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Chapter: 129

On the day of the masquerade.

Charlize was in the carriage.

Dylan followed Charlize’s orders thoroughly.

‘Finally, it’s the day of the ball.’

Charlize thought, with the mask in her hand.

Charlize looked out of the carriage window. In the midst of the dense mountains, the sun was shining brightly.

Shadow allowed only the three of them to accompany her. The fewer people, the better. The purpose from the beginning was to wrap the secret magic tower.

Charlize has acted perfectly so far. The bite was most likely to come today.

‘If I wait…’

About the time she managed to suppress her nervousness, she noticed a distinct smell.

A fishy smell of iron. Suddenly, in large quantities.


The moment she turned her head to the side, she heard a startled V calling out from outside, ‘Grandmaster…!’. The frightened horse stopped with a whining sound loudly.

With a body bouncing off, she opened the door and stepped on the ground. It was a light jump with a gentle gesture.

"Everyone take a step back."

Charlize was not taken aback by the sight before her eyes.

-It’s a secret magic tower.

The number of monsters that were large and twisted, which were not comparable to what they usually dealt with, was estimated to be thousands.

Even though they are the Masters who are the direct knights of the Emperor, the Shadow is also a human. Crushed by the tremendous force, they could not open their mouths and took a step backward.

Only Charlize takes the lead in a cool way.

The grandmaster’s orders are absolute. At first, it was the Shadow that followed for the escort but stepped back on its own.

The extreme tension soaked Charlize’s brain even though it was a short time because she was coming to her senses.

The maids dressed her up hard for the masquerade, but as expected, this dress is annoying.

Without hesitation, Charlize tore the hem of the dress up to her thighs, then ran and drew a sword.


It’s a test anyway.

It must have been the monster sent from the secret magic tower to see if Charlize was the real evil god. She was simply amazed at the vast movement magic that suddenly teleported so many monsters to the desired coordinates.

‘It’s a bite.’

It was the first achievement after a long acting period, so Charlize was rather happy.

However, the Shadow watching could not help but be astonished.

‘What’s that?’

Although Charlize only swung her sword once, dozens of visible monsters died in a row.

It was ridiculous.

She moved fast at a speed that could not be followed with the naked eye, but it was certainly not an illusion.

‘The sword crossed the space.’

The existing laws of physics were a completely shattering transcendent force.

In fact, Charlize performed better when she was alone.

It was more comfortable not to have as many allies as possible to protect or take care of.

Dylan was worried about Charlize, but he didn’t have to. There was already no limit to Charlize when she was fully awakened.

The Saint’s sword.

No matter how strong it was, it was a monster that could not escape human imaginative power. No monster could be freed from Charlize’s sword.


Even though these monsters borrowed the power of a pure god that was not fragmented, Charlize was just a god.

The monster was not a living organism. Even though dozens of companions were swept away by each sword, the attitude of focusing on it like crazy with its eyes wide open was the most differentiated from a living organism that has a survival instinct.

Like the monsters sent by the secret magic tower, something felt strange.

‘In the past, Gold used to tell me, it smells like blood.’

The smell from Ehyrit’s piece was the smell of blood. In other words, it was the smell of fishy iron.

Suddenly, Charlize just realized why she was forced to swallow the pieces, becoming Kiera.

If iron, the main component of blood, and the fruit of murderous intent that the evil god tend to inhabit, it would have been the most natural result to become a sword.


‘If they had already developed the technology of the monster this far, they would have conquered the world.’

-The secret magic tower was just living in silence waiting for the evil god.

Charlize realized it.

The top priority of the secret magic tower is always to find the evil god. Charlize killed them all with evil.

Recently, she was frustrated because she couldn’t wield a sword.

It was actually good to swing all she wanted.

It was none of Charlize’s business whether Shadow, who was watching, freaked out by her divine level.

The monster was only after Charlize. This is because the perfume of the fake evil god that Charlize had sprayed made them even more stimulating.

"No way…"

V, who was watching, mumbled in a daze.

He was more afraid of Charlize than of that monstrous monster. Even in the face of thousands of monsters, Charlize was not exhausted at all.

On the contrary, she seemed to be more alive and sharpened, giving off more than her skills.

Just when the monster steps on the ground, it will be crushed by its aura and the grass will die. As eerie as the destructive aura of death was the appearance of the monster.

Each of them had a different appearance to be creative, but they all looked disgusting.

In the meantime, it was Charlize who was shining black alone, and she was especially beautiful. She is mysterious and overwhelming. An admirable fairy, no.


V, who could mutter even to himself, was a gentleman. The other two Shadow Knights were as hard as stone.

Their mouths opened and didn’t close to the point where they were speechless.


It didn’t take long.

Soon, Charlize defeated all the monsters and moved alone. The dark evil wrapped around the tip of the sword.

There were no monsters that survived. In less than an hour, it was annihilated.

The word miracle would not be enough to describe the situation.


The shocked Shadow was now out of Charlize’s mind. What she cared about was the hem of the dress that she tore off impulsively

‘I thought a lot about choosing clothes.’

It was torn so it was too short. She was easy to move, so it was good when she killed it, but she regretted it a bit after she ruined it all.

