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Chapter: 62

A carriage filled with silence arrived at Count Tegris’ villa. Rainer hasn’t spoken since he got caught by Adelia. They simply hide their complex feelings and remain silent. Adelia snorted inwardly at the sulky handsome young man.

"I look forward to your kind cooperation."

Adelia asked for reconciliation in a gentle voice. She wanted to say she wanted to do well as his partner without being swayed by any emotions.

But if she does, she might have to give up on getting close to Madam Orlando. Adelia clicked her tongue out inwardly. Rainer stared at Adelia for a moment and nodded slightly.

"I look forward to your kind cooperation, too."

Fortunately, Rainer was a man of the least courtesy. He reached out to Adelia, she took his hand and got out of the carriage.

Serajin’s ball was always crowded with people. The same was true of this ball. Adelia smiled inwardly when she saw that many of the principal figures of the duchy participated.

It was also right to think that Serajin should be brought in.

Anyway… this guy attracts too much attention. 

As soon as she entered the ballroom with Rainer, Adelia had no choice but to stick her tongue to the weight of the crowd’s gaze.

Compared to the entrance with the Grand Duke at the last masked ball, it is not insufficient.

Adelia turned her head and looked at Rainer, to say, ‘My Lord is very popular.’


But he was staring at something. Adelia briefly put off what she was trying to say and turned her head in the direction Rainer was looking at.

That person…

A woman with plain brown hair and brown eyes.

Mary dale Eville

Yeah, that’s definitely the name.

She was a woman who once brought hot issues in the communities of the duchy. Her background itself wasn’t that special. However, her love life was so colorful. Being mediocre, she stole Rainer’s heart and spent much of her time as his lover.

Unlike Rainer’s previous lovers, her true character caught Madam Orlando’s eye, and finally sent the engagement letter to her family. However, whatever the wind was blowing, she refused Orlando and became engaged to an old aristocrat of the empire.

Everyone in the Duchy was shocked by her decision. The couple had a big background difference, but they were close enough to surpass the difference.

Seeing her at Serajin’s ball, she hasn’t gone to the Capital yet. Adelia sighed quietly and whispered to her bewitched partner.

"Sir Rainer, if you stare at her like that, you’re disrespectful to me as well as to Mary dale’s lover."

Only then did Rainer come to his senses and concentrate on Adelia.

"…I made a mistake."

"It’s good, you know. And if I may give you a piece of advice, women hate persistent men."

"…what useless advice. I’m sick and tired of it."

"Oh, really? I thought you didn’t know."

A laugh came out of Rainer’s mouth.

Where the hell did this girl come from?

Then, Serajin, the organizer of the ball, appeared from the second floor. Serajin looked down at the full hall and smiled glibly.

"There are a lot of people here today. We’ve prepared a special Roppermain wine for you today, as always."

Cheers burst out from here and there.

Roppermain wine. It is a wine that is hard to get even if you have money. The king of the wine industry is famous for producing only a limited number of wines, and if you don’t succeed in making a reservation once every five years, you will have to wait a long time to get it.

Even high-ranking aristocrats said that if they failed to make a reservation, they had to pay a lot of money to get wine that is sometimes auctioned off.

It looks like you prepared well today.

That moment she looked at Serajin while swallowing admiration.

Adelia had the illusion of meeting her eyes for a moment.

…the letter must have been delivered properly.

The corners of Adelia’s mouth slightly raised.

"And we have a special guest today."

Serajin’s greeting, which would have already been over at ordinary times, was getting longer. People seemed to wonder who she wanted to introduce. As Serajin stepped back, the tent opened and a man appeared.

The disturbance returned to the quiet hall. However, Adelia can’t hear anything. To be exact, she was shocked by the identity of the person introduced by Serajin and had no time to grasp the surrounding situation.


"Why are you here…."

Rainer answered the question that Adelia quietly recited.

"His Highness doesn’t go to a ball very often, but he seems to be showing his face often these days."

Who’s to blame….

Rainer swallowed the words and glanced at Adelia.

She also seemed surprised; she did not expect the appearance of the Grand Duke.

