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Chapter: 37

"Your highness. We’re ready for the ceremony."

Ivan took his eyes off the papers and said, 

"Yes, I understand. The ceremony will be held after dinner as scheduled."

Liam smiled and then posted a report on another matter.

"The children were called in separately and kept a close watch. It’ll probably be quiet for a while."

The "children" Liam mentioned were those who were kidnapped with Ivan in the past and escaped alive.

Ivan took care of the children after escaping safely.

Children with parents were safely returned to their homes and given monthly living expenses, and children without parents were sent to the Imperial Nursery School to protect them until they became adults.


Ivan, who did not pay much attention to others, became attached to them after enduring together in hell for such a short time.

When he took Hamilton’s name and became the Grand Duke, he gladly took in those grown-up children who had expressed their desire to join the Grand Duke’s family.

"Well, good job,"

"I just did my job. Rather, I should have noticed and restrained them before you spoke, but I’m sorry I couldn’t."

Liam bowed his head with a heartfelt look of shame.

"Oh, and I’ve ordered some clothes for the ball in the dressing-room."

Ivan’s fingers flinched for a moment, he sighed inwardly and nodded.

"Did you also order Adelia’s?"

"Of course. Earlier, the dresser came and measured her."

"…okay. I understand."

"But it’s a masquerade, so I’ll have to make a mask separately."

Liam called some skilled craftsmen.

Come to think of it, Your Highness has not attended any masquerade since he became an adult.

It’s all because of his handsome appearance.

Liam felt truly sorry for him.

Masquerade ball

Literally, it was a party where people enjoyed socializing while wearing masks.

The ball, attended by hiding their identity, became a place of pleasure for the energetic young aristocrats.

But even if they wore a mask everyone still knows who is who.

There was a time when Ivan followed his brother and went to masquerade ball as a child.

He developed better than his peers and had a strong body even though he was not yet an adult.

The body, strengthened by swordsmanship, was not even compared to other nobles who usually sat at their desks.

And the arrogant and languid atmosphere peculiar to the imperial family made him more attractive.

He became the main character of all the banquets Ivan participated in.


Furthermore, due to the nature of the masquerade, he attracted the sticky gaze of the opposite sex.

He’s so sick and tired of it.

Theo was always worried about his brother, who showed no interest in the opposite sex.

That’s why when he attends a ball he drags his younger brother every time, but it backfired.

It’s been a long time, anyway,

Liam smiled happily as he looked back on his past memories.

Serving the head of Imperial Palace, he was well aware of Ivan’s past.

"Didn’t you say you wouldn’t even look at masquerades anymore?"

When asked by Liam, Ivan let out a heavy sigh.

"She asked me to come with her."


Ivan nodded silently.

"Haha. Your Majesty would be a little disappointed if he knew."

Theo did not give up even after Ivan declared that he would never step into a masquerade ball again.

He continued to invite Ivan to a masquerade ball under his name.

Of course, he had to taste the bitter taste of rejection.

Only a few people in the empire could refuse the emperor’s invitation quickly.

It was only Ivan, his brother, who could refuse all ten times out of ten.

"Don’t let him hear it."

"Well, this old man will do his best."


Night has come to the Grand Duke’s castle. 

Adelia put Emily to bed early and changed her dress.

No matter how short the process was, it was never a small thing to be awarded a title.

"Hmm. Good."

Adelia stared at herself in the mirror. She braided her hair neatly and then tucked the Snow Rose, which Sir Lensley had picked, between her hair. 

"Not bad."


Adelia grinned as she shook the skirt of the deep-cut white dress from side by side.

There were three cases in which white dresses were worn in the Empire.

When you get married, when you make your social debut, when you get a title.

She lived thinking that none of that would happen to her.

"I never thought I’d wear a white dress."

She didn’t really want to get married, and she entered society without making a proper debut.

She also never dreamed of getting a title.

It’s worth living for now.

Yeah. Things that I didn’t even expect came to me in this life.

If I live like this, one day I will find real happiness.


Not long ago, she defined spending time leisurely in a quiet place away from other people’s eyes as happiness.

But now I don’t know.

Even now, she could leave the world and escape somewhere deep in the mountains if she wanted to.

It was for revenge that she didn’t. 

Will happiness come if I finish all this safely?

knock, knock.

