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Chapter: 36

A stone statue holding a Holy Sword in his right hand, a balance scale in his left hand, and a watch of fate hanging around his neck.

It was a statue modeled after Vishna, the goddess.

Eustaf was praying in a reverent manner, kneeling before Vishna.

Then a faint cry of birds came from a distance.


"This sound is…!"

Eustaf immediately rose and opened the window of the chapel.

The sight of a bird flying in from afar with a swarm of white light came into his sight.

Soon a bird flew before Eustaf’s eyes.

"The Saint sent you,"


The bird cried briefly, as if it were affirming.

Eustaf was handed the bag that the bird was carrying.

There was a bundle of parchment in the bag.

"You delivered it faster than I thought."

There was not much parchment.

Considering the thickness of the Bible, it was far from enough.

Adelia said that she needs enough time to review and send it slowly.

Nevertheless, Adelia sending the incomplete version urgently meant that she had something to tell him.

Eustaf hurriedly checked the contents of the parchment.


She sent me the second disaster.

Well, the first disaster is over, so she doesn’t have to interpret it and send it to me.

Suddenly, Eustaf imagined Adelia interpreting the second disaster.

If I had shown you the Bible in advance, if I had recognized you a little earlier, Rohen would not have perished. 

I could have relieved your sadness a little.

With deep remorse and guilt, Eustaf closed his eyes for a moment and swallowed a sigh.

But he couldn’t stay in that mood for a long time.

He had to check what the saint was trying to tell him.

That’s probably what she wants.

I can’t put the spilled water back in, so I’ll be careful not to spill it from now on.

Eustaf’s eyes shone with determination.

He read Adelia’s handwritten interpretation with a reverent look.

Soon a deep bewilderment rose over his face.


The time of the second disaster has been moved forward by a month.

The second disaster that was originally interpreted was four months later.

But it was misinterpreted.

The exact disaster will come three months later.

A month may seem small, but it was a tight time for large-scale mobilization and movement.

"We must call a meeting at once."

Eustaf left the chapel with a stiff look on his face.

There was no way he wanted to repeat the tragedy in Rohen.


The Kingdom of Sadin was bordered by the southern part of the Huizeniac Empire.

Blessed by the goddess Vishna, the Kingdom of Sadin was able to rise to the ranks of great powers based on a vast granary.

Because of this foundation, the Sadin kingdom had a strong influence of Vishna compared to other countries.

To be exact, it was largely influenced by believers who supported the goddess, Vishna.

There was a great Vishna temple right next to the palace.

The man in charge there was Bishop Berg.

Berg Jihen.

He was the second son of the Marquis of Jihen, who belonged to the palace of Sadin, and thanks to his considerable divinity and family wealth, he reached the position of bishop at the young age of 27.

Vishna cult was ostensibly distanced from politics, but behind the curtain it has a considerable influence on all kinds of political issues.

The Kingdom of Sadin was more serious than other countries because of its strong religious characteristics.

For this reason, Bishop Berg was practically second in power to the king.

He became a priest after being pushed out of the battle for succession, but he became more powerful than his brother.

"Bishop, I have received a message from the Holy Land."

With his long blue hair freely hanging down, the man, who was holding a pipe leisurely, turned his head and stared at him.

"Really? It’s a message from the Holy Land, so I can’t ignore it. Give it to me."

The priest handed the letter to Bishop Berg with utmost courtesy.

Berg confirmed the sender and laughed.

"Haha. Our young cardinal is working hard."


Berg was in a rather special position. With the full support of the Kingdom of Sadin, he formed his own power.

However, it did not mean that he did not belong to any existing forces at all.

He belonged in a faction opposite to Eustaf.

Moreover, Berg and Eustaf were similar in age, and the two were always compared in the Holy Land.

Of course, Eustaf always took the lead.

Berg opened the letter, feeling his spirits plummeting from the morning.

"Well, it’s a convocation order."

"A convocation order at this time of year. That’s strange. It hasn’t been long since the oracle meeting was over."

"Well, he must be up to something. This is so… annoying. I can’t even refuse it, as he is under the pope."

Berg crumpled the letter and threw it into the fireplace.

The paper containing Eustaf’s divine power burned in an instant.

Why did he order a convocation?

There are many problems in the Holy Land now, but the biggest issue was the disaster.

"Did a new oracle come down?"

