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Chapter: 131

Dylan’s eyes reached her cheek. He seemed to be asking why.

The attention of the nobles was also focused on Charlize, who stopped in the middle of the stage.

However, Charlize still had her eyes fixed on the wizard of the secret magic tower.

‘Are you going to make a fuss?’

Charlize was nervous.

The person believed to be the wizard of the secret magic tower was wearing a white mask.

Their force was already witnessed before they arrived at the ballroom. The ability to use teleport magic, which is difficult to move even a single person, on thousands of beasts at once.

All of them must have been taken from the evil of the evil god.

‘I don’t know what to do.’

The situation was unfavorable to Charlize.

What if that wizard uses even a wide range of attack magic?

Countless nobles will be hurt.


Now she couldn’t wield a sword like in the days of Death Knight in the Alperier.

The approach of the secret magic tower is what Charlize has been waiting for to die.

Charlize tried to stay calm. The next moment, the wizard turned back. And he headed to the room where there were no people.

Charlize’s eyes grew sharp.

Is it lure? Or, is it a trap? If not… What is it?

"Hold on,"

Charlize said, letting go of Dylan’s hand and chasing after the wizard.

Traces of evils that could not be seen with the naked eye were scattered on the floor unless they were above the master.

The wizard opened the door where he entered first. The door rattled open with a squeaking sound.


All kinds of thoughts came to mind at once and bumped into each other.

If the wizard of the secret magic tower appeared in front of her, she thought that they would be the first to approach her.

Whether it’s an attack to test Charlize’s skills or a straightforward question to see if she is the evil god, they will come to her either way. However, this situation was unexpected for Charlize.

The wizard was wearing a dark black hat, and only red lips were revealed.

He was just observing Charlize. Charlize confronted him without entering the room yet.

The wizard was as quiet as a doll.

No, soon the corners of the wizard’s lips twisted strangely.

"Why, did you follow me?"

There was a strange voice somewhere that didn’t seem human. As she got closer, Charlize was able to smell not only the evil but also the unique scent of Ehyrit’s piece.

In an instant, the murderous intent rose.

Deeply engraved memory. The words and torture of the wizards surrounding Charlize flashed before her eyes again.

Even though they already know that the evil god exists, they have done the endlessly since the regression and have created countless victims. Those who reached out to Kahu and made him into the evil god.

It was surprising and amazing that such a disgusting existence existed. She couldn’t breathe well because it was disgusting.

But it should not be forgotten.

Charlize is now playing the role of ‘Evil God’.

‘And if I were a real awakening evil god.’

How would I react to this situation? Will I laugh as if I heard a funny joke? Or will I welcome the test of those who worship the evil god?

Charlize immediately closed her eyes and opened them to try to empathize with the evil god.


She felt like she was going to be extremely angry.


With a crash!

Just like on the day Charlize went on a rampage not long ago, she released her energy. It wasn’t difficult.

All she had to do was bring back the feeling of rampage she had experienced once.

The door slammed shut with a loud bang, and the bowls and teacups on the table shattered loudly on the floor.

The wizard looked startled.

‘If I were the evil god, I would be angry at his rudeness.’

Also, I’ll enjoy it like a game.

Charlize began to immerse herself wholeheartedly. This is an opportunity.

She had to make the secret magic tower believe that Charlize was the evil god. There is no way to be a single wizard. The whole thing had to be dug out by the roots.

He must return and convince the secret magic tower to believe him in a mix of awe and horror, or whatever other means he uses, he has to make them believe.

That’s how she had to go to their base.

The wizard felt a little frightened and withdrew. Unlike the first time, the corners of his lips went down a little.

Charlize stepped forward. The wizard unknowingly took a step back from her.

The high-purity magic flowing from Charlize was overwhelming the wizard.

"Are you talking down to your father?"

Charlize lowered her voice and came closer.


The wizard seemed to respond to an expression suggesting a difference between superficial gender, turning his eyes over for a moment.

Charlize saw the master of the secret magic tower screaming with joy at Kahu, who had become an evil god, and also remembered the wizards who called him ‘Father’ to Kiera.

So if she does this.

"How dare you test me without recognizing me?"

He will be deceived.

No, he had to be fooled.

Charlize mixed mana into her voice.

So that it can be easily embedded in his mind.

"Isn’t doubting a sin?"

Charlize raised her chin high and looked down at the wizard in the coolest way.

Like the wrath of God, her anger trying to control her composure was buried in her eyes.

‘I don’t know.’

What is the evil god’s tendency?

Due to their tendency to enjoy they may be suspicious of the evil god and even believers who climb may be considerate.

Charlize was offended by the test and put all of her wrath on the evil God’s tendency.

In fact, even the secret magic tower would know little about the evil god.

Since they didn’t know anything, they couldn’t summon the evil god after making Kiera, and they must have been convinced of the existence of the evil god but still couldn’t find it.

The interpretation failed them too. The point was that it just had to be plausible.

The wizard’s knees trembled.

Shortly afterward he slowly got down on his knees. Even though a broken piece of porcelain would dig into his skin, he puts his knees on the floor.

‘Did my performance work?’

Charlize was relieved, but she did not show it on the surface.

It’s just the beginning. She shouldn’t have let down the tension.

