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Chapter: 108

Chapter 108

Belinda was mesmerized by the beauty of the man she hadn’t seen for a long time.

The midday rays fell over the man’s hair like an illusion. As she tilted her head slightly, the eyes that were seen through his long eyelashes were shining. 

That delicately-crafted man had been attacked mercilessly by a small sparrow.


In a voice full of anger, the sparrow stomped on the top of his head. The man only looked down and did not retaliate at all.


The sparrow yanked the man’s black hair with his tiny feet. The sparrow then shouted again as he messed up the man’s hair.  

"You bastard!"

Only then the man reacted after so long. 

"…..Aren’t you going overboard, Mazetto?"

"You bastard! You cowardly beast!"

Flapping his wings, Mazetto snatched a bundle of Aymon’s hair. He pulled it up and messed it up again.


Aymon couldn’t refute him. He had no choice but to accept the sparrow’s attack, making an expression as if he was some sort of notorious criminal.

In other words, it was a sense of resignation.

Anyway, he did commit a crime. So wasn’t Mazetto’s anger too justiable?

Because he knew his sins better than anyone else, the forest’s apex predator endured the attack from his prey. 

Mazetto almost fainted this morning. He woke up after sleeping comfortably in a soft nest made by secretly pulling out Aymon’s fur.  

‘The Shinsu who turned into an idiot has turned into an amazing human again!’

Aymon is back! 

He turned into a very dignified human whose eyes filled with intelligence.

He was a beast who dared to growl at Belinda just yesterday. A beast who pettily raised his guard using his fangs whenever she tried to touch him.

You’d surely regret it once you remember, you know! 

Anyway, he flew to the backyard today in hopes to secretly peck at Aymon’s tail again. 

But then he saw Aymon sitting against a tree with Belinda leaning on his chest.

For a brief moment, Mazetto wondered if this was a dream and slammed his body to the tree nearby. 

It hurt like hell. So it was a reality, after all.

So Mazetto flew frantically and cried out ‘Aymoooooon’, repeatedly calling out his name.

Belinda already prepared cookies for the hysterical Mazetto and moved it to the table so he could eat it. Soon enough, Mazetto, who returned to his senses, began to attack Aymon again, funneling his anger on his feet. 

"Stupid! Fool!"

You don’t even know how much Belinda cried!

He was a bird who had been watching her closer than anyone else as she lived in Aymon’s mansion, to be precise, the mansion which Aymon left and was occupied by Belinda alone. 

Then she waited for Aymon to regain his memory in desperation. Even after the cold moon began to vanish, Belinda couldn’t sleep and cried all night. He watched how she struggled to swallow her sadness. 

That’s why he attacked Aymon relentlessly. 

‘Aymon deserves to be scolded! Belinda forgave him easily, but I can’t do that!’

Mazetto flapped his wings and kept on attacking Aymon, until he was exhausted in the end. Lying on Belinda’s palm, he kept glaring at Aymon.

"Are you not mad anymore, Mazetto?"

Aymon asked very carefully and tried to pet Mazetto. 


The little bird pecked on the back of his hand mercilessly, so he had no choice but to withdraw his hand.

"Fool! Foolish Aymon!"

Mazetto’s pent up anger didn’t seem to dissipate easily. The one who used to rule over the Shinsu, and also the king of the forest, was looking anxiously at the small sparrow.

Belinda watched such a scene without missing anything and smiled while rubbing her stomach.

"Did you see that? Daddy is being scolded by a cute sparrow."

Both the timid Aymon or the angry Mazetto are very lovely.


It was time for the sun to disappear over the mountain, but the final spark of the sun was still as dazzling as ever. The radiant golden sunlight diminished over the window.



Two people barged in at dusk, panting heavily. Unable to keep their balance, one held the shelf and the other held the table for a support.

They were Lart and Lucy. The two rushed wildly after hearing from Mazetto that ‘Aymon is back’.

The great Emperor and his fiancee abandoned dignity or such and rushed here frantically. Lart’s shoes were covered with dirt and Lucy’s dress was wrinkled all over the place.

The two breathed heavily as they couldn’t regain their composure yet. Then they saw a man quietly give them a glass of water and screamed at the same time.



Aymon slightly narrowed his forehead, perhaps their scream had given him a headache. 

After calming down a bit, Lucy and Lart sat on the chairs with elegance. As if they were never making a fuss in the first place, they straighten their back and take a firm posture.  

Although they came running like crazy upon hearing Aymon had regained his memory, in reality they held the most dignified position in the empire. 

Lart was the Emperor, and Lucy was going to become the next empress. 

Outside the mansion, hidden in the bushes, there would have been guards who followed them. They probably watched over Lart and Lucy with a puzzled expression.  

