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Chapter: 133

‘If I don’t go with Dylan and Kahu, they won’t open the door.’

Only by entering the temple of the evil god can she completely destroy them.

But she has to risk losing Dylan.

‘If I stop taking revenge even now.’

I don’t have to take any risks.

If Charlize ordered to kill Kahu, the evil god, right now, then Dylan would be safe.

Although she promised to save Kahu, Dylan came first.

There will be little guilt left, but Charlize will be able to save Dylan.

‘But we can’t destroy the secret magic tower.’

From the moment she became Kiera, her hatred for them burned so fiercely that it stained her essence.

Besides, the secret magic tower will not stop working for the evil god.

If they fail each time to find the evil god, they will soon try to create a new evil god, and Dylan becomes in danger again anyway.

Beyond the purpose of revenge or protection, even for the good of the continent, their evil had to be cut out.

Charlize stopped worrying.

No matter how dangerous it is, she has to take it.

There was no better chance than now.

"Your Majesty and the young duke will go with me to the secret magic tower."

"Yes, Master."

"Yes, grandmaster."

"But… I will not allow anyone else to accompany us."

Everyone was confused in front of Charlize’s decisive decision.

However, everyone seemed to understand implicitly.

There wasn’t even a question of whether it was okay. Charlize’s decision was so absolute.

Whatever Charlize’s decision is, it is right and followed.

‘It’s hard to have a lot of people to protect.’

Charlize thought easily.

It is difficult to move comfortably when there are many allies.

Those who gathered here tend to trust both in skills and loyalty, but not as much as Dylan did.

However, the possibility that the secret magic tower spies were mixed could not be ignored either. The chances are slim, but it could be very fatal.

She won’t know if it’s someone else, but if it’s Dylan. She had to be careful.

"…I’m so glad you gave me the chance."

Kahu said faintly.

Was it because he knew that it was purely because of Charlize’s grace that he escaped death?

Charlize nodded her head.

Lucy had a face she wanted to stop immediately, but she kept her lips shut and held it back.

In the end, all decisions and responsibilities end up with Charlize.

In terms of wanting to destroy the secret magic tower, Charlize was the strongest. It will be a decision that will be reached after careful consideration.

So, the Shadow and Alperier also agreed to Charlize’s decision.




"Are you nervous?"

It was the night after the sun went down.

Charlize was facing Dylan in the mansion’s bedroom.

The hand that opened her clothes was calm.

The emperor’s skin was clear when she looked up close.




"Why are you shaking your fingertips?"

Was it?

Charlize looked down at her hand. There was a slight tremor.

Dylan’s hand didn’t leave even though he had all her clothes open.

A subtly scented candle spread pleasantly through the bedroom.

"You don’t look so well, Master."

"I’m just a little worried."

"What are you worried about?"

"…Your Majesty."

"How come? Am I not so impressive for you this far?"

Charlize looked at Dylan.

In fact, no matter how many simulations were run, revenge was easy.

No matter how strong the secret magic tower is, they will be able to stand up to Charlize’s sword.

They will pay the price of mistaking Charlize for the evil god with their lives.

‘Without a single exception.’

She had no intention of letting even a single breathing ant live in the secret magic tower.

There will be no life left there.

Only death.

Even the structure of the temple of the evil god will be destroyed. She will also find and read the remaining documents inside the secret magic tower and find out the number of people of the magic tower that are scattered throughout the continent and slaughter them as well.

She’ll just root it out.

And it was possible to do so.

‘But is it this easy?’

No, getting here has never been easy.

Besides, even if it’s really easy, it’s easy, so there’s no problem…

‘Yes, there is no reason to be anxious.’

Dylan’s skill. Charlize knew it well.

Because he was the only disciple that Charlize raised and taught. Kahu’s sword would also be of great help. He’s not as good as Dylan, but he’s a master-level talent.

Is she anxious because things are going too well?

Or is it the excitement that foresaw the end?

‘Even the day before the rebellion, I was strangely nervous.’

In the end, the rebellion was just revenge for the imperial family.

The real target of revenge is the secret magic tower, they.

Throughout the 400 years before the return and the decades after the return, they have been sharpening the sword for a long time.

Dylan took Charlize’s hand.

It was soothing.

"Is it your habit of assuming the worst?"

Dylan’s voice was soft.

"Even… the worst of the worst in life sometimes have tragedies that far exceed the imagination of people."

Dylan’s hand tightened at Charlize’s answer.

It was a hot warmth.

Her heart is pounding.

