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Chapter: 33

He couldn’t figure out what Zen had said to the young noble girl.

"Did Zen talk about me?"

Ivan blinked at the noble girl’s words.

At Ivan’s question, Jen explained hastily.

"Well, that’s… when I came out of the cave and ran away, and I was almost run over by a carriage! It looks like a noble carriage… I explained the situation and asked for help… But the young lady… ignored me and tried to pass by… when I told her that there was a handsome kid. I managed to get help…."

Ivan went blank for a moment.

So, in summary, Zen lied to the noble lady he met by chance?

‘Where did you put the card I gave you?’

With that, the soldiers would have noticed the situation at once and contacted the Imperial family.

‘I hope you didn’t lose it while you were running away.’

As Zen explained, the girl blushed and excused herself.

"Hey! You have to speak properly! If you do this, it makes me look like a weird person!"

"I’m sorry."

"I was just on my way to buy a friend, but he was begging so I turned the carriage around to help you! I must be paid for it!"

To buy a friend. It was a logic that Ivan couldn’t understand.

"Oh my! I heard that there’s a big boy coming out today!"

"Miss. No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think you can be friends with a slave…."

"Shut up, Demarlo, when did I ask for your opinion? If you’re not going to my friend, just be quiet."

Demarlo looked away unnaturally and shut his mouth.

The noble girl kicked him in the shin, perhaps angry at Demarlo’s behavior.

For Demarlo, a first-class mercenary, the child’s kick was like a wind, but he pretended to be hurt for no reason.

"Ouch. Violence is a bad thing. Miss, that’s why you don’t have any friends."


"What? This…! Ha… Never mind. Demarlo, don’t interfere."

The girl turned her head and looked at Ivan.

"You! Anyway, that’s what happened. So, be my friend. You’re good enough for me, I’ll give you as much money as you want!"

Ivan wondered what to say to the confident girl.

What am I supposed to say?

She can’t buy "Friends" with money? Or is it the fact that I am from the royal family and cannot be bought or sold?

Ivan’s worries grew long.

As Ivan’s troubled face, Zen wiggled his hands, feeling sorry.

At that moment, what Ivan had given him came into Zen’s mind.

"Oh, yes! I’ll give you this! I forgot to use it. I’m sorry."

"It’s all right. You brought the soldiers safely."


The sharp voice interrupted the conversation between Zen and Ivan.

The girl looked at the golden card that Zen gave Ivan with a startled face.

The same was true of Demarlo, who stood with a surprised face beside the girl.

"That’s …"

"Oh my God! It’s a royal pattern. I’m sure only the immediate royal family can use that…."

Demarlo explained the identity of the golden object in a startled voice.

There was a moment of silence.

Demarlo, who first came to his senses, saluted with courtesy.

"I see your highness the prince."

Starting with Demarlo, everyone around him bowed their heads.

"I see your highness!"

Ivan, whose identity was revealed at an unexpected moment, sighed and said,

"Raise your heads, everyone."


One by one, they looked up at Ivan’s words except for the girl with braided pigtails.

The girl had no choice but to be nervous. Her Father’s voice warning her kept ringing in her ears.

‘Know your subject and act accordingly. Always be careful not to ruin your family’s reputation with your arrogant behavior.’

The girl closed her eyes tightly, recalling what she had just done.

It was clear that if this went into her father’s ear, she would be punished and be imprisoned in a solitary cell.

"Young lady, you may raise your head. The lady is my savior."

"But. I’m sorry!" 

"…it’s alright." 

At Ivan’s soft voice the girl raised her head gently.

He had a gentle smile.

When she saw that smile, the girl’s tension melted away.

"I’d like to return your favor, lady. May I know your family name?"

But when asked about her family, the girl froze again.

"Well, … That’s… "

The girl couldn’t say her last name easily.

Know your subject and act accordingly.

How dare you get involved with the prince without your father’s permission?

Even if the prince forgave her rudeness, getting involved with the prince is still a problem. 

"Your Highness!"

As the girl hesitated, someone called Ivan.

"Your Highness! You’re all right!"


The owner of the voice was Riot Torrence, the first captain of the Imperial Guard.

As soon as Ivan was revealed to be a prince, someone reported it to the guard using a communication port.

The royal family immediately identified the coordinates and could reach Ivan’s place.

Ivan opened his eyes wide and approached Riot.

"Forgive me, my lord, this unfaithful Riot Torrence! Your Highness, I can’t believe you went through such a rough time.!"

"Sir Riot. I know better than anyone else that it is not your fault. It’s all my fault that I was overconfident with my ability."

"Your highness!"

Evan raised Riot and found familiar faces standing behind him.

It was his nanny and family.

When they heard that Prince Ivan was found, the royal family delayed their work and came all the way here.

Ivan was surrounded by people and shared the joy of reunion.

Ivan realized later that the gaze which he regarded as a shackle was a shield to protect him that he was foolish not to know the value of this excessive affection.

