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Chapter: 59

ISTHHG Chapter 59

Marchioness Orlando, who had been eating without a word, turned her eyes and looked at her son.

Blonde hair that looks like his father and red eyes that look like her. He grew up so happy and she was always proud of her son. However, there was one flaw in Rainer that his parents couldn’t help.

It was his taste.

Rainer was following a liberal set of values in a relationship. His love outlook was so firm that he even broke off the engagement made for the benefit of his family. It was all good. Madam Orlando was not a tight-knit person enough to stop her son from having a free relationship. But the problem was that the woman her son fell in love with was extraordinary.

For a bad reason, of course. The first woman he courted was a widow 12 years older. And the next woman he courted was a lady, who already had a fiancé.

‘The more I think about it, the more I get a headache.’

The last woman his son recently courted had a fairly normal background. Although her family was poor, she was a woman who knew her manners. Her son fell in love with a woman with a gentle charm, so Madam Orlando pushed for the engagement because she thought it was time. But the woman’s mind changed. The woman left for a huge price, not for Rainer, but for an imperial noble who was 20 years older than her.

Just thinking about it gives me a headache. 

The Orlando family also had the money, but the still woman left.


‘I don’t know how every woman he loves looks like that. Maybe Rainer didn’t know she doesn’t have a wedding dress.’

"Do you have anything to say?"

Rainer, who felt his mother’s deep gaze, smiled as if he had drawn it and asked a question. Madam Orlando said with a sigh of concern.

"I heard you were attending Madam. Tegris’ ball."


"Have you decided on a partner?"

Rainer’s eyes narrowed for a moment.

"I haven’t decided yet…."

"Why don’t you partner with a nice lady this time?"

"I’ll take care of that."

"You’re taking care of it, that’s why you don’t have a fiancé until now?"


"Please understand your mother’s heart a little bit."

Rainer’s mouth shut tight.

"Hmm, honey, let Rainer take care of it."

Marquis Orlando, who was silently watching the situation, carefully sided with his son. But the only thing that came back was his wife’s fierce gaze. In the end, the marquis looked at the plate in front of him, avoiding her gaze.

"Just let this mother know who you’re going to partner with."

"Ha… I haven’t even read all the letters that came to me yet."

Rainer recalled letters piled up on one side of the bedroom. At that moment, a letter with an unfamiliar name crossed his mind.

"Mother, do you know about the Viscount Yurpheon?"

Madam Orlando asked with a startled look as the Viscount of Yurpheon came out of her son’s mouth.

"Did Viscount Yurpheon send you a letter?"

Rainer nodded briefly.

"Oh my. I heard that the Grand Duke saw her outstanding ability during their journey and brought her to the Duchy and gave her a title." 

A woman recognized by the Grand Duke. For a moment Rainer’s eyes flashed. He respected the Duke not just because of his status, but also as a swordsman. He suddenly became curious about what kind of woman she is.

"Then there’s nothing more to think about."

The Marchioness of Orlando looked at Rainer at the same time.

"I will send a reply to Viscount Yurpheon."


Adelia, who had been to the Lysers’ dinner, confirmed that she had received three letters. The two letters were sent from the Academy. It was Emily’s letter that Adelia had been waiting for so long. And the other was a response to her letter to the Marquis of Orlando a few days ago.

"Oh, this one is not for me."

Adelia, who was about to read Emily’s letter, belatedly confirmed that the recipient of the other letter was the Grand Duke. Apparently, someone made a mistake when sorting the letters.

Just in time, she saw the Grand Duke returning to the castle after looking around the soldiers. Adelia walked to the Grand Duke with a little haste. The duke, who found Adelia approaching him, stopped and waited for her.

"Did you have a good trip to the Lyser’s mansion?"


"Yes. I came to deliver a letter from Emily."

The Grand Duke’s face gave a welcome look. Adelia handed the Grand Duke Emily’s letter with his name on it. The Grand Duke opened the letter right on the spot. Adelia was also curious about the contents of the letter so she also opened it.

[Dear Viscount Yurpheon.

How are you? I’m adjusting well to the academy. I recently learned how to send letters to the nobles! But I’m having a hard time understanding it. So, in Neo-Confucianism, I learned about divine beings that I’ve never heard of before. Anyway, I can’t wait for vacation to come! Then I’ll study hard, looking forward to seeing you again!]

Adelia’s mouth, reading the long letter, smiled with satisfaction. It was the same with the Grand Duke.

"She must be doing well."

