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Chapter: 2792

The legendary endurance training


The people in the base looked surprised, thinking that they had heard it wrong.

"What did you say? You want to swim over?"

"Yes, so don't worry, it will be almost two hours late."

After speaking, Lin Yi turned off the communication, and everyone looked at Guo Cheng, feeling incredible, even unbelievable.

Because they usually train, at most about five kilometers!

And they actually have to swim 0 kilometers!

Simply unheard of!

Guo Cheng shrugged and said with a smile, "Now you know how rough they are."

"But the problem is, they're in the open ocean, and there are sharks."

Guo Cheng thought about it and felt that something was not quite right.

They don't know much about this sea area, and if something really happens, they can't take the responsibility.

"Keep in touch at any time, and I will send two people to meet them later."

Everyone nodded, it was safer.

Although I know that these people are all from Dameng, but endurance training, swimming 0 nautical miles, this is not a human thing at all!

"Boss, I want to go over and have a look." Xiao Gao volunteered.

"Also, find someone to watch the meeting for you, and you can go over and respond." Guo Cheng said: "Bring some guys with you. If something goes wrong, you can respond as soon as possible."


Afterwards, Gao Lu called three more people, brought the guy, took the speedboat, and rushed towards the area where Lin Yi was.

"Brother Gao, do you think these people can really swim 0 kilometers? This is too mysterious, and even movies don't dare to act like this." Miao Jiaqiu, a fellow comrade in arms, said.

"It is estimated that the boss also thinks so, so let us pick it up."

"But when I responded before, there didn't seem to be so many things. What happened this time?"

"The boss said that this time, it was a big man who came here, maybe to show his uniqueness and want to show it off in front of us, so he came here."

"Haha... If it's really that bad, don't let us pick it up, it's not shameful enough." Miao Jiaqiu said reluctantly.

"There's no way, their rank is higher than ours, so we have to cooperate."

"Then let him embarrass himself, it has nothing to do with us."

About ten minutes later, Miao Jiaqiu pointed to the black dot in front and said:

"Come on, that looks like their helicopter."

Several people looked at the situation, and Gao Lu said:

"Why don't you stop?"

"Maybe he can't swim." Miao Jiaqiu said:

"It doesn't seem to have traveled very far, and it seems to be quite ordinary."

Gao Lu looked back and said, "It's almost 15 kilometers from the base to here, that is to say, they stopped after only five kilometers."

"That's why it's just normal." Miao Jiaqiu said:

"Fortunately, the boss asked us to pick them up, otherwise they would have to go back by helicopter, and they wouldn't be able to see this interesting scene."

"Now that you know what's going on, don't fall for it later." Gao Lu said:

"After all, their rank is higher than ours, so be polite at that time, don't let them be ashamed, in case we make a small report, we will have to practice more when we go back."

"Understood, we are just watching the excitement, and we will not fall into the trap."

Gao Lu nodded, then increased his speed and rushed towards Lin Yi's position.

Not far from the helicopter, Gao Lu saw that seven people were parked in the water and had no intention of continuing to swim. "

"Why are you here?" Lin Yi said while sitting in the helicopter.

From the sea, only a dozen meters away, under the noise of the propeller, you can only hear it through a loudspeaker.

"Our boss, let's come and have a look. If necessary, I'll take you back."

"Thank you, no need to help." Lin Yi said.

"Then let them go up and let's go back together."


Lin Yi paused, "We're training, we won't go back."


Gao Lu and the others looked at each other, not understanding what Lin Yi meant.

"When I swam over just now, I found two sharks nearby, and I was going to kill them before continuing to swim back."

"Huh? Kill the shark?"

Gao Lu and the others were blinded.

Never seen such an operation.

"Brother Gao, do you look in the direction of eight o'clock?"

After being reminded by Miao Jiaqiu, Gao Lu looked over, and sure enough, he saw splashes on the water.

There is no doubt that a big guy is coming!

At least they have to be four or five meters long!

And not just one!

"Come on, come on, get ready." Lin Yi sat in the helicopter, "Hurry up and kill them, and invite everyone to eat something good at night."

When the target came, a group of people were ready to fight, and they were even a little eager to try.

Gao Lu and the others were stunned, they were so frightened that they didn't even dare to breathe!

"Beyond, get ready!"

Sui Qiang gave a drink.


Sui Qiang plunged into the water, and under the blue water, he swam to Zhang Chaoyue's body, supported his feet with both hands, and slammed it up!


Under the action of huge force, Zhang Chaoyue jumped out of the water and plunged diagonally forward, aiming at the fins of the shark!

"The Age of Rebirth"

With a sharp dagger, UU reading cut off the fins in unison, and the flexibility was seriously affected!

But its threat has not disappeared!

He charged towards Sui Qiang who was in front, and opened his **** mouth!

Sui Qiang, who is tall and big, stepped on the water, suspended in place and didn't move!

When the shark rushed over, he raised his hands and grabbed its upper and lower jaws accurately!

Oh my God!

Gao Lu's hair exploded, causing goosebumps all over his body.

This is the first time he has seen such an operation!


Sui Qiang roared, Zhang Chaoyue and Zhao Yunhu rushed over immediately!

The dagger pierced into the abdomen, bright red blood flowing in the blue sea water.

The struggling shark soon lost his strength and died under the swords of Zhang Chaoyue and Zhao Yunhu!

On the other side, because there is no powerful meat shield like Sui Qiang, the methods they use are more flexible.

Shao Jianfeng and the three women lurked underwater, and when the shark swam over, he raised the dagger by taking chestnuts out of the fire!

The rapid flow of water washed everyone's cheeks.

That behemoth is getting closer and closer!

The four were treading water, and when the sharks swam, Shao Jianfeng was in charge of attracting them, and the three women were hiding around!

While it was swimming by his side, he stabbed straight in!

Cut it open!

Although the viewing is a little worse, the danger will be much lower.

In just ten minutes, the two sharks were all killed by a group of people.

And the four people on the high road on the speedboat were all numb.

I have seen Meng, but I have never seen such a Meng.

In the sea, two sharks were killed!

Even the first drop of blood, I dare not shoot like this! (To be continued)

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