Lucy took the cup Belinda gave her and put it slowly on her lips. She glanced at Aymon as if digging through him. 

There was a glint of resentment in Lucy’s calm gaze. 

At first, she came running with joy, but there’s no way she could bring herself to welcome Aymon who hurt the Princess. If she could, she wanted to give him a hell of a curse, but of course it was impossible.

Her stomach was boiling. All she could do was to stare at him with the most condescending gaze as much as possible. 

She swallowed the warm tea and looked at Aymon. She stretched out her hand at the cookie and looked at him again. 

Aymon calmly held out against Lucy’s gaze, but in the end, he picked up the tea to avoid her gaze. 

But it was Lart’s tea that Aymon drank. So Lart, who got his tea stolen, only blinks with a puzzled expression. But Aymon didn’t even bat an eye. 

"Excuse me, Aymon."


Lucy, who put down her tea cup, called him with a trembling voice. Instead of answering, he only looked up after putting down Lart’s teacup 

"I’m really….really sorry, Aymon. But can I ask you one thing?"

"Tell me."

When Aymon calmly gave permission, Lucy looked over Aymon’s head.

Chirp! Chirp! Mazetto had been pulling up Aymon’s hair without mercy. 

Mazetto stopped his attack when Belinda and Aymon returned to the mansion at dusk. However, the attack resumed as soon as Lart and Lucy appeared. 

Chirp, chirp!

Lucy, who was looking at Mazetto with envious eyes, mustered her courage.

"Aymon. Can I curse at you too just this once? I don’t think I can sleep well at this rate…."

Lucy pleaded with the most serious expression, though there was a great fear written all over her face, but she also wore a determined expression as if she could never back down. 

In fact, from the first time they met, she had a strong urge to swear at him and use violence. However, Lucy couldn’t do any of those, so all she could do was curse with her eyes and envied the small sparrow who could attack so freely.

How hard was it for the Princess? She cried so much watching the animal that lost his memory even though her body wasn’t her own now. If it went on like this, it felt like she would only live with only a beating heart.


Aymon’s calm eyes shook finely. Her sudden declaration of war took him by surprise. 

Meanwhile Mazetto continued to yank Aymon’s hair and attack him violently. 

Aymon contemplated for a while and finally nodded. It was a permission to do as she wanted.  

It was something that he normally wouldn’t even consider, but unfortunately, he was a sinner now. Didn’t he just erase his mate from his memory?

Even if a small bird pulled out his hair, or if he was cursed by a mere human, he had no choice but to keep his mouth shut.

The world greatest Shinsu was extremely generous to those who were angry at him. 

Lucy stood up and approached Aymon slowly. She clenched her skirt with a stiff face and whispered.

"You bastard."


"The worst bastard on earth." 

Unlike the first time when she murmured quite carefully, the second ‘bastard’ was quite intense. 

Rather, Lart was the one puzzled by Lucy’s low curse. Completely at a loss, he looked around in a cold sweat.

Oh my god! What did he just say to the Shinsu? Right after there’s finally peace between the Shinsu and humans!

If he had said ‘bastard’ to Aymon, he’d probably already be hanging on a tree half-dead. 

Lucy was totally unaware of the Emperor’s troubled mind, so she tried to open her mouth again with tears in her eyes. 

Aymon calmly stopped her.

"You said just once."

Lucy had already cursed twice.

Aymon immediately turned his head to the side where Belinda had been sitting and hugged her. He bowed to kiss her ear and whispered gently.

"You can laugh if you want."

A sweet suggestion whispered in Belinda’s ear. 

She had  been keeping her head down for a while. Her hand that held the handkerchief, and her small shoulders trembled to suppress laughter. 

Belinda eventually raised her head when Aymon, whose hair was pulled out by Mazetto, whispered to her that she could laugh if she wanted. Then she burst into laughter while burying her face in Aymon’s arms.

She felt terrible to laugh at this situation, so she managed to hold it in to some degree, but she couldn’t suppress the joy that tickled her from the inside. The best she could do was bury her face in Aymon’s chest to hide her laughter. 

Aymon calmly patted Belinda’s back as she was laughing while clenching his clothes. Mazetto was still sitting on top of his head and attacked Aymon as always. He did that in an imposing manner as if he was the one who ruled over the Shinsu.  

Chirp! The sparrow cried, Lucy throwing a glare at Aymon and Belinda laughed until she was out of breath. 

She occasionally rubbed her belly and laughed pleasantly. 

Ever since Aymon returned to her, everything she saw or heard had been very delightful. It felt like the pitch black reality had finally bloomed beautifully. 

Because she had Aymon.

Aymon is back. 

Now they were together. 

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