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Chapter: 1563

Hearing that he was recognized by his idol, zhongyangsheng's eyes lit up instantly and he was so excited that he trembled: "you are the hope of human society and destined to win the highest honor in history!"

Peiyunge: "...."

Seeing zhongyangsheng's strong desire to express himself, peiyunge moved his eyelids and interrupted him, "your son..."

Zhongyangsheng also interrupted peiyunge: "son of a bitch, if you can teach him in person, he won't live in vain."

Pei Yunge obviously didn't expect the situation to develop like this. After a moment of silence, he asked someone to bring Zhong Huang, "I'd better let him meet you."

Not long.

Seeing his own father, Zhong Huang, who was bruised and bruised, rushed up with a sad face and hugged Zhong Yangsheng tightly, wailing: "Dad, I miss you so much.

I almost died to see you, you know? You must be ruthless... "Clean up peiyunge.

"You must listen carefully to teacher Pei." Zhongyangsheng has a kind face.

Zhong Huang: "

Didn't you see what your son was beaten like?

Zhong Huang asked viciously, "peiyunge, have you poisoned my father?"

"Don't be rude, asshole! Do you know who you are?"

Zhongyangsheng backhanded and slapped his son on the back of the head, making Zhonghuang behave honestly with his tail between his legs.

He rebuked Zhong Huang bitterly and said in a low voice, "I tell you, Zhong Huang, if you don't coax Mr. Pei, you will want the Zhong family's money separately in the future!"

Zhong Huang: "??"

"Miss Pei, you are rude. Don't quarrel with this fool."

Zhongyangsheng continued to ask eagerly: "Miss Pei has been staying in k-zhou for a while. Should she be short of an errand runner?

Although the dog is stupid and ignorant, it can also help you. "

Zhonghuang is unbelievable, but he sees his own father selling himself. He still wants to sell him to peiyunge as a dog.

Under the active promotion of zhongyangsheng, peiyunge can only say that he thinks about it and asks zhongyangsheng to take Zhonghuang back first.

This scene also made the housekeeper open his mouth, and he was too shocked to speak.

Doesn't it say that the young master of the Zhong family is the only child of the Zhong family? But it seems that this son doesn't look like his own.

On the way.

Zhonghuang resisted the pain and asked, "Dad, is peiyunge your illegitimate daughter?"

Hearing Zhonghuang's bold speech, zhongyangsheng wanted to swear, but later took a deep breath and said patiently, "if she were my illegitimate daughter, I would give you a penny?"


Zhonghuang couldn't believe it: "but you have only one son."

Zhongyangsheng said frankly, "are you noble? If you have a daughter like Miss Pei, your son will be a fart."

Zhong Huang, a fart: "...."

Zhongyangsheng sighed: "if you work harder and strive to become a student of Mr. Pei, our old Zhong family will have a glorious future. The genealogy can be written into a personal biography for you."

Zhong Huang began to doubt life: "but my teacher is Qiao LAN."

No matter how smart peiyunge is, he is just a student of Yunda.

Qiao LAN is the future successor of the Research Association. She also nominated two awards. She may be the second person to win the double award.

But when zhongyangsheng knew that Qiao LAN had accepted Zhonghuang as a student, he was not interested.

It wasn't long before Zhong Huang saw his father's face disdaining him with the expression 'Why are you so bad?'.

Zhongyang said coldly, "I will come forward to you and quit the association. You don't need to be involved with them in the future."

He couldn't see it. Qiao LAN deliberately led him to oppose peiyunge.

If she really cared about Zhong Huang's safety, she wouldn't let Zhong Huang be a leading figure.

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