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Chapter: 58

After returning from the tea party, Adelia took off her gloves and sighed briefly. It was tiring to keep a smiling face all day like wearing a mask that didn’t fit.

"Did you have a good trip? My lady."

"Yes, I’m a little tired."

Liam said with a small smile.

"The social world has long been called a battlefield without weapons. It must be really tiring."

Adelia smirked, agreeing with Liam’s words.


"By the way, I just saw a strange face in front of the door. Is he the scholar from the ivory tower?"

"You’ve already run into him."

"Well, we didn’t say hello. My eyes hurt so much that I just briefly checked his face."

"I see. I will try to keep them from getting entangled with you in the future…"

Adelia briefly recalled the scholar of the ivory tower whom she met in Zephyros. A young man who saw through her true appearance at a glance…. Since she met the young man, she has been reluctant to see ivory tower scholars for some reason.

Having forcefully revealed her identity which she wanted to hide was not such a great experience. 

"Thank you for your consideration."

Liam replied with a smile.

"Can I see his Highness now?"

"His Highness should be in the Office right now."

"I see. Then, excuse me."

Adelia went straight to the Grand Duke’s office as Liam told her. Arriving in front of the office, Adelia knocked carefully. Soon after, permission to come in was given. Adelia slowly opened the door and entered the office.

Ivan was working with a slightly tired face.

"How was Madam Lengster’s tea party?"

"Yes, thanks to you, I had a good trip."

"I hear your name a lot these days."

A little laugh came out of Adelia’s mouth. It was something she heard from her father countless times in her life.

‘Your name has reached my ears. What the hell did you do? You’re on probation for the time being. Don’t even think about taking a step out of the room.’

A lot of rumors were surrounding her.  None of them were positive. It was just rumors that confirmed her nickname as the worst evil woman in society. For the Marquis of Sorne, her name was nothing but a blemish on the glory of the family.

‘Well… it doesn’t matter now.’

In the past, she struggled to get the attention of her father.

"That’s a relief. I’m not wasting my time going around."

A mischievous smile hung around the Grand Duke’s mouth.

"Viscount Yurpheon. Now you’re completely a noblewoman of the principality."

"It’s an honor, Your Highness."

"So, what brings you to me? You must be tired."

The Grand Duke’s voice contained a faint worry. For some reason, Adelia felt a tickling near her heart as he spoke those words.

"I’m going to attend Countess Tegris’ ball two weeks later."

"…Is it a masquerade?"

The Grand Duke’s voice sank a little. Adelia shook her head firmly, realizing at once what he was worried about.

"No, it’s just a normal ball."

"…I see. That’s a relief."

"It’s my first time showing my face in front of many people, so I thought I should tell you in advance."

In Adelia’s subsequent voice, Ivan realized that he had misunderstood something.

"You’re not here to ask me to be your partner."


"Yes, I’m going to ask Lord Rainer Orlando this time."

It is still unclear whether he will accept her partner’s invitation.

For a moment the Grand Duke’s eyebrows flinched. He stared at Adelia with his mouth shut.

‘She’s asking him to be her partner… To get close to Madam Orlando.’

It wasn’t that he didn’t know what Adelia’s purpose was. He also knew that she could not afford to have a love affair with someone.

He doesn’t like it.


I’m not interested in her. No, I thought I wasn’t.

Ivan looked at Adelia with a complicated gaze. Adelia tilted her head to his gaze and sent a questioning look.

"What’s wrong?"


It was a bad answer, but Adelia didn’t care much. She just thought it’s because he’s tired from heavy work.

"Then I’ll leave now."

"…Yes. Have a rest."

Adelia walked away without hesitation. Ivan stared at the door where she went out and swept his face down.

"Is it because she’s our benefactor?"

I don’t think so. I’m not even sure if she’s the girl back then yet.

He wasn’t the type to put emotions on unclear information. However, joining hands with Adelia in the first place is strange. When she offered herself in an alliance, he didn’t even know much about Adelia.

Although she showed the ‘power of God,’ the risk was considerable to accept her proposal quickly. And yet he held her hand because he instinctively liked her.

Whether she is his benefactor or not. Ivan couldn’t help but admit it. Adelia Yurpheon is undeniably his favorite.


