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Chapter: 130

But the ballroom is an open space. It didn’t lead to a kiss.

Dylan knew the situation because he had already heard the report from Shadow.

Thousands of monsters attack. The unrealistic performance of Charlize.

"Don’t worry. You know me, right?"

Dylan also wanted to keep Charlize by his side, starting with the escort.

If you say don’t worry, how can I not be worried?

Dylan was a man who would worry if Charlize went out to play with the monsters.

So, just in case, he added more Shadow to follow her.

And before Charlize entered the ballroom, the report he heard was quite shocking.

[The appearance of the grandmaster I saw on the day of the rebellion was just cute.]

[It just doesn’t make sense. I don’t know how to describe it…]

[It was a terrifying monster. It’s so different from the monsters we’ve seen so far. The grandmaster alone defeated thousands of them all in a short time. With an overwhelming sword.]

[It’s the first time I’ve seen V so surprised. But if I had witnessed the scene right next to me, I might have collapsed from weakness in my legs.]

The Shadow reported with mixed emotions of excitement, awe, and fear.

After a brief delay as Charlize entered the ballroom according to procedures, Dylan heard all the secret reports from the terrace.

Because they watched and learned from the way Lucy handled the information guild, they were already operating it as high-level compatibility.

‘She’s indeed Master.’

Dylan was not surprised.

He already knew Charlize’s skill.

She was Kiera before the return, so can’t she kill any monsters?

Dylan looked at Charlize’s legs, not because the dress was too short, but to make sure there were no injuries.

"…I’m glad."

He was truly relieved. Charlize was fine. At first glance, his expression turned red, and he seemed a little happy.

‘Dylan is as strong as I am.’

Charlize looked up at Dylan and smiled.

Few people even knew that there was a real piece of Ehyrit, and only Payne knew that he was Dylan.

Dylan is an unexpected existence even for the secret magic tower. But if Charlize and Dylan worked together, anything in the world could really be possible.

It will not be long before,

‘We wield the sword together.’

She never used Dylan and the sword together with the same enemy.

In rebellion, Charlize was in charge of the outside, Dylan was in charge of the inside, and even though she had a real sword fight against the sword, she collaborated only with Kahu

The expectation of using a sword with Dylan was greater than the sense of the reality of revenge. Is it because things are strangely going well?

Even though it was a secret magic tower that everyone feared, she wasn’t afraid. No, what Charlize feared did not exist in this world. The only exception is Dylan’s death.


"Yes, gentleman."

Although it was blindfolded, the masquerade was forbidden to reveal its identity, so it was called differently.

So, if she calls him Your Majesty, everyone would immediately crowd around them.

Even the Emperor’s attendance was a secret.

So, Charlize felt this situation was a little new.


To call him a ‘gentleman’ and to be called a ‘lady’.

Dylan’s grip on Charlize’s waist slowly loosened. He looked up to see the buffet food being served. Dylan’s skin is pale.

"You seem to be enjoying meat lately… so I prepared it with the meat of a young cow rather than seafood."

Charlize’s mind was awakened.

Come to think of it, she was hungry. Hunger can be controlled, but the pleasure of eating was another story.

Dylan seemed to think of this opportunity as a date after a long time. She was craving beef, how did he know?

Dylan was naturally familiar with subtle preferences that Charlize herself was not aware of. He soon came with a freshly cooked rare tenderloin steak.

The tenderloin was her recent favorite part because it was softer than marbling sirloin.

Soon Charlize had tenderloin in her mouth. When she ate well, Dylan had a full face just looking at it.

What a peaceful atmosphere.

The sword that cuts through the monsters just two hours ago is still vivid.

"It is delicious."

She had a stronger craving for meat than her favorite shrimp or lobster.

It was not completely cooked, so even the softer rare was Charlize’s taste. It was strange to him that treating Charlize with the absolute power of a tyrant and a genius brain was a courtship to get more attention from her.

Dylan silently sliced ​​the steak instead. Bright red blood was oozing out of the elegant silver knife.

Charlize suddenly realized. That Dylan’s arrangement didn’t stop there.

The population density of the masquerade was higher than usual as many people were attending. In this situation, there are several rules in society, and one of them is dancing.

‘But he broke the rules.’

Since you have to cover your appearance and identity with a mask, the dance where you change your opponent every 15 seconds was the standard of the masquerade dance.

But here at the moment. There was a dance song with a more quiet gesture than a formal dance.

You have to formally apply for a dance, breaking the implicit rule of a masquerade without worrying about your dancing partner.

It was a too-conservative rule for a freewheeling ball without prior escorts and no concept of a partner.

‘Is this also courtship?’

Dylan reigned as a tyrant during the three years that Charlize left the Empire, but he was very determined in his relationship with the opposite sex.

He was a man who could only be pinched by Charlize’s hand, listen only to Charlize, and only allow Charlize. No matter how much time has passed, he is an emperor who will remain solemnly.

