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Chapter: 38

The time between birth and death was Vishna’s domain.

It was the most brilliant power for those who feared death and aging.

Therefore, all the northern countries made Vishna the source and truth of the world.

As such, the power of Vishnaism was bound to grow.

Through consultation, the countries decided to separate some of their land and give Vishna a land where the state could be established.

Of course, It wasn’t free.

In return for the land, Vishna had to share the blessings of God with other countries.

She also had to faithfully prepare herself for the catastrophe that would one day come.

It was the only condition that was made with the countries that were together when the Holy Land was created.

The Holy land was also called the City of White.


It was because not only the building but also everything that made up the Holy Land was white.

Perhaps influenced by divine power, even plants that were originally colorful grew white.

"I don’t feel good whenever I come here."

"B, Bishop! There are many ears to hear."

"Ha. Tell them to listen. Everyone is just going to pretend they don’t agree with me, you’re the same too, right?"

At Berg’s question, his assistant priest, Ale, looked troubled.

Berg’s eyes, urging for an answer, stings even more.

Ale turned his eyes slightly to examine the whole view of the Holy Land.

In fact, he never said it out loud, but Ale sometimes felt strange about the appearance of the Holy Land, which seemed to be out of reality.

‘Ha. But I can’t say that to Bishop Berg.’

No matter how bad he is, your boss is my boss!

Ale closed his eyes tightly and dared to speak against Berg’s opinion.

"I, I…! I just feel sacred…!"

Ale’s voice rang loudly.

But there was no answer.

Heshould be hearing the angry voice of Bishop Berg at this point…?

When he thought that, he heard Berg’s voice in the distance.

"What are you doing? Hurry up."

Ale looked at the bishop with a blank face.

When did he get there? If you’re going, tell me you’re going… No, let’s just let him be. That man is like this in the first place.


Ale swallowed up the complaints he had never dared to spit out, and hurried on.

Berg and Ale reach the Vatican shortly after walking.

"Has everyone already arrived?"

"Yes…. That’s right. I hope we are not the last."

"What’s wrong with being the last? Let’s stop talking nonsense and go inside."


"Yes, sir,"

As Berg and Ale stepped into the Vatican, priests with blue bands on their shoulders greeted them.

"Thank you for coming, Bishop Berg and priest Ale."

"Yes, I had to walk in front of the Holy Land because my carriage stopped."

With the consideration of the Kingdom of Sadin, Berg headed to the Holy Land with overflowing supplies.

Thanks to that, there was nothing lacking on the way. It was rather overflowing but could not be thrown away.

However, upon arrival at the castle, all the carriages were tied up at the checkpoint.

Originally, the bishop’s carriage should have just been allowed through.

However, since Eustaf declared a state of emergency, the bishop’s carriage was forced to be checked.

"He did something annoying…."

"Lord, Bishop…!"

Ale looked at the priests around him with a troubled face.

The Holy Land, if not elsewhere, was a place where the Pope and the Cardinals were more powerful.

I mean, he should be more careful with what he says.

"You’re afraid of everything. I can’t believe you’re my aide."

"I’m sorry."

"Well, let’s go in for now. Where will the meeting be held today?"

Berg sent the frightened ale behind him, and asked the priests, who were surrounded by blue poles.

"It will be held in the conference room next to the central stage. I’ll guide you."

"Then please."

Berg and Ale followed the priests.

Soon after, they arrived in front of the conference room.

Berg opened the conference room without hesitation.



Ale, standing behind Berg, looked into the conference room and closed his eyes.

As he feared, they arrived last.

"You’re here, Bishop Berg."

Eustaf looked at Bishop Berg with a gentle smile.

"Oh, I’m a little late because of the checkpoint. Please be understanding, cardinal."

"Of course. Fortunately, the meeting hasn’t started yet, so please make yourself at home."

"Well, excuse me,"

Berg sat down in an empty seat.

Ale stood behind Berg with his head bowed with a look of shame.

"Now that the Bishop of Berg has arrived, let us begin our meeting."

Eustaf’s words instantly sank the air in the hall.

The first to speak was Bishop Veloxita, who had gray hair.

"So why did you call a meeting so suddenly?"

