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Chapter: 137

When was the last time you felt your hand hurt?

Now, the number of monsters was significantly reduced.


Finally, she swung her sword. Immediately after familiar oxidation.

Charlize held her breath with her sword in her hand.

If something attacks, she’ll cut it. Stabbing. The simple move was a reflex reaction.

But nothing was moving anymore.

Even if she tries to react, nothing attacks first.

A warm breath escaped slowly. Charlize looked around slowly.

Still a dreamy pink sky.

A magic circle that sparkles in gold.

The sight of hundreds of thousands of pieces scattering in the air was a bit mysterious.

The dark blue swaying air made her face her inner emptiness.


Drops of blood dripped from the torn palm of Charlize. There are no monsters anywhere in space.

‘Did I kill them all?’

All of a sudden.

She felt that it was not enough to quell her intense murderous intent.

She felt like she had lost something very precious.

Charlize lowered her gaze.

Dylan still looked calm. At first glance, she would think he was asleep rather than dead.


Charlize laid down her sword diagonally.

No, she just put the sword out of her hand.

The sword clinked clear on the floor resembling a solid marble.

‘There is nothing to cut now.’

She vowed to protect him. At least the monsters never touched Dylan.

Of all the humans who have been called here, Charlize alone was fine, the survivor, except for Dylan.

That alone was a miracle.

Charlize knelt before Dylan.

She sees him.

He doesn’t move. He is not asleep. There’s no breathing, no heartbeat.

His skin was so white that he was pale. He is quiet, without even the slightest trembling.

It is a death that stopped alone. It was perfected to the point of being noble.

"If I answer now…"

Charlize hugged Dylan.

He drooped, but Charlize hugged him as if she was embracing the most precious thing.

She put her cheek on Dylan’s. It’s cold.

She blinks. Her vision is still clear. Scattered dark blue powder.

All she can hear is her breathing.

"Is it too late?"


"Marry me, Your Majesty. We…"

She was out of breath.

It was because of tears that suddenly fell unexpectedly.

Charlize realized the tears in a daze.


Dylan’s hand fell helplessly into the air. Charlize took Dylan’s hand again with her blood-stained hand.

The reason she’s struggling is that she’s short of breath. The reason why she burst into tears is that she lost him. Belatedly, Dylan’s cool temperature stabbed her heart like an ice thorn.

It hurts.

-I think I’m going to die.

She thought death was familiar. She saw the death of countless people and endured it. She came alive.

But not in the face of his death. She couldn’t bear that she was Charlize, that she was still alive.

-Help me.

Even though she usually builds a wall with her faith.

After all, whenever you hit a wall like this, what you look for is the name of God.

The fairies referred to Charlize as a being who became a god in a human body, but at a moment like this, it didn’t feel right at all.

She is just a person who has lost her loved one because she is blinded by revenge.

She shouldn’t have to do it.

Even if the whole continent is stained with evil, if only you were alive, that was good. I don’t care about justice. If I’m happy with you, that’s enough.

Why do I realize it only after losing you?

-God, if you exist, please. If you’re listening, please.

With a more earnest heart than when the return was brought about, Charlize begged and prayed again and again.

Who on earth should I pray to?

Ehyrit, who is already dead? The evil god who killed Dylan? To him or him? It was a desperation that even the target was unknown.

She thought she could sell her soul if anyone listened to her.

Dylan is still cold, tightly embraced in deep despair. Charlize doesn’t know how to reverse his death. She’s in pain. She’s aching. She regretted it.


Suddenly there was silence and stillness as if the world had stopped.

Charlize closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them. The whole world is white. Dylan, who was in her arms, was nowhere to be seen.

There was nothing. The sky, the air, and the floor.

It was just a white blank space.

‘No way.’

She was desperate for hope and looked for a moment in vain, but this was also a clear reality.

Charlize was silent for a long time.

Nothing appears.

But she felt that someone was around. That’s probably…

Charlize asked aloud.

-Is it you?


Charlize asked, but soon convinced.

In fact, Ehyrit had never been dead for even a single moment.

The real pieces of Ehyrit survived endlessly, being thrown between the human souls, and his body, which was shredded into hundreds of thousands of pieces, even though it was stained with evil and turned into a monster, it existed on the continent.

Charlize just realized.

The minimum condition to break the pieces of Ehyrit is that the ‘real pieces of Ehyrit’ are broken first.