"I thought Emily would adjust well."

"Well, she’s such a smart kid."

Adelia folded the letter carefully and tucked it into her arms. Now it was time to check the rest of the letters.

"Rainer Orlando."

The Grand Duke glanced at another letter in Adelia’s hand. Soon after, his face hardened after confirming the seal of the Orlando family. He hastily opened his mouth when he saw Adelia trying to put Orlando’s letter in her arms.

"Now, check it out."

Adelia was a little taken aback by the sudden order of the Grand Duke. However, she did not show any signs and followed the Grand Duke’s words. She didn’t really have anything to hide from him.

‘What is Rainer’s answer?’

Adelia slowly opened the letter. The content was very short.

[I will send a carriage on the day of the ball. May I send it to the Grand duchy? And it would be better to wear the same clothes in green. If you have any objections, please let me know as soon as possible.] 

It was Orlando, the high-nosed Rainer.

I can’t believe he can win the hearts of women even with such rude letters.

Adelia couldn’t understand it, but once she achieved what she wanted, she casually folded the letter. Then the silent duke recited in a subdued voice.

"He’s arrogant."


"…he is rude."

"Well, that’s true. But he doesn’t have to use useless greetings, so it’s not bad."

The Grand Duke’s brow wrinkled after Adelia’s comment that it was not bad.

That’s not bad?

It sounded like Rainer Orlando wasn’t bad. Then, do you have a good feeling about him?

A flash of murderous spirit appeared in the Duke’s eyes. Unaware of this, Adelia put the letter in her pocket. And said carelessly.

"My partner has already been decided, so I’ll go buy a fan."

A fan was a social communication tool. She has a fan that she used at the masquerade ball before, but it was too fancy. Unlike the masquerade, a regular ball was simply a place to show off manners. So, such a fancy fan was not suitable for a normal ball.

"…you don’t have to go buy it yourself. Tell Liam to call the craftsman."


Adelia shook her head quickly.

"I don’t need a high-end fan. And it takes a lot of time to make, right? I’ll just go and buy something nice myself, so it’s fine."

At Adelia’s stern refusal, the Grand Duke shrugged his shoulders with an expressionless face.

"If that’s what you want."

He felt good inside. She didn’t seem to care too much about the ball with Orlando.

"The sun will set soon. The temperature will drop significantly when the sun goes down, so why don’t you go buy a fan tomorrow?"

"I will."

Just as Adelia and Ivan were about to turn to the castle, Lensley rushed in a hurry.

"Your Highness!"

Adelia and Ivan stopped at the same time at the loud voice.

"Sir Lensley?"

Adelia, who saw Lensley running as fast as he could, called his name in a voice full of wonder. Ivan sighed deeply at the frivolous Lensley.

‘500 laps at the training field.’

If Lensley had noticed the punishment that just popped up in Ivan’s head now, he would have shed tears of injustice.

"Lensley, I have warned you to keep your manners consciously in the castle"

Ivan’s cold voice stuck in Lensley’s ear.

"I’m sorry. I had to report something urgently, so I forgot about it."

"So, what do you need to report?"

"Zen is back."

Demalo glanced at Adelia standing next to Ivan and added:

"With mercenary Demalo."

Adelia opened her eyes wide. The name that appeared in Adelia’s diary countless times. But the name disappeared neatly at some point.

Two figures walking behind Lensley came into her sight. For a moment Adelia’s heart seemed to fall with a thud.

‘What is it?’

Adelia was confused by the sudden surge of emotion. It’s an emotion that doesn’t belong to her.

Why am I….

"Viscount Yurpheon."


The duke called Adelia. Only then did Adelia realize that hot tears were flowing from her eyes.


She hurriedly wiped away the liquid that was wetting her cheeks.

However, even if she wiped it off, she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down.

"You still have a lot of tears."


"You said you’d never see me again, but it’s been a while since I saw you, so please smile, miss."


Demalo smiled delightedly as his name came out of Adelia’s mouth.

"You’ve grown a lot, miss. You’ve grown a lot…."

Demalo murmured in a mournful voice. Ivan stepped forward as if to block Adelia from Demalo’s view.

"Are you Demalo?"

The figure seemed to protect Adelia. Demalo stared at Ivan. Ivan also fixed his eyes on Demalo. The gaze of the two men entangled.

"The sun is already down today, so let’s talk about it tomorrow. Liam, give him a room."

"I see."

Ivan left with Adelia. Demalo continued to stare at Adelia’s shadow until it completely disappeared. 

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