"It’s freezing cold in the duchy at this time of year. I’d like to thank you for not losing your energy in this cold weather. I hope you have a good time."

The Grand Duke stepped down after a brief congratulatory speech.

Then Serajin announced the start of the ball.

"Let’s all start with a toast."

When Serajin raised the glass, those who were holding it also followed. Soon a gentle melody filled the hall. It was the beginning of the ball. Rainer reached out to Adelia, who was still in shock.

"Will you please give me the honor to be with Lady’s first dance?"

Adelia finally came to her senses and gently put her hand over Rainer’s.

"…I’m not a lady, but let’s do it."

Several couples climbed to the center of the hall and moved to the tune. Adelia slowly followed Rainer’s lead and took the steps.

"…you’re a pretty good dancer."

Rainer used irony to point out Adelia’s poor dancing skills. Adelia didn’t care and smiled pretentiously.

"Thank you for the compliment."

"…I think you’re great at taking this as a compliment."

"Don’t mention it."

Soon the music changed. Adelia and Rainer hurried out of the center of the ball. It was partly because neither of them preferred social dance, and each had a different purpose.

In Rainer’s case, it was to find Mary Dale, who had betrayed him and disappeared. And in Adelia’s case, she originally planned to approach Serajin, but the plan was put off for a while because of Ivan’s appearance.

"I’m going to take a break."

"You feel the same way as I do. I’ll see you in a little while."

Adelia and Rainer had no regrets and turned their backs on each other and moved away. Adelia fell right into the quiet wall.

Where’s the Grand Duke?

She looked around the ballroom, but the Grand Duke hid himself right after leaving a short congratulatory message. Adelia sighed and someone approached behind her.

"Viscount Yurpheon. My master wants to talk to you."

Adelia checked the man’s clothes. A uniform with the inscription of the Tegris family

Serajin is calling me.

Adelia put a smile around her mouth, thinking that Serajin was more impatient than she thought.

"I’ve been waiting."

Today’s original purpose came first, but I can’t refuse it.

Adelia put aside her search for the Grand duke for a while and turned to meet Serajin.


The attendant guided her to the third floor.

Unlike the first and second floors where the party is in full swing, the third floor was quiet except for the sound of music coming through the window.

"She’s waiting here."

The servant, who guided Adelia to the depths of the mansion, slowly left. Adelia stood in front of a gleaming door and took a breath for a moment. The pressure to successfully complete the deal with Serajin weighed on Adelia’s shoulders.

But I got the upper hand.

Adelia was inwardly confident.


The average nobles have considerable attachment to their parents’ home. Of course, she can’t sympathize with her because she is separated from her father. Furthermore, according to her research, Serajin grew up with great love from her parents. Her parents cared so much about her that they even begged Serajin, who was getting married, to have a wedding a little later.

I can do it

Adelia grabbed the handle and pushed the door carefully. The well-maintained door opened gently without any noise.


Adelia stepped into the room and was surprised. It was a series of surprises today. Adelia sighed inwardly as she watched the Grand Duke sitting in the upper seat.

I wondered where he was, but he was here.

Adelia stared at the Grand Duke that continued to create variables today. There was some rebuke in her eyes. In the room the Grand Duke, Serajin, and her husband, Count Tegris were seated. 

"I invited you here because I wanted to ask you a few questions."

Serajin explained why she called her here with a gentle smile.

"…I see."

Rather, it turned out well. He needed the Grand Duke’s permission for the deal she was planning to propose.  Adelia remained calm and sat in the seat pointed by Serajin.

Then Serajin asked in a grinning voice.

"Do you wonder what I asked the Grand Duke?"

"…I don’t know. I guess you’re asking him about me. "

The corners of Serajin’s mouth went up smoothly.

"That’s right."

She took a letter out of her arms and gave it to Adelia. 

"I was curious. How do you know this?"

There was no more attractive smile on Serajin’s face. She asked the question with an expressionless face.

"Adelia Sorne…. No, you’re now the Viscount of Yurpheon. What the hell are you?"

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