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Chapter: 138

Kahu was in pain. It felt like he was walking through a very long, long hell.

The floor of that hell was lava, and it felt like burning his skin every time he walked. Every time he inhaled and exhaled, it was so hot that it felt like his lungs were on fire.

His whole body and all of his nerves were sensitive and sore.

How much did he scream?

‘Where is this place?’

He seems to have cried out, asking for help, saying that this place was too dark, lonely, and painful.

But no voice came out. In fact, he wasn’t even sure if he really existed.

It was just a thought. It was just a feeling.

He did not exist in reality. Yes. He didn’t have a body. He didn’t feel anything.

He is simply eaten by the flowing waves of thoughts. He only suffers from those thoughts.

Anyone is fine.

I’m fine with anyone. Please save me. If you save me.


"Young duke, I’ll save you for sure."

It was as if the voice he had managed to recall was buzzing in his ear.

Where is this place? Who am I?

Where the hell am I?

"Wake up."


"Wake up now, young duke."


The darkness lifted at first glance.

It was because the light was starting to leak in.

There can’t be darkness when there is light.

At first, it was just a light that shone through a small gap, but soon the space began to tear up white enough to dazzle the eyes.

There was a feeling that something heavy on his chest had died and collapsed.

Disappear. Become free.


Kahu opened his eyes, breathing heavily.

At last, he felt a sense of reality.

Now he has regained his body. Did he get it back? He pondered the thought he had just had.

‘I was clearly robbed.’

Memories began to come back one after another.

The sky at the moment he entered the secret magic tower. The dazzling color of the full moon filled the night sky.

The hunt of the wizards started as soon as they entered. And, he got a wound on his body and a drop of blood fell, and then…

‘The Evil God.’

Kahu’s face turned pale.

The evil god had awakened within him.

The magic circle created a strange space and took Charlize and Dylan there. It was the same with the other wizards who had attacked Kahu before.

The evil god, who woke up from his body, naming the kneeling master ‘Won’, was thinking of getting rid of Alperier and Rapine.

The special necklace they made was useless. It was because the evil god in the body of Kahu grabbed the necklace and tore it off.


Dylan -the real piece of Ehyrit- died in the abyss.

But miraculously, Charlize came out of a space where she could never escape, leading to the resurrection of the god Ehyrit.

Kahu’s evil god disappeared together with Ehyrit.

It was simply ‘knowledge to realize’ like lightning strikes.


Eventually, the evil god was removed.

Bringing Kahu back to a safe reality. In the end, she kept her promise to save Kahu.


The moment he regained consciousness, Kahu was a little surprised.

He saw a sight that would have made him cry at once if a child had seen it.

First of all, the master died in such a cruel way that it cannot be described in words. It was the work of Charlize.

Just before waking Kahu, she seemed to have chopped him with a sword. The characteristic of Charlize’s sword is that there are no traces left, but there are quite a few traces, so he can see how her sword was used at a glance.

It was strange for a moment.

‘No, is this her intention?’

Was it her intention to present the end with shame and cruelty to match the ending of the master, which was the end of evil?

Blood was dripping from the tip of the sword that Charlize put down beside her.

The situation was no different for other wizards. It was less than the master, but he guessed it was a very painful death.

It was worth it.

Charlize had just taken revenge.

Those who made the distant Charlize into Kiera when she was 17 years old. Those who made the evil god dwell in Kahu who was pursuing her. Only for their own strength.

Kahu exhaled slowly.


A faint voice came from Charlize.

Kahu looked at Charlize.

Among the fallen wizards, Charlize hugged Dylan alone. Dylan was also lying down. Dylan’s face was not visible from Kahu’s view.

Only black hair.

‘…The emperor, is he dead?’

Kahu was stunned because he didn’t realize it.

However, he was probably pleased with a very honest, deep feeling.

Charlize is finally alone.

For Kahu, he considered Dylan as a rival that could never be beaten. But he was in love with Charlize. A heart that will probably never be broken even a few more years from now on.

If he stays by the side of Charlize who lost Dylan, even if he can’t overcome Dylan’s shadow for the rest of his life. Maybe Charlize can go easy on Kahu for once.

‘How can I think of this?’

Even if he was once possessed by the evil god, it was not voluntary, but coercion.

Kahu’s mind always wanted to be moral, so he was shocked by his own thoughts.

But thinking wasn’t something you could stop by wanting to control. It’s just something that comes to mind.


Kahu bit his lip.

The temple of the evil god is now completely ruined. Everyone died, and only the crushed marble powder was scattered.

It’s a dark night.

The sun was still far away. But soon the dawn will come. By the time the light came in, the Alperier was supposed to join.


Kahu opened his lips.