It was only after Dylan died that it became possible to completely annihilate the monster.

With Charlize’s unrealistic power -God’s power- the piece was completely shattered in a space where time was fixed. The pieces that were torn to shreds by the evil god, in the beginning, became one again in the air.

Yes. All the pieces were put together.


It was God.

-What, sorry?

Charlize’s voice trembled.

No matter how calm she tries, she faces God.

Even if she couldn’t see it, she could feel it clearly. She could hear it. Ehyrit existed right next to Charlize.

The voice said.

The tears slowly stopped.

She understood that she was swept away. She understood that it was his fault.

Charlize did not want to, but she became involved in the war of the gods.

The interpretation of myths is wrong.

In ancient times, it was prophesied that the evil god would kill the real piece of Ehyrit, but as everyone expected, the evil god did not devour the continent after Dylan’s death.

It only opens the way for Ehyrit to appear again.

It was as if the evil god had extinguished him and summoned Ehyrit enthusiastically into his own hands.

The more the master tried to revive the evil god, the closer he was to his death.

‘God’s arrangement.’

Charlize exhaled.

Dylan was destined to die.

Even if it’s not in this life right now, as long as there is a ‘real piece of Ehyrit’ embedded in that soul. He had to die at any time by the evil god.

Even if reborn. Even if he were born again. He should have been targeted over and over and over again.

It was decided that way from the beginning.

The only exception is Charlize, Kiera.

After granting Charlize’s wish, Ehyrit was saying that he would disappear forever along with the evil god.

In that case, Charlize would be the only god on this continent, but she didn’t care.

The faces of the emperors she hated before returning to the empty space appeared in a video.

If Charlize just nodded, she knew she could get real revenge on them.

-…Can you make the emperors regret it?

-You are correct that I turned back time.

Before she knew it, the torn wound on her palm was healed.

There’s no blood.

The real target that Charlize wanted to avenge as Kiera was, yes. It’s true for the imperial family and the secret magic tower. But even if they cried out for their lives, the previous emperors who carried Kiera were right on every battlefield.

Those who mocked Kiera during the torture of her hope, and caused Ronan’s lineage to be cut off from generation to generation.

Those who piled up the glory of the continent on Kiera’s blood and took away all praise and admiration alone.

Those who did not know. Those who were confident that it was their ability.

Those who were happy above Kiera’s suffering.

She wanted to bring those who had that high pride to their knees, crawl on the floor, scream in their bitter pain, and give back twice the amount of pain that Charlize suffered.

They dared to shatter all that she had gained as Kiera, to make her lose it, and to end miserably in regret and despair.

Screaming, suffering, regretting, and ruining. She definitely wanted to see it.

And if she just nods her head.

He could do that.


He knows. Ehyrit is a real god.

Ehyrit wanted to grant Charlize’s wish for the last time before he disappeared.

He even knows the mind of Charlize.

So she will get her revenge perfectly.

All of a sudden her flaming anger was able to be freed from needless anger in front of her past memories, not suffer from nightmares, and completely shake off the lingering feelings of revenge.


-I don’t want revenge anymore.

She’ll put it down.

The voice asked indifferently.

Charlize replied softly.

-I want to be happy. I just want to be a person. I don’t care if I’m God or anything. I don’t want it. There is only one thing I want. Living happily with Dylan.

She will no longer look back on the past. Because the days of the future that still remain are more important now.

Because she wants to be happy with Dylan.


Charlize’s eyes were clear.

Her earnestness was clear. All she wanted was one.

She knows what Ehyrit’s warning means. It means that Dylan, who was a genius in every field, may no longer be able to shine his talent.

The fact that Charlize loses her powers means that she may become a Master, not a Saint.

This means that both Charlize and Dylan may become ordinary people.

But it doesn’t matter.

-Help me.

So please help me.

It’s all right, it’s all right.

If she can revive him. What’s the point of losing more?

She will decide her fate by her choice and will. She won’t let the ghosts of the past hold her and control her anymore.

The tongue-tied voice was silent for a moment.

It was the first God’s agitation that she felt.

But Charlize did not back down.

Time has passed. Flowing and flowing.

She will live. She can live. The voice finally spoke after a while.

It was a voice that had no emotion from the beginning.

The voice was neither feminine nor masculine.

Neither human nor divine.

It was just quiet without any characteristics.

Charlize closed her eyes without hesitation.

And, the next moment.

Charlize opened her eyes.

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