‘Wait, I don’t even know her name yet.’

Ivan struggled to get out of his family’s arms to find the girl.

Then he made quick eye contact with the girl, who was secretly getting into the carriage and getting ready to run away.


"Oh, no! I’m screwed. Let’s go! Hurry up!"

"Yes. Yes. I’m leaving right now."

The carriage carrying the girl disappeared quickly without a break.

"Prince, do you want me to hold the carriage?" asked the Queen quietly, following Ivan’s gaze.

"…no, it’s all right."

The girl’s careful behavior, her carriages with no pattern and the mercenaries she hired. It was clear that the noble lady was traveling in secret.

It is said that it is fashionable among young aristocrats to hide their identity and wander around.

And Ivan was confident of finding the girl.

From the girl’s accent and the way she treated the imperial family, it was clear that the girl was a nobleman of the Huizeniac Empire.

‘I must return the favor I have received.’

Until then, Ivan was convinced that he could find the girl at any time if she was in Huizeniac.

But more than ten years had past, Ivan could not even find her hair, let alone her identity.



Ivan, who was immersed in his thoughts, said a man’s name.


Yeah. I’ve forgotten that name.

He just needs to ask the mercenary, and everything will be certain.

What is the name of the girl who saved him that day?

If he’s a first-rate mercenary, it won’t be too difficult to find him. 

A natural smile came to Ivan’s mouth.

"Hmm? Who is that?"

Suddenly the emperor asked a question, puzzled by the name that came out of his brother’s mouth.

Ivan chuckled and shook his head.

"It’s nothing,"

"Hmm. Really?"

I don’t think it’s ‘nothing’.

The emperor was curious about the name "Demarlo," which came out of Ivan’s mouth, but he gave up neatly.

The name came out at this time, so it must have something to do with what happened then.

The emperor didn’t want to pry back memories of that time.

It was a painful memory for both the imperial family and the emperor.

‘Well, if he needs my help, he’ll tell me. I’ll leave it to him for now.’

Ivan had the power to decide everything related to the pursuit of the green branch.

The emperor didn’t want to meddle in his brother’s rights.

"By the way, it’s certainly strange."


Ivan’s face had lost its smile.

He said, nodding his head stiffly.

"They have been quiet since you were rescued. However, recently they started to be active again."

"Yes, too much in line with the appearance of the saint. In addition, the reason why they gather children together to collect life force is questionable."

The emperor rubbed his forehead. 

"But since the frequency of their appearance has increased again, even a tiny trace can be found."

"I wish I could,"

Ivan, who had said what he had to say, got up.

"Are you planning to go back to the principality?"

"Yes. I have a lot of work to do. Oh, and I have a favor to ask you, Your Majesty."


"Huh? To me?"

The emperor looked at his brother, hiding his excitement.

Ivan took a bundle of papers out of his arms, as if he had already become accustomed to the emperor’s sparkling eyes.


"It’s a book of smuggling and tax evasion by a high-ranking noble family."

Smuggling and tax evasion by aristocrats. It was something the empire strictly controlled and monitored.

The emperor’s face froze for a moment.

"Let me check it out."

"Well, then, please." 

Ivan bowed his head to Theo, and left the castle.

The emperor, who was left alone in the office after Ivan left, smirked and laughed.

"How long has it been since I heard him ask a favor?"

Ivan had a strong sense of responsibility and was a person who had to do his job.

That’s what he was by nature. Therefore, there were only a few cases where Ivan asked others a favor, he could count them with one hand.

I can’t help but listen,

Theo checked the papers that his brother gave him with a pleased look.

"Well, the owner of the ledgers is Sorne."

Theo knew that his brother was protecting Adelia and that Marquis Sorne hated her daughter so much that he told him that she was dead.

It was so clear who he was trying to protect from the Marquis’ gaze.

If Marquis Sorne’s secret ledger goes into the emperor, the corresponding investigation will be initiated, and the Marquis, who is investigated by the emperor’s direct organization, will not have time to think about anything else.

For example, the whereabouts and location of his daughter who he announced dead but actually alive would be out of interest.

"Well, that’s a good thing."

It wasn’t a very pleasant match, but Ivan is not a man who he can stop.

Well, even if you don’t like him, I can’t let this slide. 

The emperor immediately summoned the prime minister.

"Zile Frost, Greetings to the Lord of the Empire."

"There’s something you need to do for me."

"Tell me,"

The emperor’s eyes curved smoothly.

For a moment, goosebumps appeared on Zile’s arm.

That smile only came out when he was up to something evil.

"Now, let’s look into the trade details and total profits of a family. I’m afraid I can see something strange."

"Yes. I see."

"This is something important. If you find any solid evidence of a crime, deal with it immediately and don’t bother me. 


"If you think it’s enough, turn it over to the Imperial Court."

Zile’s prediction was absolutely right.

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