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Chapter: 2783

limit operation

"We are professional, no doubt about that."

Feng Guangyu said:

"And what I told you just now is only the cost of the drug itself. In addition to this, there is also the cost of research and development, because it is impossible for a drug to come out of thin air. I estimate that the cost of research and development will be a lot of money, not to mention the efficacy of the drug. , selling 3.5 million pieces, it is definitely not expensive, and it is indeed worth the price."

The three of them are really stupid.

I thought the cost of medicines might not even cost ten dollars!

I didn't expect it to exceed 2 million!

At the same time, in Shanshan's live broadcast room, the audience also exploded.

"What did that person think? Only 3.5 million for something with such a high cost?"

"Although I can't afford it, I don't think the price is expensive at all."

"I don't think this person is a liar, he seems to be a serious drug dealer."

"This time, Shanshan has been beaten in the face. They are really powerful."

Seeing the messages in the live broadcast room, the faces of the three of Shanshan were ugly.

It cost tens of millions before and after, and even some of it was borrowed!

If there is no problem with the medicine, you will lose everything!

"Excuse me, the three of you, is there anything unclear about the test results?"

"No, no more..."

The test results are already in front of them, and they are still authoritative organizations, so they have no room to question.

"Then I'll go first, a few of you please."

Because it is a public place, Feng Guangyu has no need to keep them.

"it is good……"

The three got up and left the conference room, their faces were not very good-looking.

On the contrary, in the live broadcast room, it was extremely lively.

"I didn't expect that Shanshan's anti-counterfeiting would have a day when the car overturned, and it was the most easily overturned medicine."

"It's really strange that there are stalls on the street selling real medicine."

"Really large rollover scene."

Seeing those gloating people in the live broadcast room, Shanshan's expression was ugly to death.

But when I am doing live broadcasts, I can't get angry at this time.

All he could do was put the fire in his stomach and hold on tight.

"What should I do now? Why have I invested so much money? If the medicine is no problem, all the money will be wasted." Another female anchor said.

"Let's go back first, Ma Zhe has a lot of ideas, let's see what he can do."

At this time, Shanshan didn't want to care about the live broadcast anymore.

I put all my money down on myself.

If it can't be recovered, it will be a complete failure!

When the debtor comes to you, you don't have to mess around online.

"Let's go, go back to find Ma Zhe first." Pan Licai said.

At this time, he had nothing to do, and pinned all his hopes on Ma Zhe.

Soon, the three of them drove back to Gubei No. 1 and found Ma Zhe sitting on the side of the road, smoking a cigarette.

Lin Yi still set up a stall there to sell medicine.

Seeing Lin Yi again, the three of them lost their joyful expressions.

And they also knew why Lin Yi dared to be so rigid.

Because other people's medicine, there is really no problem!

Seeing the car coming, Ma Zhe threw down the cigarette butt, opened the door and got into the car.

"Well, the report is out now."

"Something happened." Pan Licai said:

"There is no problem with the medicine he sells, not counting the research and development costs. The cost of the medicine itself is as high as 2 million, and it is reasonable to sell it for 3.5 million."

"Lying on the grass!" Ma Zhe was taken aback, "The cost of 2 million? Is this person crazy?"

"This is not what we are discussing now." Shanshan said:

"His medicine is no problem, we can't ask for three for one fake, all the money will be wasted."


This time, Ma Zhe was also silent.

In order to cheat him, I invested more than 10 million yuan. If something goes wrong, not only will the family go bankrupt, but even the company will go out of business.

"Don't panic, things are not as bad as you think."

Hearing Ma Zhe's words, the three of them rekindled hope.

"Do you have any other way?"

"It is not the drug itself that determines whether the drug is true or false."


Ma Zhe's words confused the three of them, and they didn't understand what he meant.

"The cost of medicines is really high. What if it doesn't work? What if there are strong side effects? What if you eat it and you will die?" Ma Zhe said:

"You must know that the development of drugs is not just as simple as stacking materials. It must go through clinical trials. This is not something that one person can play around with. Therefore, his drugs are still problematic!"

Shanshan's eyes lit up, "I know what you're going to say! He doesn't have the relevant procedures and qualifications!"

"Yes, without reasonable and legal procedures, no matter how much the cost of the drug is, the fact of counterfeit drugs cannot be changed!"

"How could I forget this!"

Pan Licai slapped his thigh, "The crux of the problem is here. Whether it's true or false is not determined by cost. It has to be proven through clinical experiments!"

Ma Zhe nodded, "Shanshan, I remember you asked about the procedures yesterday. What did he say?"

"He prevaricates me and says that someone can send it over and make me wait, but it's obviously a lie."

"Look, doesn't this catch him, it's undoubtedly fake medicine!" Ma Zhe said.

"Then what are you waiting for, go find him now!"

"Don't go now, otherwise it will be boring." Ma Zhe said with a wicked smile.

"What the **** did you come up with?" Shanshan asked.

"Let's call the police now and dig his home! Let him have no room to resist!"

"Lying Cao~~ This method is absolutely perfect!" Pan Licai said:

"You still have a lot of ideas, and we can't compare with you."

"It's all trivial." Ma Zhe said:

"I'll call the police now."

After speaking, Ma Zhe took out his mobile phone and called the police.

"It's done, let's wait now. When the police arrive, the good show will be staged."

At this time, the expressions of several people became proud and arrogant again, which was completely opposite to just now.

Shanshan took out her mobile phone again, pointed at Lin Yi in the distance, and said to the people in the live broadcast room:

"This person is very smart. He bought a lot of precious medicinal materials to make fake medicines, hoping to confuse the public and deceive our eyes, but I have been fake for so many years, this little trick can't deceive me, because Without formal qualifications, no matter how much his medicines cost, they are all fake medicines!"

After a pause, Shanshan continued:

"We have already called the police. When the police arrive, we will be able to deal with him. Everyone, please wait and watch the show!"

After hearing this, the live broadcast room boiled again, and the number of people rose.

"Digging grass, Shanshan is still ruthless! After this wave of operations, even if the old gentleman comes, he can't stop it."

"It's not that I'm ruthless, but such a person cannot be tolerated!"

"That's right. You must give him some color. People who sell fake medicines are really hateful."

Seeing that the wind in the live broadcast room turned to her side again, Shanshan was confident!

Although there were a few twists and turns, the result was still good!

After about twenty minutes, Ma Zhe said:

"The police are here, and the fun is about to begin."

(End of this chapter)

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