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Chapter: 134

Charlize’s sword easily cuts through the wizard.

Kahu had a familiar face as he had been to the underworld with Charlize. But Dylan was momentarily surprised.


It’s the first time he had seen Charlize’s sword take life.

The sword he saw at the swordsmanship contest, the sword he saw when she defeated the 9th Prince’s escort knight, and the sword she showed while teaching Dylan.

It was always a swordsmanship match under a safe format.

He has heard a lot about Shadow’s astonishing report, but Dylan has never witnessed it himself.

‘Is this, Kiera?’

It is said that before the return, her name was spread in the Dead Sea as a magic sword and as the guardian sword of the empire.

But it’s still too early to be surprised.


After entering through the open door, Charlize’s sword was pointed at the secret magic tower.

The open secret magic tower was now defenseless.

The scene that unfolded next was simply astonishing as a miracle.

Rather than Charlize’s sword reaching the wizard, it seemed as if the wizards were putting themselves into Charlize’s sword.

It was fast enough to transcend common sense.

Every sign of someone’s presence that started to appear fell down in front of Charlize’s sword.



The words were not even finished. All that was left was death.

Charlize’s sword was much faster than the bewildered wizards’ response.

Charlize was simply dominating this space.

‘A cold, blue-flaming sword.’

Charlize was originally known as Alperier’s Death Knight.

But Dylan had never witnessed Charlize’s performance in person. For three years while she was away from the Empire, Charlize was not caught by Dylan even though she persistently hunted the magic tower.

Several wizards fell with a single gesture.

Charlize was supposed to be dressed up to fool the secret magic tower, but at this moment she was so well suited. Her skin was sparkling as if she was wrapped around the black dress of the evil god itself.

The moonlight is bright.

She was a breathtakingly overwhelming and perfect goddess herself.

"Behind your left!"

Charlize shouted, and Dylan swung his sword behind his left.

The attack magic written by the wizard on the emperor’s sword was destroyed.

Kahu was also working hard. Dylan’s eyes sank.

It was an implicit plan to kill as many people as possible before the secret magic tower panicked. But now they have decided on the situation and were starting to pour attack magic.

‘For a moment. Something…’

Deep inside Dylan’s unconscious mind, there was a sense of difference. He blocked the magic that flew from the right with his sword.


It collided with the wall and spattered with a burst of ice.

Charlize’s sword was drawn with her cool face.

The black pillars supporting the temple were cut into pieces and collapsed.

Dylan was horrified for a moment at the scene of a fierce battle between scream and despair, ice and fire, evil and magic, death and life.

Kahu’s arm was slightly injured by the pouring attack magic. The wound opened. A drop of Kahu’s blood ran down his arm.

Dylan noticed the drop of blood dripping onto the floor.

It was a very fleeting moment in less than a second, but at that moment the emperor was very sensitive to the passage of time.

An eerie magic circle was drawn on the floor.


Although the exact reason is not known, the moment he realized it with certainty,

Drops of Kahu’s blood fell on the magic circle.

Dylan’s pupils dilated greatly.


The Emperor opened his mouth to warn Charlize.

However, it was faster to inundate the sealed evil like it was splashing everywhere.

A dark change. He lost his mind.


Two weeks ago.

The master of the magic tower was furious.

It was nice to meet Charlize Ronan as a Marionette. Because he witnessed and felt a lot of things.

But in the end, Charlize killed his marionette horribly in pieces.

It was a pain as if the skin was peeling off.

Because he was in a state of connection with the marionette, he could feel all of the terrible pain vividly.

The master of the magic tower, who woke up immediately after his mind was forcibly cut off, shouted.

[Are you okay? Master!]

The wizards were surprised to see the unusually furious Master.

After waking up, the master of the magic tower struggled in more pain than death. He soon fell into a panic. His body trembled.

He has never experienced such intense helplessness, fear, and vain pain in his life.

He was almost on the brink of death and was ill for several days.

And the master, he had a dream.

There, he had a glimpse of his forgotten memories before returning.

‘Who was it?’

The Kiera project was successful, but it failed to contain the evil god.

His memories were scattered sporadically.

The content of the dream was changed randomly, and so was the place.

The master was trying to come to his senses. And he remembered.

In the end, there was a man who came to pursue Kiera.

And that he was the first test subject of the new project, and happily succeeded immediately.

‘What is that face?’

But he couldn’t think of who it was when he saw the man’s face, perhaps because it was a dream world.

After being ill for a few days, the master woke up and drank cold water, and fell into thoughts.

He dwells on it.

But after waking up, the dream was soon forgotten, so it was not easy to notice.

Only one thing was certain.

‘Charlize Ronan is not the evil god.’

So who is it?

All he can remember is that he was a man who had a very close relationship with Charlize.

Charlize’s scent when he became a marionette was clearly very similar to the smell of evil. But it was oddly different somewhere.

Of course, it was very similar, so he came to the conclusion that Charlize must have played the evil of the evil god.

‘Then who is the evil god?’

It must have been around Charlize.

‘Why does Charlize Ronan disguise an evil god?’