"I think it’s time to go."

Liam’s voice broke Adelia’s thoughts.

Adelia decided to put aside her unnecessary sentiments for a while.

I’ll just do what I have to do now, step by step, maybe then I’ll get the answer someday.


The ceremony was held at a separate palace in the backyard of the Duchy.

Two people had already arrived in the annex before Adelia.

"It’s been a long time since I saw you. Lady Adelia."

"How have you been? Sir Lensley."

"Haha. There’s no reason to not be well. I hope to see you more often."

Adelia tilted her head.

Is there any reason why Sir Lensley Piero wants to see me more often? Or is that just an empty word? Adelia said to herself, 

"Lensley’s aristocratic style of speaking has increased greatly in that short time."

"Lady Adelia, No, I must call you the Count of Yurpeon now."

A man with dark green hair and eyes resembling a dense forest.

He was the aide of the Grand Duke.

"This is the first time I’ve officially greeted you, isn’t it? My name is Spencer Knoxville. Please feel free to call me Spencer."

"I look forward to your kind cooperation, Sir Spencer, and since the title has not yet been awarded, please call me the name of Yurpeon a little later."

Adelia smiled softly and held out her hand.

The figure was so captivating that Spencer flinched for a moment.

‘I can see why your Highness would take the trouble to give you the title.’

She was an attractive person.

If she had a normal background like any other young lady, he would have recommended her as a match for the Duke.

Spencer coughed and put his forehead on the back of Adelia’s hand.


"Are you done with your greetings?"

Ivan smoothed his cuffs and entered the annex.

The sight of Ivan in a black uniform drew Adelia’s attention for a moment.

Adelia hastened to her senses, and was courteous toward the Grand Duke.

"I see His Highness."

Just like with Adelia, Ivan was also briefly distracted by Adelia’s figure in a white dress.

"…before the night gets deeper, the ceremony begins," said Ivan, turning awkwardly.

Spencer, who was observing the scene a step away, had a strange look on his face.

"What is this?"

He got goosebumps for no reason.

"Is it because it’s cold?"

Spencer looked away from Adelia and Ivan and looked around the palace.

The large stove was doing its job well.

Come to think of it, this place is not used well, so it seems that the repair was a little insufficient compared to other places.

"I’ll have to ask them to repair it someday,"

That was the conclusion that Spencer, who had been ignorant of relationships with men and women for his entire life, came to.

Adelia and Ivan headed to the center.

"Are you ready?"

"I’m ready,"

When Ivan heard Adelia’s answer, he drew a sword from his side.

A black sword marquina

It was one of the weapons called the five great swords along with the holy sword Istif kept by Vishna.

The black light flowing through the sword’s body created a mysterious feeling.

Adelia felt her palms moistened with tension.

Why am I suddenly nervous? Is it because of the atmosphere?

From the moment Ivan came in, the air inside the palace changed.

Adelia calmed down the tension by taking her breath calmly.

"You don’t have to be so nervous."

Has he seen through me?

Ivan whispered to Adelia in a softer voice than usual.

She had the illusion that she could hear his voice right next to her, even though she was far from the Grand Duke.

"It’s just a formality anyway. On paper, you are already the Count of Yurpeon."

"…yes, thanks to you, I was able to get rid of my nervousness."

Adelia could only smile comfortably.

Adelia soon erased her smile and placed her right palm on her left chest. 

Ivan also lifted Marquina with a serious face.


Marquina’s black sword went from Adelia’s left shoulder to her right shoulder and finally above her head.

"You must be loyal to the Grand Duke of Hamilton from now on. The name to be given to you is Yurpeon. Do your best to make the name known to the world again."

"I give you, my loyalty."

Adelia bowed her head further, ending her pledge of loyalty.

It was the moment when the new owner of Yurpeon, whose name was hidden in the world, was born.

Adelia could feel her heart pounding.

Maybe because she’s starting a new life.

Whatever it may be, I must hold on to my senses from now on.

It was predictable that Adelia’s path would not be smooth.

Adelia gave her fist a strength as if to show her will.

– May my child’s future be filled with blessings. 

A heartwarming voice was heard inside her head.

Adelia quietly lowered her eyelids to the voice of the goddess who blessed her.

I can only hope that this blessing will work.

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