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Chapter: 132

[However, please enter the Temple of the Evil God with Emperor Dylan Blade and the Young Duke Kahu Delmon.

In fact, you must keep this point.

They would make a great sacrifice to regain the full power of the evil god.

The more sacrifices, the better, so we would be happy if you could bring other humans with you.

Alperier and Shadow would be good examples of sacrifice.

From father’s faithful servant.]

They called the secret magic tower the ‘Temple of the Evil God’.

"It was like a temple."

Charlize’s expression hardened coldly, just as she had been told by Payne.

The image of an immoral group that commits only the evil of the world, and it’s like a faithful bunch. It was disgusting.

Charlize read the invitation again.

Even after reading it twice, the content was still the same.

‘Of all things, he’s referring to Dylan and Kahu.’

She thought that they would definitely invite Charlize alone.

That was a shock.

Wasn’t it such a secret magic tower? As they had not revealed their existence well until now, she thought that they would only allow access to Charlize.

Of course, even so. Charlize was confident that she could finish the entire secret magic tower with her own body.

"If it’s not God, what is it?"

The ancient god-fairy asked with an innocent look.

Charlize became a god in the human body.

No matter how strong the power of the secret magic tower, Charlize was just a deception.

It could be dangerous, so she was going to find a way to get Dylan to accompany her in secret.

But, first of all, why are they pointing out the two of them?

‘The real pieces of Ehyrit and the evil God.’

In addition, Dylan and Kahu were offered as sacrifices to Charlize.

There are still two days left until the date written on the invitation.

Charlize looked up.

Mary was looking at Charlize with a serious face.

"Call everyone."


"Yeah, secretly. Everyone."

Mary opened her eyes wide and soon lowered her head.

"Yes, grandmaster."

Mary is quite capable.

More than 10 years makes even a clumsy maid perform a high-level job.

Charlize looked down at the invitation.


Everyone gathered after a long time.

In the words of Charlize, it was just a certain work proceeds quickly without any interruption or break. It had only been two hours since they were told to convene.

The emperor who was busy with affairs was no exception.

As soon as Dylan heard the news, he ran right away.

It was a secret space in the mansion where Charlize stayed, a meeting place free from people’s eyes.

"Everyone has gathered, grandmaster."

Charlize was the last to attend after hearing Mary’s guidance.

As she entered, everyone’s eyes fell on Charlize.

Alperier, who has been chasing the evil god for a long time, Shadow, the knights directly under the emperor named by Charlize, and Rapine, whose clan was saved by her.

Even the information guild led by Lucy.

"Master, you’re here."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Dylan was the first to greet Charlize.

Beside him, Kahu was wearing his necklace with a slightly faint look.

"Long time no see, grandmaster."

"Yes. Long time no see, young duke."

Charlize replied kindly.

Dylan looked a little upset, but he never made it obvious in front of Charlize.

It was up to the subordinates to recognize the subtle relationship between Charlize, Kahu, and Dylan.

Charlize naturally sat on an empty seat.

It’s a cylindrical table, with Kahu on the left and Dylan on the right. On the other side were Lucy and Payne.

"The reason why I called everyone like this."

Charlize lowered her gaze for a moment.

Because she was still disguised as an evil god, so she was wearing an alluring black dress in everyday life.

Her long eyelids were as beautiful as twinkling.

Even the transcendents who were accustomed to Charlize’s beauty, everyone, regardless of gender, held their breath for an instant.

"It’s because I finally tried to make a contact at the secret magic tower."

Charlize’s words were ended.

Everyone expected it, but was surprised to realize that Charlize had really succeeded.

It is the home base where the beings of the top transcendent of the continent gathered to form a team and were persistently tracked for months, but could not be revealed.

Payne had only once seen the true state of the home base, which was covered by the sky.

But Charlize had made the secret magic tower invite her directly.

‘Not to chase, but to be chased.’

Even inside the magic tower, very few people knew about the existence of the ‘secret magic tower’.

Because it is a group that operates in complete secret.

It was easy to say, and almost impossible, to induce their contact with the evil god.

However, everyone seemed to agree, saying, ‘As expected, Charlize.’

Of course, some involuntarily swallowed their saliva at the miraculous wonder.

"Amazing, honey…"

Lucy’s eyes twinkled close to rapture.

Now everyone is used to Lucy’s self-talk that suddenly came out and didn’t even look at her.

Charlize also calmly held the invitation in her hand and stretched it out into the air.

Her voice was soft.



"Can you put this invitation up in the air? So everyone can read it."

The pattern of the invitation was definitely that of the secret magic tower.

At Charlize’s request, Payne cast his spell with a puzzled expression, and with deep honor.

Some Alperier’s envious eyes reached Payne, who was called first.

Of course, Payne didn’t care.

Soon after Payne’s short spell, an invitation appeared like a hologram in the air.

The large words fluttered uncomfortably like a dark evil.

[Midnight when the full moon rises the earliest. Island 259 Area B above ground.]

The meeting place and time were followed by what Charlize had already checked over and over again.

A word to come with Kahu and Dylan.

They said that they would like more subordinates to accompany her.

Kahu’s expression hardened strangely. Dylan was so calm that they couldn’t read his expression.