He never wanted Charlize to find out about his black heart.

He even rejoiced for a moment in the face of a person’s death, and he himself was not forgiven. He was ashamed.

But originally Charlize was his. She was his fiancee.

If Charlize hadn’t become Kiera, she would have lived happily ever after, as she married Kahu.

She would have been with him, not Dylan.

And finally, he felt like she had returned to their place.

"What comfort…"

What was cool about the difficult words was that Dylan, who he thought was dead, moved for a moment.

Kahu blinked.

Of course, just because he’s dead doesn’t mean he has to stay dead, but he’s dead, right? How do you… come alive?

Regardless of Kahu looking with his eyes open, Dylan’s hand went up in the air.

Only then did Kahu realize that there was no sense of loss in the voice of Charlize calling Dylan.

Even now, Charlize was not as surprised as Kahu.

Dylan’s hand touches Charlize’s cheek. The emperor’s face is visible. He is dead. But he is alive again.


Charlize responded to Dylan’s call.

Bleeding spots on her cheeks. However, when she closed her eyes and smiled, she smiled brightly. It was so unrivaled that it couldn’t be more beautiful than this.

Her ash-blonde was dazzling under the moonlight.

The blue eyes twinkled strangely. She was very beautiful that she could be called a woman of great beauty.

There are tears in Charlize’s eyes. Dylan’s fingers gently sweep under her eyes.

Kahu, who was watching them, choked.

"Did you hear that, Dylan?"


Dylan smiled beautifully.

It was a very attractive smile even from a fellow man. No, it was a pretty unfair smile for someone who knew Dylan’s true colors.

But when she saw that smile, Charlize was just happy.

"I asked you to marry me."

"Are you… accepting my marriage proposal?"

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"I’m thrilled. I deserve to die once."

"What, what are you saying."


Charlize bit her lips, and Dylan laughed out loud as if it was soothing or cute.

Kahu was completely excluded from their atmosphere.


Kahu finally realized.

There is no gap between them. Kahu has no chance. To wonder how Dylan was alive, the miracle that Charlize had already shown was amazing.

She’s the one who has achieved the resurrection of God and the extinction of the evil god, so yes, she couldn’t have saved Dylan without Kahu.

"Can I kiss you?"

"Right now?"

Charlize said as if he had just woken up and asked if he was thinking about kissing right away.

Kahu felt his heart go down with a thud.

Neither did Charlize nor Dylan at all care about Kahu.

Kahu soon saw the Alperier riding Rapine’s beast and running towards them.

Dylan’s palms completely wrapped around Charlize’s cheeks. Tears and blood mix. Charlize lowers her head.

Just like a masterpiece, a perfectly beautiful scene was created.

The rising smoke, the ending revenge, the beautiful lover.

A marriage proposal, acceptance, kiss.


Charlize wrapped her arms around the back of Dylan’s neck and brought her lips closer together.

‘Why not me.’

Kahu thought bitterly.

His heart beat like thunder and lightning.

But soon he turned his head. Yes, it was a miracle that his life was saved.



Charlize was panting. Dylan’s tongue clings to the back of her neck.

It seemed as if he had been overtaken by a terrifying thirst.

No words were needed. He was just desperate for a body conversation.

He just had to touch it.

She had to share this warmth. She had to express her seething heart, her strange feeling, her affection.

How in the world.

She can’t even show her heart. So she just mixed her breath. So she struggled.

Tears are mixed in her breath. She didn’t mean to be. She was just overwhelmed. Because she’s glad he’s alive.

She still can’t believe it. Because it doesn’t feel real.

But she saved him, she did it. At the thought of that, her heart throbs and cries.

"…Is it painful?"

Dylan asked as if her cheeks were itchy from tears.

Charlize shook her head.

"No, not at all."

Dylan is already in.

Charlize answered slowly. She was out of breath.

"Thank you."


"… Thank you, Master."

Dylan paused for a moment.

The emperor whispered, facing Charlize’s forehead.

The voice of confession is gentle and kind.

"Your Majesty, from now on…"

The weight sensation is good.

Charlize looked up at him.

She just felt her mind go crazy. In the unreadable movement, in the hand that keeps shaking.

It was filled with the desperation to just touch, confront, and feel so warm.

There was a short moan.

But the words ended.

"Please call me Lize."


Dylan looked down at Charlize.

The look in his eyes seemed to say that the permission of the nickname was unbelievably touching.

Dylan grabbed Charlize by the wrist and kissed her on the soft inner part of her skin.

The blanket on the bed is cozy.


A beautiful name like her.

The emperor spoke cautiously as if he were squeezing his heart.

"I love you."

Their lips met again.

The sky moved.

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