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Chapter: 2678

Pre match conflict

The latest website: Yan Ci was blushed by Lin Yi.

After all, she was outside, and her driving skills could only be performed in a place where no one was there.

In the crowd, she was still a shy girl.

"You're going to die, keep your voice low, and don't let people hear you." Yan Ci pinched Lin Yi, "Let's go first, we'll start recording later, don't waste time."

"Let's go."

The two walked into the studio side by side, looking around, they were all busy staff, and they basically used to run.

In the backstage of the No. 3 studio, all the contestants gathered here.

Sit for two people in the lounge area.

One of them is bald, his name is Wang Zhanwen, and he is wearing a long gray coat. You can tell from his appearance that he should be from Shaolin.

The remaining one was wearing a black hexagram shirt. His name was Li Qingshan. He sat on a chair with his eyes closed and rested. He looked like an expert outside the world.

In addition, there are more than a dozen people, gathered together, I don't know what they are waiting for.

It's just that the expressions of these people are not as calm as Wang Zhanwen and Li Qingshan.

Because tonight's international competition, there are a total of three places, and the two have already locked the participation places.

The remaining dozen or so people will have to vote by the audience to choose who can advance to the next match.

Soon, Zhou Jing came over, holding a folder in his hand, and stood in front of everyone.

Seeing Zhou Jing, more than a dozen people who were waiting to be confirmed, looked hesitant, and their faces were full of expectations.

"I don't know who was the last to advance."

"It's needless to say, it must be the monk named Miao Chungang."

Miao Chungang is Wang Zhanwen's younger brother, both of whom are from Shaolin.

Although Miao Chungang's strength is also very strong, he is a little worse than Wang Zhanwen, so he entered the waiting table.

And these undecided players also know that Miao Chungang is the strongest among these people.

"The last place is selected by voting, and it is not stronger than anyone, and it is not necessarily him."

"You are stupid as a TV station. They will definitely choose the strongest person to participate, so voting is a gimmick. The last place must be him."

"That's right. After all, it's an international competition. You must find a strong player, otherwise you'll be embarrassed."

Hearing the voices of the crowd, Miao Chungang was complacent, thinking that he had the chance to win.

"Everyone has been waiting for a long time, and the results have come out."

Zhou Jing spoke, the whispering voice subsided, and the dozen or so players who were waiting to be determined were all staring at her.

Zhou Jing looked at the folder in his hand and said:

"Through the votes of the audience outside the venue, the last person to advance is Lin Yi, thank you for your waiting, hard work."

With a shallow bow, Zhou Jing was ready to leave.

"Director, wait a minute!"

Someone stopped Zhou Jing, but did not let her go.

"Huh? Who is this person? Why have no impression at all?" said a small man.


There was a hint of embarrassment on Zhou Jing's face, but it was well covered up.

"He was in several games before, but you weren't there, so you didn't see him."

"It's unlikely." The little man said:

"I've been here for every game I've recorded before, and I have an impression of everyone, but I haven't heard of the person you're talking about."

"We're not impressed either."

Others also echoed, "I can almost name the people here, but the people you mentioned should not be here."

"He'll be here soon."

"What are you doing, no one is there?" the little man said:

"I think this is a shady arrangement that you arranged. You deliberately used this method to arrange for your own people to come in?"

Zhou Jing sighed a little after being told in one sentence, people nowadays are getting more and more difficult to fool.

"It's not what you think, he is recognized by the audience through his own strength." Zhou Jing said calmly.

"Don't fool people, this is shady!"




Led by the little man, others also shouted, and the backstage of the studio fell into chaos.

"If we can't give us an explanation for this matter, we will retire!"

"Yes, if you don't give us an explanation, you will retire!"

Zhou Jing's face turned cold. She had been in this circle for many years. Facing such a scene, she could be said to be calm in the face of danger.

"Since the show's inception, we have followed the rules. If you have any opinions on the arrangement of the show and want to retire, I can't help it."

For Zhou Jing, the people in front of him were useless.

After all, the contestants have already been selected, and it doesn't matter if they participate or not.

Seeing Zhou Jing say this, the contestants were stunned.

They thought that they could force Zhou Jing in this way, but they didn't expect that she would not buy it.

"You are doing this too much, is there any fairness at all!"

The person who spoke was Miao Chungang, there was no expression on his face, it was obvious that he was forcibly suppressing his anger.

Among these undecided people, his strength is the strongest.

However, during the rematch, he had bad luck and met Li Qingshan, the ambassador of Wing Chun, so he entered the pending group.

But even so, he is confident in himself and thinks he can be resurrected off the court.

Because his strength is obvious to all, and the program team is not a fool, he will naturally let himself go to the competition.

But I didn't expect that there was a shady scene in this link!

This made him unacceptable.

"This is a fair and equitable result. It is impossible for me to joke about the honor of the country in such an important game."

"Ha ha…"

Miao Chungang sneered, "You people are all profit-seeking, as long as you have money, you won't take the honor of the country in your eyes!"

"I don't want to talk nonsense with you!"

Zhou Jing was also angry, "If you have any opinions on the arrangement of the show, you can leave now."

"Director Zhou, if you say that, then I'm leaving too."

The person who spoke was Miao Chungang's senior brother Wang Zhanwen.

As a member of the competition, UU reading his identity is different from others.

"What do you mean?"

"I also think that your arrangement is unreasonable, and it is not open and transparent at all. It is worth noting that you do not participate in such competitions."

Wang Zhanwen's words are not polite at all, and he also has his own confidence.

Because he is a member of the main competition, Zhou Jing dare not let himself go, after all, the trailer has been released.

If you go, no one will be in the game.

And this is what Zhou Jing did not expect.

If Wang Zhanwen is gone, there will be no way for the match to take place.

"You are the chosen contestant, isn't it too much to say you want to leave now!" Zhou Jing said with a cold face.

(End of this chapter)

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