The emotions that she had only suppressed and restrained until now were inevitably floating in the air like fragments.

"…Your Majesty, when the revenge is over."


"I don’t really have any idea how I’m going to live after that."

Even after returning, she always thought it was a luxury to feel emotions.

So she turned away from love.

She gave up everything. Even human personality.

That’s why she clearly drew a line with Kahu, who approached her right after the swordsmanship contest. Although it took Dylan to break down the wall she had built.

He was able to do it because it was a love affair where revenge was the top priority.

‘When it’s over.’

She put it off to think about it after it’s over.

It was because it was not enough to focus only on revenge to think about the next thing in advance, and most of all, she did not care about the emptiness that would come at the end of revenge.

From the moment she returned, she had only been running for revenge.

She acquired Dylan, put him to the throne, raised him to be a tyrant, and hunted down the magic tower.

Whether she felt emptiness on the road or at the end of the road, she turned away from herself and lived fiercely.

She gave her whole soul and her heart. Devoted her life. Even her life.

That goal is now over.

It will end in any way.

Charlize knew it. What will be left after that?

"Why don’t you just live with me?"


"Even if it’s over, it’s not over. It’s just the beginning. Wouldn’t you like to be happy with your mind? I haven’t even given you a proper love yet. Master."


I have you.

"Don’t be afraid, even a new beginning."

The reason for delaying the answer to the proposal was that the revenge was not over yet.

Both Dylan and Charlize knew it.

What’s important about the format of the proposal?

It would be a grand national wedding to remain in history anyway.

Amidst the pouring praises and praises of the Empire, and the celebrations of the kingdom and nobles, Dylan will officially become Charlize’s companion.

After the national marriage, she will be recorded as the position of the empress, not the grandmaster.

The title ‘Your Majesty’ will now be used for Charlize as well.

The future is so far away that she just can’t feel it.

‘Can I live like that? Me?’

She was appalled.

The future with Dylan was not creepy, but it was creepy to feel herself weakening.

Charlize stopped imagining the future.

She who has something to lose. Feel fear.

If she was going to succeed in revenge, she had to think only of today. She doesn’t care about tomorrow.

If you’re happy as if you’ve already become an empress, the sword you’ll wield tomorrow will be shaken.

Dylan looked at Charlize.

"…A prophecy is just a prophecy."


"The prophecy that a new god would be born other than the evil god and Ehyrit was not written in myths either. What does that mean?"

Charlize’s lips closed.

"Fate can be pioneered. Even with human power."

The ancient gods said.

Charlize is the new god.

She became a god in the human body. A being who sublimated and overcame all energy with unrealistic mental power.

But obviously, Charlize was just a human once.

"I will not die, Charlize."

Dylan was telling Charlize with all his heart.

But Charlize couldn’t open her mouth.

She can’t say anything. Not yet. Not yet. Everything was a luxury.


‘Clear your head.’

She even erased the feeling that time was passing.

When she opened her eyes, she realized that it was the time and place written on the invitation.

The full moon shone brilliantly. The night sky was almost pitch black.

It was raining, but she didn’t use an umbrella.

Dylan and Kahu were next to Charlize.

The temple of the evil god in front of her was bigger than she had heard. Charlize let go of her emotions. When the door is opened, they immediately move without hesitation. That’s all of the plans.

‘No need for strategy.’

There was no reason to hesitate.

She’ll cut them down at random.

Dylan and Kahu will do their part, too.

There is no need for a subordinate. Three was enough. No, it was full.

A person came out of the secret magic tower that must have been watching from somewhere.

Even if it rained, there was no problem with identification.

The wizard in a black cape smelled similar to Charlize’s perfume.

Kahu’s necklace was hidden from his clothes.

‘It is just around the corner.’

Until the door of the secret magic tower is opened.

The wizard looked at Charlize and bowed its head.

Charlize’s appearance was the image of an evil god itself.

He didn’t ask how Charlize was able to bring Kahu and Dylan. He didn’t seem to even care. It was simply convincing because she was Charlize.

The wizard turned around as if to ask them to follow him.

‘Erase your thoughts.’

Charlize commanded herself in her head.

All of this acting is over once you enter.

The end.

But it was the most important moment.

But she’s not afraid. Anything.

"La Suptu Jyahi Kpenda."

As soon as the wizard cast the magic spell, the unlock code, his fate had already been decided.


As if a dragon opened its mouth, the entrance to the temple opened with a loud sound.

Charlize raised her sword.

Soon after, blood revenge began.

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