From the days of the Death Knights, Charlize had only hated the magic tower.

Perhaps for revenge before returning.

God’s power was true, but the evil god was different. However, it was clear that Charlize was hiding the evil god.

Just as Charlize tried to wrap up the secret magic tower by acting as the evil god, so she has to fool the master of the magic tower and even has to thoroughly lure him out.

‘The emperor is definitely not the evil god.’

The master of the magic tower never fully regained his memory before his return, but his brain was clever enough to guess.

Dylan wasn’t the evil god after all.

It is certain that the conclusion was made after a long period of investigation and review several times.

Then, among the men around Charlize, maybe.

‘Kahu Delmon?’

A young duke who is said to have vacated the empire, saying he went on a sudden business trip recently.

Charlize and Kahu were also engaged in marriage.

A deeply connected relationship.

The master also felt as if he had caught a glimpse of the green eye in his dream. It was only then that he was almost convinced that Kahu was the evil god.

[Find Kahu Delmon, the young duke. He is the vessel of the evil god.]

The master immediately ordered his men to find Kahu.

However, after several days of intense investigation, the subordinates came up with a disappointing report.

[We can’t find him, master.]

[It seems as if he has completely disappeared from this world.]

It was clear that Charlize had hidden him.

Her followers are one of the continent’s transcendent self-sufficiency. If you were determined and protected Kahu, even the secret magic tower was as difficult as finding a needle in the desert.

Then there was only one way.

‘We just have to ask Charlize to come with Kahu.’

We are wrapping Charlize from this side upside down.

If she had that level of revenge and anger, she would surely respond.

‘It’s suspicious if we point out only Kahu, so it would be good to include the emperor as well.’

So the master began to write down the invitation. He also added that it would be good for other subordinates to come together so that they are not suspected as much as possible.

It is said that it is good as a sacrifice to the evil god.

‘It’s a lie.’

No sacrifice was needed.

The master looked down at the written invitation and pondered.

But if Kahu isn’t the evil god…

It becomes a gamble of his life. He had already witnessed the transcendent power of Charlize.

Just like the magic tower that was unilaterally hunted by the Death Knight, the secret magic tower will suffer the same.

‘Damn, why did you forget your memory?’

So, even after he had made his decision, the master thought about it for a long time.

It was because he couldn’t be completely sure that Kahu was the evil god.

But he was almost certain. Perhaps it was clear.

‘Before Charlize kills Kahu, we must get him back.’

Come to think of it, even the possibility that the grandmaster had kept Kahu alive was dim.

He had to move quickly. There was no time.

So he risked his life as the master and sent an invitation. And he started preparing for the rest of the time.

‘The first magic circle.’

He had a vast drawing of a magic circle that summons the evil god on the floor of the temple.

No wonder he killed so many humans for the blood to draw the magic circle.

‘The second manpower placement.’

The master even predicted that when the temple of the evil god was opened, Charlize would immediately start killing the wizard with her sword.

He applied several layers of shield magic to the innermost safe room.

On the day of the full moon, the master was planning to stay there and watch the situation.

Only the servants, who were usually an eyesore, were placed near the entrance.

Only wizards who could die anyway.

Even Charlize’s sword was used deliberately.

If Kahu was injured and only a drop of blood was spilled over the magic circle, the evil god’s seal would be broken.

In the summoning circle, the evils were concentrated tens of thousands of times.

If Kahu is the evil god. When the wizards who realized the situation belatedly started pouring attack magic. Even a single drop of blood would be enough to awaken the evil god.

‘And only then.’

The temple will be transformed into dinner for the awakened evil god.


Kahu screamed.

Because the evil god has devoured Kahu and awakened.

It was the fate of a man who became a vessel of evil.

As he watched, the master felt extremely relieved and at the same time experienced extreme pleasure.

As expected, the evil god is right. Yes, God always chooses himself. He recognizes his faithful and consistent sincerity. God was on his side.

‘On my side.’

The plan of the master was becoming reality. It was a moment he had always been looking forward to since he returned.

His whole vision was twisted with tremors.

In the end, the real piece of Ehyrit would die, and the world would be completely stained with evil spirits.

Ehyrit was originally killed by the evil god and was sublimated into a monster by fragments and scattering. The only real thing thrown between humans will also end.

The use of the magic circle was not just for the awakening of the evil god.

The evil god, which had just woken up to Charlize with the power of God, could have died, so it had to be considered as well.

The way he found it.

‘To imprison Charlize in the abyss.’

All humans who stepped on the magic tower were to be imprisoned.

Charlize, Dylan, and even the wizards of the secret magic tower were all eaten up as the evil flew out in all directions.

As if to exhaust all the potential of evil, the source of magic, he locked up Charlize, so she must have already fallen into the abyss for hundreds of years just to destroy the space.

She must have been thrown amongst the monsters who would constantly live and move even if she killed them.

‘No matter how powerful God is.’

When the evil god fully awakens from Kahu, infinite power is supplied to space. Charlize was imprisoned forever.

‘You can never get out of it.’

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