No. If that was the case, I should have had a dream

Priests who are strong enough to become bishops have a specific dream whenever an oracle comes down.

In the case of Berg, he dreams of the holy stone shining, located in the center of the Holy Land.

"Hmm. Is it still a matter of factional strife?"

The conflict between the two powers had deepened due to the absence of the Pope.

Eustaf is a faithful man who doesn’t look at power or pleasure. 

‘That’s it, Tsk. You still think you can unite the factions as one.’

Berg clicked his tongue and commanded his aide.

"Ale, get ready. I’m going to the Holy Land."

"Yes. I’ll get ready right away."

Ale bowed his head quickly and left the room, not to offend Berg, who looked uncomfortable.


Adelia stood in front of the Grand Duke’s office with a little nervousness.

"Come on in," said Ivan. 

Adelia was a little confused, but soon regained her composure and entered the office.

"Excuse me,"

"Sit comfortably,"

Adelia sat in the chair right in front of Ivan.

As she sat down, Ivan asked Adelia a question in a calm voice.

"Is everything okay with you?"

Adelia tried to tell him right away that she didn’t.

No, she should have.

Unfortunately, however, at that moment several faces flashed through her mind.

Ivan quickly noticed Adelia’s hesitation.

"There’s something. I told you before, I don’t like lies. I want you to be honest."

Ivan urged Adelia with a gentle smile.

Adelia sighed and explained the meaning of her hesitation.

"You seem to have misunderstood me."


"I hesitated for a moment… It was because the hospitality I received was too much."

What do you mean by too much hospitality?

Ivan frowned because he couldn’t understand Adelia’s words.

Adelia sighed at the eyes of the Grand Duke asking for a more detailed explanation, and lifted the teacup in front of her.

She drank the tea at once.

Ivan’s eyes grew stiff.

Are you being treated unfairly by the servants? Why is she hesitating to say it? 

I must call Liam.

Ivan was silently thinking of scolding the servants.

Even though Adelia’s identity was still unclear, she is his guest.

If the servants showed rudeness to her, they should be punished by their Master.

Adelia, seeing Ivan’s frowning forehead, sighed inwardly.


Well, if I don’t tell him here, I’m afraid it’s going to turn into a big deal.

Yes, let’s talk.

They won’t be punished for taking good care of me.

Fortunately, before Ivan’s thoughts deepened, Adelia spoke.

"That’s exactly what I meant. Some of the employees really… They serve me with all their heart."

"What’s the problem with that?" asked Ivan.

Adelia sighed deeply and said, "The problem is that it’s too much."

She told the duke everything that had happened.

Ivan’s expression grew stiff as he listened to Adelia’s explanation silently.

Lensley, you light-mouthed fellow. 

Ivan pointed to his forehead with a troubled look.

"Your highness?"

"Yes, I’ll talk to them…."

The Grand Duke’s voice sounded grim.

Adelia felt both anxious and curious.

Somehow, he seemed to know the reason for what happened.

"Do you happen to know why they behave like that?"


Ivan could not immediately answer Adelia’s question.

Of course, the answer to her question was yes.

But there was no clear evidence yet that she was the girl at the time.

He asked her about that day before, but she didn’t seem to remember it at all.

Or maybe she still wants to hide her identity as an extension of that time.

Anyway, he still had to hide the existence of those she had saved that day.

She doesn’t remember it, but it was clear that she would be flustered if he said, ‘These are the ones you saved.’

"I don’t know,"

"…I see,"

Adelia looked at Ivan with her eyes narrowed.

She didn’t seem to believe him very much.

"I’ll tell them to be careful so you won’t feel uncomfortable in the future."

What. Should I be satisfied with this?

Adelia nodded in silence.

"By the way, I called you today because I had something to discuss with you about the title."


The word caught Adelia’s eye.

The time has finally come to receive her title.

"I have to be as quiet as I can, so I’m going to do the ceremony in a casual manner. When do you think would be a good time?"


"The sooner, the better."

"Well, let’s proceed tomorrow."

Tomorrow. It’s a much faster schedule than she thought.

Adelia, who had been confused for a moment, smiled at once satisfied.

"I see, and I have a favor to ask of you."

"What is it?"

"Will you attend the masquerade with me?"

For a moment, the pupil of the Grand Duke shook like a spinning top that lost its balance.

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