When she raised her head, Shadow, who made eye contact with Charlize, jolted with great surprise.

Charlize turned her head again among the dead bodies of the monster. Does this prove that she is the evil god? Surely it would never be considered human ability.

Apparently, the secret magic tower was watching Charlize from somewhere. So, Charlize controlled her expression.

But they don’t come out even if she waits.

‘Is this still not enough?’

Still, more than half of the bites are a success. Charlize wasn’t nervous.

‘First of all, stay calm.’

As if there was no agitation.

Never show any human emotion. Charlize went for a walk and looked at the sword for a moment with a light expression that seemed to have broken a few flowers.

The day didn’t go bad.

However, there were so many dead bodies of monsters that it seemed insufficient for the carriage to move beyond this.

Charlize used her mana without hesitation.

It was as natural as breathing, and when she thought ‘use’, it was just written.

In the past, on the first day of becoming Dylan’s teacher, a night guest came. What Charlize called was the same black hole she summoned to dispose of the assassin’s body.


A dark round hole appeared in the air. The black hole devoured only the monsters at Charlize’s will.

Certainly, it was a skill and performance that was too much to call a human.

Charlize wiped her cheek with the back of her hand with an indifferent face. Even though the sun was quite bright, her face was just smooth without a single drop of sweat.

‘If it were an evil god, there would be no human emotions.’

Neither fear nor excessive joy will be revealed. She was conscious of the gaze of the secret magic tower.

Charlize returned to the carriage with her indifferent face.

Even though they were the Shadow who had been watching Charlize for a long time, the knights did not even dare to make eye contact with her, perhaps because they were aware of her extraordinary skills. Only the sound of repressed breathing can be heard.

Yes, it was hard to breathe, and the instinctive fear and awe were still buried there.

"…Let’s go."

Charlize gave the order, getting on the carriage without help.

The horses, which had been weighed down by the power of monsters, also regained stability when all the monsters disappeared.

Shadow couldn’t easily regain their consciousness, but they couldn’t delay Charlize’s order, so they moved first.

But the afterimage that continued to glimmer in front of their eyes made their whole body tremble. It was an irresistible force.

Unbelievable skill. The overwhelming strength that makes you doubt whether it is a dream even after witnessing its existence. They could be sure that there was no one stronger than Charlize on this continent.

Even if it was Emperor Dylan who wrote an unprecedented history, Charlize was better than him.

They just prayed and thanked God.

‘Thank you for making the grandmaster our ally.’

‘I will never disobey the grandmaster even if I die.’

Shadow vowed over and over again.


The carriage arrived soon.

Only after arriving did Charlize put on a mask.

The mask’s color was as expected to be black. It was a luxury item decorated with only the black feathers of a peacock.

Dylan threw a grand masquerade as Charlize had said. Not only the nobles of the island but also many nobles from the provinces were seen.

‘It’s pretty fresh.’

It was strange because she was quietly putting on a mask while cutting the monsters at random.

First of all, since it was a masquerade, the principle was not to reveal the identity.

However, it is usually recognized by body type, voice, hair, and eye color, so those who enjoy entertainment usually dye their hair with magic or wear lenses.

But Charlize didn’t do anything.

So, as soon as Charlize entered the ballroom, she was soon surrounded by the crowd.

Charlize was a celebrity.

In an atmosphere that they didn’t even dare to approach, they couldn’t even speak to her, and the enchanted humans were divided into nobles and servants.

But Charlize looked for Dylan first. She wanted to tell him the news that the secret magic tower paid attention to Charlize, and she was still awake.

‘It’s probably because I haven’t held the sword for a long time.’

The reason why her heart beats fast.

It wasn’t Charlize whose skills died just because she had been using a sword for the first time in a long time. She is none other than Sword Saint. It is the completion of the sword.


Soon she found Dylan.

He was cleverly standing in the invisible corners of people, eliminating his presence.

He could not be recognized, no matter how much a golden mask had covered half of his face. Except for Charlize, the others did not recognize the emperor.

Well, it’s quite exquisite, because he’s hiding in a place they’ll never find if they’re not conscious of him.

Dylan and her eyes met soon. Although they were wearing masks, the eye contact between Charlize and Dylan, who was alone in the crowd, was deep.

His mouth was watering strangely.

Dylan’s gaze turned to the line of Charlize’s legs, which had briefly appeared white. He seemed to be conscious of the length of the short dress, although he did return soon.

It was too short. It was somewhat cold right away.

Leaving the nobles wandering to reach Charlize, she slowly approached Dylan.


Dylan watched Charlize silently, then stretched out his arms, leaned over the table next to him, and waited. Charlize naturally entered Dylan’s outstretched hand. The emperor’s realm was filled with Charlize.

He hugged Charlize’s waist as if it was natural.

"I’ve heard the report."


"How was it?"

Dylan asked Charlize closely. He whispered in her ear, perhaps it’s to keep his voice from being heard by someone else.

Shadow is fast. She wanted to tell him in person, but it was okay.

Charlize replied in a usual tone.

"As you can see, I’m fine. I’m a little excited, but…"

She wondered if that sounded a little strange.

For a moment, Dylan lowered himself. As if kissing her publicly at any moment.

Her waist was pulled into his hand.

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