His words had a subtle sting in them.

Perhaps it was only natural.

Bishop Veloxita is an experienced priest, but he belongs to an opposing faction to the Pope. Naturally, he was far from Eustaf.

In addition, he was originally second only to the Pope, but was pushed out for the third time when Eustaf became a cardinal at a young age and became the acting Pope. 

In any case, it is difficult to get along with Eustaf.

Moreover, now that the Pope is absent. If Eustaf disappears, he could take over the power.

However, Eustaf was not as easy as he wanted, and the balance of power was exquisite.

"You didn’t call us up for nothing, did you?" If that’s the case –"

"It’s important," Eustaf interrupted Bishop Veloxita,

Bishop Veloxita’s face crumpled, but Eustaf continued without caring.

"The reason why I have gathered here again is because of the ‘disaster.’"


The word stiffened the faces of everyone in the conference room.

"Didn’t you finish talking about the disaster before? The second disaster was four months later, and we’ve already decided how to deal with it."

The others nodded, saying Berg was right.

Eustaf sighed inwardly as he saw those who had no idea how the situation was going.

If we stayed like this, the credibility of the church would have fallen and the disaster won’t be prevented.

"No, the second disaster is not four months from now. We misinterpreted it. The real disaster is three months from now."

There was a big stir in the conference room.

"What do you mean three months from now? We are not ignorant about the Cardinal’s power but… It’s already been interpreted, isn’t it?"

The person who spoke this time was the bishop of the papacy.


He wanted to help Eustaf, but he had no choice but to raise questions this time.

Eustaf explained to the bishops with a calm look.

Based on Adelia’s interpretation, he pointed out one by one what they misunderstood.

"Oh, that’s how you interpret it."

"You are indeed a cardinal,"

"Now that the Pope is absent, I cannot help but feel reassured that the cardinal is working so hard."

Fortunately, Eustaf’s explanation made most bishops nod.

However, some of the bishops, including Berg and Veloxita, still looked unconvinced.

"That’s why we need to get the troops ready a little earlier. The evacuation order should also be issued sooner."

"Yes, but that’s not something that can be changed so quickly."

"So, you mean you’ll let go and put Zephyros on the path of destruction? You didn’t forget the promise, did you?"

The faces of the bishops who objected to Eustaf’s calm voice turned dark.

The "promise" he spoke of refers to the promise made with the countries that helped establish the kingdom when it was built.

The Holy Land will take the lead in defeating disasters more than anyone else.

If the promise is broken due to the dissolution of Vishna, the land of the Holy Kingdom will be returned to its original owner.

"Of course, I remember. But Eustaf’s interpretation is also not certain. If your interpretation is wrong, not only will it be a waste of money, but also the morale of the soldiers will drop."

"The resentment of those who have left their home because of the evacuation will also be directed at the temple. It will damage the status of our Vishna religion."

"That makes sense." Bishop Veloxita’s remarkable speech turned the game around again.

Eustaf felt troubled.

He thought it wouldn’t be easy, but unfortunately, there was no way to prove the legitimacy of the interpretation.

‘The saint said it was not yet time to reveal her existence.’

It was quite a dilemma.

Then the door of the conference room opened roughly and a priest came in.

"Cardinal! We’re in trouble!"

"Priest, calm down for now. What’s wrong?"

Eustaf calmed the priest, whose face turned pale with surprise.

But soon Eustaf’s face soon had a perplexed look. 

"An oracle has come down!"

"What do you mean oracle? I didn’t feel anything!"

"…I feel the same way."

Eustaf also did not feel the oracle come down. 

Berg said with a funny look on his face.

"Why don’t we check the oracle first?"

"I suppose so, for there may be something wrong with the stone."

Eustaf and the bishops immediately headed to the central altar where the holy stone was located.

And the moment they saw the holy stone, they had no choice but to erase the doubts they had for a while.

The energy of the Holy Stone was undeniably Vishna’s.

They knelt before the Holy Stone and expressed their awe at the existence of the goddess.

Eustaf looked up to see the oracle carved in the holy stone.

Then he was once again surprised.

This is because he was able to interpret the letters engraved on the constellation at once.

The trust was simple.

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