A self-help smile settled around Ivan’s mouth. He left the papers behind and headed for the kitchen. After the sword, cooking was the best way to manage complex emotions.


Adelia blinked blankly at the maid who suddenly brought a meat pie.

"His Highness made it himself?"

"Yes! His Highness’s cooking is very good! I’m sure you won’t regret trying it!"


Libby, one of the servants who once gave Adelia and Emily too much treatment, shouted proudly. Adelia’s curiosity was moved by her confident appearance as if she had made it.

‘When I first met him in Rohen, he also made breakfast himself.’ 

Adelia recalled the memory of that time.

‘It was amazing that he made it himself….’

Just in time Adelia’s empty stomach is looking for food.

"I’ll eat right away, so can you put it on the table?"

"Yes! Of course!"

Libby hurried and set the pie and tableware on the table. Adelia slowly sat in front of the table and put the pie in her mouth, which was made by the Grand Duke.

Soon Adelia’s eyes opened wide.

‘…Did the Grand duke really make this?’

The pie tasted so good that she felt that the breakfast she ate earlier was cooked sloppily.

Adelia ate all the pie in her seat.

"Did you enjoy your meal?"

Libby asked Adelia with a look of anticipation. Adelia nodded without hesitation.

"It’s great. I’ll have to thank the Grand Duke separately."

Libby’s lips twitched at her words. She seemed to be desperately holding back a happy smile.

"Then take a good rest! I should get going now!"

Libby rushed to somewhere. Adelia swallowed her laughter as she looked at her still bright and energetic.

"Whoa… I’ll write a letter first."

She wanted to lie in bed and rest right away, but she still had work to do. Rainer Orlando was the most in demand partner in the communities of the Duchy.

The rich background and angelic appearance of the Marquis trusted by the Grand Duke. With perfect conditions as a husband, her popularity soared to the sky every time a ball was held.

‘I don’t know if he’ll accept my invitation. Well, if it doesn’t work, I can go alone.’

Having a title, she didn’t have to attend with her partner. After completing the letter to the Orlando family, Adelia then took out new parchment. Her influence was growing, predicting that the disaster of Zephyros would happen earlier than expected.  She needs to increase her influence by riding this momentum now.

"Hmm, the fifth disaster will take place near the Rodriza estate."

In the prophecy of the fifth disaster, the beast was not mentioned. It can be seen as fortunate, but in some ways a more terrifying disaster awaited.

A chilling cold.

The Rodriza estate has grown with agriculture as its main industry due to its mild four seasons. If such a land is subjected to extreme coldness, the survival of the land could be at stake.

The Rodriza family is Serajin’s Paternal home.


Serajin Tegris.

When Adelia had not yet entered the social world of the principality in earnest, Serajin was a famous figure in the social world, but she did not think he was that big. However, there is a difference between the information obtained through others and the information obtained by actually seeing and feeling.

To define her in one word, she was an issue maker.

Since she is serious about parties, she has created so many issues.

Her parties have always been successful, and the nobles of the principality often visit her parties. If a party is overflowing with people, its owner is also encouraged. The nobles of the principality did not dare to hate Lady Tegris, who held invisible power.

‘I’d like to talk to her properly.’

Adelia knew how to get her attention. Sharing information on the coldness Rodriza will suffer.

The temple has yet to announce the fifth disaster. Now was the opportunity. An opportunity to give her information before the temple. Having previously leaked information about the disaster of Zephyros, Serajin will not be able to ignore Adelia’s correspondence.

‘This is like a prophet.’

The prophet…

It’s not a bad nickname compared to the worst evil girl in society. The corners of Adelia’s mouth rose faintly. Time was on her side.

"Anyway, the way to solve this disaster also matters." 

Adelia pondered with her chin on the back of her hand.

If I figure out a solution to the coldness, I’ll be able to get Serajin on my side completely….

At that moment, Adelia’s mind recalled the crops that bloomed the flowers of life on the harsh land of the Principality.

Some research of the duchy has not yet developed much, but the research related to crops directly related to survival have reached some level. They eventually managed to grow crops to withstand the harsh cold. 

‘Maybe I can make a good deal with a considerable benefit to the Duchy’

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