The wizard said a little trembling.

"I have committed a disrespect…"

He was still in doubt.

Is it not enough to bring in evil spirits and even use plausible lines?

‘Think, how would you react to this situation if you were an evil god?’

Why does this person respond tremblingly?

‘What I missed.’

The realization passed like a flash of light. Charlize thought she had eye contact with the wizard, but in fact, they did not.

She just thought that because the ‘place where she thought his eyes were’ was facing Charlize.

Although it was covered by a mask, the outline of his nose was too blurry. She also thought he was covered by a dark hat, but he had never looked right into her eyes.

‘This is not a person.’

Charlize realized.

It wasn’t an insult, it was literally not a person.

Something like a marionette doll that was artificially created.

The only thing that made it stand out was the lips. Because it can’t be covered by a mask. Obviously, if you take off that mask, you will see only pale skin with no eyes or nose.

It doesn’t make sense, but it’s a secret magic tower.

It’s like a straw dummy doll. It was not an illusion to feel that the voice was different. It wasn’t really a person.

‘Then what is it?’

There was forbidden magic among the ancient black magic. The magic of moving and manipulating objects by connecting objects and minds.

Even if the object dies or gets injured, the wizard whose mind is connected is less traumatized. Old and extinct magic that was only used in ancient wars.

This is from the base of a safe and secret magic tower, a wizard came to see Charlize as a marionette.

‘Then I can kill him.’

Realizing that, Charlize lowered her body as if they were at eye level.

The wizard bowed his head deeper.

Charlize took the sword out of the air. Ordinary people may be very surprised, but this allowed objects to be taken out from anywhere with a simple spell-free spell.

The wizard’s eyes seemed to flash. No, there will be no shining eyes.

It was because he was a marionette that the fear of death that any creature should feel could not be read.

Said Charlize.

"You poor human being. You sent me a monster."

"…It was a tribute of faithfulness."

"Can’t you see and believe it? I don’t need a stupid follower."

Charlize put a sword around the wizard’s neck and attached it. She doesn’t give him time to talk.

He didn’t know much about the evil god, but he was certain of this. The evil god is cruel. Also a natural ruler.

He will never tolerate apostasy and rebellion, and he will never be impatient.

"Don’t you come to the right place to support me? Son, did you forget everything just because you returned?"


If it’s plausible, it works. Charlize had only that thought in his head.

"I miss my home base. The energy there was pretty good for me."

Charlize takes his time slowly.

"If you don’t come to me properly, I’ll kill you all next time. I can make a new follower."

Charlize said to the wizard who was watching the situation beyond the marionette.

No matter how much the spirit is in the object, if the spirit in the object is forcibly disconnected, the wizard also suffers from it.

Charlize moved her sword.

She looked at the wizard as if warning him.

"Will you give up the honor of serving me close?"

She can be angry. She can ask for it. She can threaten them. Because she’s the evil god.

It makes sense no matter what she does.


A very long time has passed.

After a while, without even being able to rebel, his severed head fell to the floor. His body was sprawled out helplessly.

The marionette is a doll. Even if it was made quite elaborately, blood did not flow like a human.

However, the marks of separation were very cruel. The characteristic of Charlize’s sword was that it did not leave a trace, but this time it was different.

It was the trace of a sword that would have cried out in the most pain if it were human, not a marionette. The vocal cords were the first to hurt, so they couldn’t even scream properly.

The unresolved murderous intent still ran wild. She couldn’t get her energy back easily.

The secret magic tower she witnessed with her own eyes has already stimulated her rationale to the end of the limit.

‘Marionette magic is.’

There was a reason it was set as forbidden magic.

Because the condition for the execution of the magic was more than three people.

Each time the magic was executed, at least three people had to be killed.

It was possible to connect objects and minds only when there was a divine drop of blood flowing from a freshly dead person, not from the caster.

In other words, someone’s life was unnecessarily lost again.

She gnashed her teeth. She was disillusioned when she saw the secret magic tower that was constantly committing evil.

‘It must be destroyed.’

Charlize put down her sword.

The marionette was soon oxidized into the air and disappeared into the air.

After a very long time, the door opened.

It was Dylan who walked over and hugged Charlize. But it didn’t comfort her at all.


‘They have to come.’

Charlize continued to wait.

May the secret magic tower come over. The day when they will formally invite Charlize to the home base.

However, as time passed, the secret magic tower never reappeared. The wizards were sent there, and even the monsters.

They did not appear in front of her.

‘Did I fail?’

But it was for the best.

But is there something wrong, too? Did I make a mistake?

Charlize thought over and over again. She was anxious because there was no progress even though she believed she did well and tried to wait.

The subordinates repeatedly failed to find their base. Payne also said, ‘Shall we reveal that the evil god is Kahu?’ while looking at Charlize.

Charlize refused, saying that it would endanger both Dylan and Kahu, but recently, she wondered if that was the only way.

It was one day when she spent 10 days in such an anxious mood.

"Grandmaster! A strange letter here!"

The pattern of the secret magic tower was drawn on the letter that Mary gave her.

Charlize quickly opened the letter of invitation and read it, and the exact address and date of the secret magic tower base were written on it.

However, the content of the invitation was far beyond Charlize’s expectations.

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