Before and after the regression, Charlize was the only one in Dylan’s line.

Of course, she always knew, but there was a big difference between knowing and suddenly feeling it.

‘For Dylan, it’s only me.’

"I’m glad you like it, Lady."

Dylan spoke like a tame beast.

"…Thank you."

But contrary to what Charlize had thought, who viewed Dylan as innocent, he felt it was difficult to suppress his possessiveness.

Obsession. Right, it’s an obsession. It is undeniably a clear obsession.

For the unrivaled Charlize, even if she covers her face with a mask, the eyes of the nobles continue to be drawn. Charlize’s atmosphere was strong and very clear as she was acting as the evil god recently.

The nobles, fascinated by strength, were still the same. Dylan, in particular, was furious when he felt that the young noble masters who also served as knights glanced at Charlize.

The reason why he did not allow the dance to change the opponent was because if he saw a man holding Charlize’s hand other than Dylan, he would want to destroy all of them.

There were many ways to manipulate them from behind and secretly drive them into hell or to destroy the family by choosing one person as an example.

– It was possessive.

Even in Rapine, his warriors, including Chase, didn’t want to even talk to Charlize. Therefore, the imperial family was fully supporting Rapine. If you want anything, come to the Emperor.

To the extreme that his anger was hard to refrain from his urge to kill.

‘I haven’t even received her approval for the marriage proposal yet.’

Charlize seemed to have forgotten, but Dylan was still conscious.

Without her approval, it makes him nervous. No, the truth is, even if he had heard the definite answer, he would have been completely crazy. To Charlize.


Thirst was passing by, and he grabbed a glass of wine from the servant’s tray.

Charlize naturally followed Dylan to pick up a wine glass, so in an instant, the emperor’s eyes sank dangerously.

"Weren’t you working?"

From attitudes to facial expressions, he knows she is choosing to reveal it for the secret magic tower where they might be watching.

Charlize, who didn’t think much about the words, folded her eyes and said with a smile.

"I’d rather wield a sword."

Charlize made eye contact with Dylan and tilted the glass of wine to her mouth.

Dylan didn’t drink. After drinking about two sips, Charlize held the wine glass horizontally again.

Charlize’s lips reflected in the chandelier light were somewhat dangerous.

The masquerade was more open and cheerful than the formal ball. Some of the surrounding people around them drank wine with their arms close together with the opposite sex. It’s called love shot as a culture these days.

Charlize’s gaze also reached the couple taking a love shot. Dylan, who was watching, naturally intertwined Charlize’s arms.

Charlize’s gaze returned.

"That’s a good idea, isn’t it? Try something new."

She giggled instead of refusing and immediately followed what she had seen and crossed Dylan’s arms.


The freedom of anonymity that was not specified was comfortable for a moment. Charlize indifferently stretched her lip and made a love shot with the tyrant.

Anyway, the secret magic tower would like it better if Charlize put Dylan on her hand and looked like she was playing with it.

‘I’m not playing with it, but.’

Dylan’s hard arm muscles were felt at first glance as the range of contact increased with love shots.

Dylan and a calm suit are always the best combinations. Black hair resembling the night sky was attractive.

It was strange to see each other with masks on, so it tickled under her ears. The wine is quite bitter.

‘The alcohol level is quite high…’

Dylan’s Adam’s apple moved.

The sound of him sipping wine out loud was too audible to her sensitive ears.

A gaze fell on the emperor’s lips.

After both of them had one shot, they were able to put down the glass.

"Will you give me the honor to dance with you, Lady?"

Dylan politely extended his hand. Charlize felt that the emperor’s eyes were as hot as the sun beyond the golden mask.

She soon recognized where she had often seen his eyes. Dylan mostly had that kind of face on the bed.


Charlize took his hand.

They walked to the center and danced together. It was a delicate and strong dance like a sword dance. Like a secret sexual union, breath, hands, and skin are intermittently intertwined and mixed.

It was ticklish. Not only under the ears but also the fingers.

It was like a sharp tongue sweeping through the air. Blood red and black suppressed tipsiness and patiently waited.

But Charlize soon woke up from the fascination of dancing. Because.


‘Secret magic tower.’

It was definitely a wizard of the secret magic tower.

‘Why are you here? He’s looking at me. What are you trying to do?’

Hundreds of thoughts flashed through her head at the same time.

Charlize stopped Dylan’s lead and stopped the dancing.

Charlize has been baiting herself for the past week, throwing a fishing rod and waiting. While riding in a carriage, she got a bite in the mountains. But the prey was cautious.

They didn’t take the bait easily. But the person standing there staring at Charlize.


It was a wizard of the secret magic tower, overflowing with evils. Her whole body stiffened as if she had been covered in cold water.


Charlize’s teeth clenched.

The secret magic tower took the bait.

And Charlize was confident that she wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

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