Shadow’s expression was indescribably distorted. The secret magic tower dared to say that they would sacrifice the emperor of the empire.

It was an unbearable remark for them, who were united with pride and loyalty.

"We will accompany you, grandmaster."

"Please allow us to accompany you."

But at the same time, Shadow secretly looked at Charlize, not the emperor, and asked for permission first.

Charlize did not answer for now.

Alperier was quiet for a moment.

"What’s the leader’s opinion?"

Payne, recognizing Charlize’s intention to convene, was the first to ask.

Charlize answered.

"They will not allow me to enter the building without accompanying them, considering that they have cheekily called His Majesty and the Young Duke."

"But… I can’t let the emperor accompany the leader. It’s too dangerous."

Payne’s expression was serious and a little dark.

At Payne’s rude call, a murderous intent emanated from Shadow, but Dylan was quiet and V or Hugo managed to swallow for now.

But Payne was in a situation where he was half forced to speak informally to Dylan.

"Besides, the young duke…"

Payne’s face was serious.

In the mythology, it is prophesied that the evil god will kill the real piece of Ehyrit. In addition, Dylan has already been stained black by Kahu’s evil.

Charlize had explained that he had already been corrupted to such an extent that he could not turn back.

Of course, the secret magic tower misunderstood Charlize as the evil god. In fact, it was very ominous that Kahu was mentioned.

Charlize knew it too, so she was silent.

"I’m fine, Master."


"Do you think I’ll die so easily?"

I’ll never die.

Dylan added to Charlize, knowing that the biggest concern was himself.

Charlize stared at Dylan slowly.

It was a remark from the emperor who unified the continent. There is not even an heir, nor an imperial family who will live to inherit the throne.

The Shadow dared not go against the Emperor, so they hold back and said nothing, but if His Majesty was gone, everyone was sworn that they must also be with him.

"…I believe you, Your Majesty."

Dylan told her to believe him, so she have to.

Charlize completely trusted Dylan.

As soon as they enter the secret magic tower, they kill all seemingly random wizards.

Dylan does his part on his own, and Charlize just has to protect him in case of need.

‘The secret magic tower is also the final test.’

She told him not to doubt her, but he picked out exactly two humans who seemed to be the most precious to Charlize.

Surely, if Charlize took Dylan and Kahu as sacrifices, she would be a total evil god.

‘You still don’t fully trust me.’

"I will go too."

Kahu said next to him. Charlize’s gaze shifted to Kahu.

The young duke had a pale complexion.

"I can’t forget the words of the grandmaster who saved me. If I can be of any help, I will do anything."

"But whether there is no trauma…"

"I can overcome it. No, if I see their destruction with my own eyes. Only then will the trauma go away."

"It would be a particularly dangerous outing for the young duke."


Kahu called Charlize seriously.

At the moment, Dylan’s eyebrows frowned.

But Kahu looked only at Charlize and said desperately.

"I’ve wanted to help you for a long time, a long time… Please allow me a chance to pay back."

His voice was somehow drowned out.

Charlize realized that the ‘long ago’ Kahu was talking about was the time of the evil god that suffered for 400 years.

Payne, who had been watching the situation in silence for a long time, answered.

"Come to think of it. Maybe it’s an opportunity, leader."

"…Why do you think so?"

Charlize kept her gaze fixed on Kahu.

"The secret magic tower is not that they still doubt the leader, but they completely trust you. So they say that the more subordinates you bring, the better. Think about it in common sense. If they doubt the leader, wouldn’t they ask you to come alone?"

It made sense.

Actually, this was a more reasonable thought.

It made more sense that the secret magic tower was opened to so many transcendents at once.

But it’s that easy?

It’s even more suspicious because those who had been strong all of a sudden became so defenseless.

‘Am I thinking too much of a twist?’

"No, but it’s a little strange."

Lucy frowned from the side.

"No, it’s not. It’s so weird."

"…I agree with Lucy."

Charlize said slowly.

"I’m not going. Can you not go too?"

Lucy looked desperately at Charlize as if she suddenly felt uneasy.

There was no specific reason for Lucy to be there. She was just anxious.

After reading her mind, Charlize was silent for a moment.

Opinions were divided.

"Our clan won’t go either. Because I don’t feel good."

"Alperier will accompany you. We are against the magic tower as a wizard."

Rapine’s Chase declared not to participate, and Alperier agreed to participate.

Shadow was consistently eager to follow Dylan.

They were exactly divided in half.

But Charlize understood the situation.

Lucy and her information guild, from the beginning, were not much involved in the confrontation between the secret magic tower and the Alperier. The Rapine clan is also very sensitive to the danger of extinction.

The secret magic tower is strong beyond imagination.

‘Of course not more than me.’

The location of the secret magic tower was not even above the sky, so there was no need for a beast.

In fact, when there were many subordinates, Charlize couldn’t concentrate more and it was difficult to show her skills.

"But we always follow your order when the savior asks for help. Charlize, I will follow your orders."

"That’s right, me too. Honey."

The decision was only up to Charlize.

Everyone looked at Charlize.

Perhaps every word of Charlize had the fate of the empire at stake. She didn’t know that even the fate of the continent would change.

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