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Chapter: 135

Charlize opened her eyes.

The first thing she recognized was the large claws of a monster aiming at the back of her neck.

Charlize’s sword cut the monster’s arm. However, soon after, the monster’s arm was regenerated.


Where is this place?

Her thoughts came to mind belatedly. Charlize’s head soon gave an answer.


It wasn’t a dream. The feeling was too vivid for that.

Of course, this space wasn’t even hot. It wasn’t even cold.

A feeling of discomfort engulfed her whole body.

It was not much different from the temple of the evil god that existed until just before, except that countless monsters were gathered here.

‘But it’s definitely a reality.’

A pure white floor. Evils were constantly rising above the golden magic circle that seemed to cover the world.

The sky is a dreamy pink color like the world before it was destroyed.

In a bizarre space, the monsters revealed themselves at will. Charlize swung her sword at the thought. Her body moves naturally.



The monsters have lost their senses.

Even if it gets cut, it runs away.

It is different from the real monster. Charlize soon realized it.

The real monsters maintain their state when their arms are cut off. However, here, their body was regenerated with a period of approximately one or two minutes.

Watching the dragon’s re-growth face, Charlize jumped up to avoid the flames gushing out of his mouth.

"The master of the magic tower has betrayed us!"

"Do some magic!"

"But they never die!"

The screams of the bewildered wizards were heard.

Charlize was not the only one the monster was after. Even the wizards of the secret magic tower were targeted by monsters.

She saw the wizard being torn and eaten most brutally.

They screamed and poured out attack magic to survive, but there were too many monsters.

It was almost like hell.

‘What about Dylan?’

Charlize turned her attention to Dylan.

Her priorities are always clear.

This was a high-purity evil. It is qualitatively different from the evil used by wizards. Charlize noticed that the evil flowing from the floor belonged to Kahu.

‘The vessel is broken.’

The vessel containing the evil god was broken.

The evil soared infinitely, and Kahu. Is he dead?

‘The evil god has awakened.’


With a harsh roar, the hyena monster tore off Charlize’s dress.

It was only the end of the dress, but Charlize cut off the monster’s head with no expression.


A few drops of blood spattered on her cheek.

Unlike other humans who fell into a panic, Charlize was eerily calm. Of course, it may be natural because it is easier than the war that Kiera experienced.

Rather than when she was held in the hands of a hated emperor and wielded as a sword, killing countless humans.

The cannibal bat monster, the golem monster that tears the wizard, the wyvern, the giant flower monster that melts people, and the disgustingly large bug-shaped monster were more comfortable to deal with.

All the forms of monsters she had seen so far were all here.

No, they transform and merge with each other.

The evolutionary process, which had to be done through generations, was too fast.

The monster that has undergone the process of being cut and regenerated several times has become even more annoying.

‘It can still be killed.’

There must be a weakness.

It was a later matter to consider its weakness.

Charlize only thought of Dylan for now. All those who were on the magic circle except Kahu were summoned here. So Dylan will be here too.

Charlize found Dylan.

Once they met, they had to work together. No, she had to protect him. Charlize tried to ignore the ominous feeling that kept creeping up.

‘For now.’

"Please save me, evil god!"

The wizard who jumped in front of Charlize pleaded with despairing eyes.

Judging from the fact that they have not been able to properly understand the situation, it was clear that most wizards in the secret magic tower believed that Charlize was the evil god.


It was sweat dripping all over his body. A disgustingly pitch black cloak. It was one of the wizards that Charlize had seen before her return.


Anything that blocks Charlize’s front was cut down.

The wizard’s words failed to come to an end.

A hungry monster rushed madly to the wizard who became a dead body. It quickly disappeared without a trace. It was a mess. The monsters ate each other as well.

The wizards scream.

Charlize wanted her bloody revenge. But here, a man died most painfully. Wizards, the absolute strongest among humans, are driven helplessly, hunted, and eaten.

She was letting the monsters take care of the wizard’s sins on their own.


Charlize clenched her teeth.

He will be fine.

No! He had to be safe.

Charlize trusted Dylan. Dylan said he would never die. Over and over again, as if to be relieved, the emperor had promised.

"…Ha, ah."

Her breathing was rough and tight to the tip of her chin.

Charlize found Dylan in the end. But was it already too late? Was she in such a hurry?

Dylan vomited a handful of blood. The emperor’s uniform was already red with the blood he vomited. Charlize’s ears trembled as she watched.

Charlize and Dylan’s gazes intertwined in the air.

The emperor said to Charlize.

"The magic circle… Master."

It was then that Charlize realized and understood the whole situation.

From the beginning, it was a trap of the master of the magic tower. No, the master must also be prepared for risk in his own way.

She could hear her heart beating fast.

Charlize swung her sword and slashed the monsters, but she couldn’t take her fixed gaze on Dylan.

