soothing her.All the while not forgetting that he was waiting for a reply.

"Answer me. You really didn’t have a secret relationship with Adrian Rossinell, right?"

"I can guarantee you that whatever you’re thinking did not happ—Hey, don’t bite!"

It seemed that he was satisfied with that answer. After biting her earlobe, a wet sound that heated her five senses had penetrated her eardrum. In the end, she had to give him a cookie-cutter answer.

"As you know, I told you let’s go to Novischosa when the trial finishes. Then after that, we’ll return to Sorrent. Then we’ll say hello to the capital for a bit. Of course, I don’t really need to… no, I have no reason to be with another man, especially Adrian."

"…then that’s a relief."

Though he’d gotten the answer he wanted, Kyle didn’t seem to have any intention of letting Noah go. The feeling of him nibbling on her earlobe moved to her lips. If she let her guard down during a kiss, the contact gets deeper in an instant.

Just in case someone knocked on the door, Noah, on pins and needles, turned her head away from him.

"You know you have to wake up early tomorrow. Go back early and sleep," she said.

"Together?" Kyle grinned.

"No, separately."

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"How come? You said that we can sleep together whenever." His eyes had shifted down to the hem of her skirt before coming back up to her face. When their eyes met, Kyle noticed that Noah felt a little distant. He sighed, "I wish I could read everything that you’re thinking."

"Why so?"

"I think I said it once before, but you make it so obvious when you think about something else, Noah."

She had been trying to predict the scene of the presiding trial tomorrow. Surely she wouldn’t be able to get out of it if Kyle found out that she was thinking about Adrian again this time, so she said calmly, "It’s nothing special. I thought it may be a corruption of public morals. And this is your workplace."

She quickly kissed him, who was trying to say something with a suspicious look.

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