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Chapter: 1564

According to his father, Zhong Huang accepted the beating and went home to take medicine. Within a week, he forgot about the beating and continued to come to peiyunge alive.

Peiyunge was a little patient at first, but within three days, he asked the bodyguard who had taken Zhong Huang out of the shadow last time to guard the door.

Zhonghuang was quiet like a quail and turned around silently and went home.

And this matter also spread to Qiao Lan's ears again.

"Professor, don't be angry. Chairman Zhong hasn't seen through the future situation of K Zhou. He doesn't know your name." Assistant Zhang calmed down somewhat timidly.

It was also the first time for her to see that Qiao LAN could have such a great hatred for a person.

Qiao Lan's eyes turned pale, then turned around with suspicious eyes and looked at the assistant coldly: "he doesn't know my surname is Xie, but Pei Yunge knows it, even——

I know too much to know. "

Assistant Zhang trembled with fear. Of course, he knew that Qiao Lan was suspicious of her!

People who know about Qiao Lan's reconciliation can count it with one hand. It's hard to imagine that there are other possibilities besides the leakage from people around him.

Assistant Zhang said incoherently: "Miss, you promoted me after graduation. How could I..."

Qiao Lan's eyes flashed a strange light: "I heard that heiwana is taking over the task recently?"

Heiwana is a famous killer organization, running among countries, but everyone knows that heiwana's forces are deeply intertwined in K continent.

K continent has always turned a blind eye, partly because hewana was doing something for the former official of K continent.

Solved problems they couldn't solve.

It's a pity that Havana's appetite has grown up and is now out of control.

Assistant Zhang subconsciously discouraged: "you are a scientist. If someone knows that you have something to do with hevana, then in the future..."

Qiao LAN looked cold and said with a smile, "I'm just saying, what's your hurry?"

Assistant Zhang shut up.

She is very clear about Qiao Lan's extreme character. Qiao LAN will never let peiyunge go back alive.

It's like pengqian will be locked up in mental illness all his life

"Go out and find Cheng Shu."

Qiao Lan's attitude towards assistant Zhang was quite cool.

Assistant Zhang stopped talking and had to leave first.

When Cheng Shu comes to the office, she hears that Qiao LAN asks peiyunge about her situation. Her eyes are scornful.

"If she is really so powerful, she should be taught by linlanjun himself, and have a family background like the Qin family. How about repeating the grade?"

Qiao LAN kept an elegant smile: "really? I'm not interested in these.

It's just that this time in the finals of Yunnan University's direct promotion, Pei Yunge should have tightened their strings and tried their best to compete with me for the first place. "

"Don't you know how many kilos the people in Yunda have? They don't have any cards."

Cheng Shu sneered, and his tone became more sharp: "after all, it's the granddaughter of President linlanjun. Who dares not give her face? Yunda just wants to be the first? Isn't that a dream?"

"Well, you go back first. When the finals come, I will lead the team to accompany you."

Qiao Lan's words brightened Cheng Shu's eyes, and he was very excited: "you are leading the team yourself? Isn't this a compliment to Yunda?"

Cheng Shu knows very well that the team leader this time must be different from the temporary team leader last time. After all, even the last time he led the team temporarily, Qiao LAN retained her strength and still played the cloud drama around.

For so many years, Qiao LAN hasn't participated in the K-state exchange competition!

I just heard that when Qiao LAN entered the competition, he was forced to make K-state college in a mess!

Finally, he became a legendary figure in the exchange competition!

Cheng Shu was so happy that he couldn't help laughing sarcastically.

She knew very well that Qiao LAN would crush Yunda this time and regret coming to K Zhou this time!

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