‘He’s dying.’

Charlize saw a dark blue light gushing out of Dylan in all directions.

It was a more unbelievable sight than in this world where everything felt uncomfortable.

His transcendent power radiated as if the real piece of Ehyrit were torn apart into ten thousand pieces from Dylan’s soul.

Should she describe it as brilliance? That? It hurts her eyes more than staring straight into the midday sun.

Charlize’s lips parted softly.

Dylan’s vitality was leaking out.

He was dying. She looks like she’s going crazy. If she could stop time, she would do it.

It was an extreme state of awakening.

The flow of emotions was perceived in too much detail.


Because of the overflowing evils in this space. The real piece, which had already been dyed black could not overcome the limit and was falling apart.

"There’ll be a way out."


Charlize said as she escorted Dylan in front of her.

"Your Majesty, then."

Charlize looked ahead. Dylan, standing behind her, coughed. The sound of the sword in his hand creaking and falling was heard.


Charlize slashed the attacking monster.

Many, many. There was a horrifying amount of monsters. It doesn’t even die. They’re getting stronger and rushing in.

Suddenly, she realized that his breathing was too rough.

It’s a breath that doesn’t get faster no matter how much she swings the sword.

"I love you."


What’s wrong?

In an instant, time passed slowly. In the brief moment that Dylan confessed his love, the world was so beautiful, and at the same time, it felt like her whole body was peacefully wrapped around her.

Don’t you think so?

The dreamlike pink sky crossed the scarlet and red colors with a gradation, and the light that was leaking from Dylan was dark blue and warm and good at the same time.

The sense of the sword that cut through the monsters was terribly cool.

But the next moment she heard nothing. Only the sound of something weighing an adult man falling to the floor.

It was terribly familiar. She couldn’t help but know. She has existed around for over 400 years and witnessed countless deaths.

Human death was nothing special.

If you die, it’s over. It ends.

The scent of death was best smelled by Charlize.

She turned around.

Dylan, lying on the floor, had a peaceful face. His pale skin is white. His lips are red. It is redder because of the dripping blood.


Charlize swung her sword. Dozens of monsters were thrown around, screaming torn apart.

No, you’re not. What are you talking about?

Don’t lie. I’m not in the mood for a joke.



Charlize blinked. Her heart is beating.

Charlize did not even see him. It was just full of things she couldn’t understand.

What the hell is this?

‘Why don’t you move?’

Why aren’t you breathing? Why aren’t you shining? Why are you lying down? Why? Why?

I’m dealing with monsters like this by myself. I’m struggling to protect you with my sword when you’re down. Hurry up and help me.



"The Emperor is dead! This place is wrong! The master has completely abandoned us! He threw us away!"

"I can’t see the way out!"

"My arm! my arm!"

"Dead! We are all dead!"

"Shut up, damn it!"

The wizards shouted.

In mythology, prophecies were already written in ancient times.

The evil god will kill the real piece of Ehyrit.

This was the evil of the evil god. A black evil flowed from the bottom of the magic circle that covered the world. And what Charlize had witnessed was the death of Ehyrit’s real piece.


Who is dead?

You said you could change fate.

You said you’d stay with me forever. Didn’t you propose to me?

Let’s get married. What are you doing now? I told you I love you. It’s life. It’s a person.

You, you. What are you doing?


In an instant, a sense of reality struck her.

There is no end to monsters. Monsters do not know pain. It seemed that they were constantly receiving energy from the evil of the evil god. They keep coming at her.

The evil spirit stood on Charlize’s sword. It was nothing like a sign of a runaway.

As she swung the sword wrapped in black, the surroundings became a little quieter.

Charlize looked up.

The voice of the master of the magic tower could be heard from the space outside this abyss, the secret magic tower from which the evil god had awakened.

It’s beyond the dimension of space. It was a completely different wavelength, but she heard it clearly.

The master was laughing.

[After all, I am the one who gave you that power, you foolish magic sword.]

The master was trembling with joy.

[The evil god has chosen me. Do you understand? How dare you point a sword at me like your parents, who is like the parent who created you? Let you be alone in your misery forever!]

Kiera, Kiera.

It was a mocking voice.

[Even if you die, you will come back to life. Because that’s where you are. Time will not pass by. Hundreds of years, thousands of years, tens of thousands of years. You’ll be the only one in Ehyrit and be eaten]

The master laughed out loud.

Dylan is dead.

Charlize realized it.

Among the monsters that harbor Ehyrit’s pieces, this strange space itself is nothing more than Ehyrit’s death.

Ehyrit is forever stuffed into this space itself. Time is permanently fixed.

It was like the death of God.

As predicted, the evil god won.

But that doesn’t matter.


I can’t admit it, I can’t.

Charlize lost her rationale the next moment.

The being who became a human, but became a god with the highest level of mental power, finally began to run rampant.

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