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Chapter: 1562

The housekeeper read aloud, glanced at the door nervously and fearfully, but still stood in front of Pei Yunge.

In case of danger, peiyunge must be protected.


The people outside the door came quickly. Before long, the housekeeper saw a dozen people carrying heavy boxes into the living room.

It even makes people wonder if there are limbs and heads of some corpse in the box

Zhongyangsheng, who was at the back, was dressed in a black Tang suit, and his eyebrows and eyes were very dignified. When he came, he almost let the housekeeper's heart go to his throat!

"Miss Pei."

Zhongyangsheng looks at peiyunge. Just when the housekeeper wants to open his mouth for maintenance, zhongyangsheng gives peiyunge a courtesy.

Seeing this, the housekeeper was shocked and didn't understand what the situation was.

This is the famous president zhongyangsheng!!

Few people in k-zhou dare to accept zhongyangsheng's gift!

But zhongyangsheng actually took the initiative to salute a young girl!??

Peiyunge also raised her eyebrows unexpectedly. The atmosphere was silent for a moment. She only heard her casually saying, "Zhong Huichang has a good temper."

Zhongyangsheng smiled, took out a contract in his arms, and respectfully put it on peiyunge's desk.

"It is a great honor for Miss Pei to come to K island. Mr. Zhong had no regrets when he saw Miss Pei."

Speaking of this, the people present were shocked by zhongyangsheng's attitude, and even could hear his excitement.

This even made the housekeeper doubt whether peiyunge would be zhongyangsheng's little daughter or granddaughter.

Otherwise, chairman Zhong is too enthusiastic??

Peiyunge closes his laptop and picks up a contract that zhongyangsheng has put on his desk.

It is a self prepared confidentiality contract.

Confidential object: y.g

Peiyunge's expression was uncertain, and he suddenly smiled: "Zhong Huichang, you are so skilled."

Hearing this, Zhong Hui felt that his scalp was numb.

Although he was surprised that the great man was young, he could not ignore Pei Yunge's natural superior aura.

At this moment, my heart is filled with anxiety and fear, as well as my respect for the person in front of me.

"No offense, please forgive me."

Zhongyangsheng finished under high pressure. The atmosphere was repressed for a moment. Peiyunge suddenly said, "Uncle Zhao, go down first."

The housekeeper returned to his senses and nodded hurriedly, but when he went out, his steps were still empty.

The person who is timid and dare not look at peiyunge is really chairman Zhong???

Are you sure you came to find your son, not to recognize your ancestors!??


"Your information is quite accurate." Peiyunge picked up the tea and poured a cup of tea.

Zhongyangsheng immediately explained: "Miss Pei, I just heard from the circle recently that y.g. has come to K Zhou."

Peiyunge: "with this, you know it's me?"

Zhongyangsheng shook his head hurriedly: "I have paid attention to all your experimental projects and papers. I just found that your paper this year is an extension of J. h's paper in 191.

And... I also heard that among the people you brought to take my son today, there were also people from the Confederacy 191. That's why I made a bold guess. "

J. h's data had long been banned by the Confederacy 191, and her research field was almost unique.

Therefore, y.g. and confederacy 191 should have some relations.

What's more, it can make the Committee and the referee's attitude collective reverse, and make Yang Zhenkun of the Confederation 191 busy as a dogleg

No one in the circle can do it except y.g.

However, zhongyangsheng is a smart man, so he even prepared a confidentiality contract when he came here.

"Zhong Huichang is very clever." Peiyunge didn't plan to care about this, but was interested.

I didn't expect that stupid son could have such a smart father.

However, Zhong Huang didn't expect that he was taken away and beaten by others. His father's first concern was not that his son was tied up——

But a fierce analysis, finally happy to pick out his idol's vest.

Even with a sense of urgency and excitement, he came to meet his idol.

He didn't care about the life or death of his son.

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