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Chapter: 1565

Until the final.

As soon as peiyunge went out with Jianxi and Songyao, he ran into Zhong Huang again.

Her eyelids moved and she was a little impatient: "it's endless, isn't it?"

Zhong Huang's back was cold. It was the first time he had met such a difficult person.

It happened that the old man was talking at home every day, and his face was excited: "be obedient, that's Pei Yunge!"

Zhong Huang had to come here to be a lackey just for his pocket money.

Zhong Huang crouched outside, sweating all over, and said pitifully, "Dad, please, just let me follow you."

Peiyunge was inhuman until song shook peiyunge's arm and whispered, "just let him follow."

Hearing this, peiyunge glanced at Song Yao and hurried away with him.

Only Zhong Huang stood there in a daze and never forgot song Yao's gentle and beautiful side face.

"Song Yao?"

Zhong Huang suddenly blushes.

Zhong Huang has always liked song Yao, but he didn't expect that seeing a real person would make his heart beat wildly.

"Young master, if you keep staring, we won't be able to catch up with Miss Pei." The driver nearby silently interrupts Zhong Huang's foolish behavior.

Zhong Huang suddenly regains his mind and gets on the bus. The driver is too tired to catch up with the car in front.

Outside the venue.

Zhong Huang stared at Song Yao's back and said, "the goddess is just like this."

As soon as Zhong Huang's words fell, Pei Yunge, who had not looked at him from beginning to end, suddenly turned around and looked at him with a smile.

Zhong Huang suddenly looks at Pei Yunge and feels cold in his back.

Pei Yunge lazily opened the door and asked song Yao and Jianxi to come out. Then he suddenly closed the door with all his strength. The sneer on his lips was full of meaning.

For a moment, Zhong Huang suddenly felt that it was Pei Yunge who wanted to crush his head

The warning is also full.


Why is this father so intimidating?

Within the venue.

When peiyunge first entered the arena, he saw that today's first event was coming to an end.

This game made people feel a little afraid, and they also felt that Qiao Lan was worthy of being a rising star nominated for the double award.

Led by Qiao LAN, Barker Polytechnic almost abused K without any room to parry.

"I'll go. Is k Da badly abused? Is this Qiao Lan's first relentless attack?"

"I guess so. You see, all the members of the K brigade are shamed. I guess they all want to find a hole to drill in. It's a shame..."

"Professor Qiao didn't pay attention to the confrontation with Yunda last time, which makes you think that Professor Qiao has used all his strength now?"

The student of Barker Institute of technology snorted and laughed arrogantly, "I tell you, Professor Qiao didn't worry about K University at all. You know, when Professor Qiao participated as a student in the early years, he had already cast a psychological shadow on K University."

"Why did Professor Qiao suddenly take part in the competition..."

Before the words were finished, everyone suddenly understood the reason why Qiao LAN participated in the competition.

Yunda reached the finals directly, so the judges apologized one by one and tied the people of the Research Association away on the spot.

This is obviously a slap in the face of the research association!

But Qiao Lan was trained as the successor of the Research Association. Of course, she won't let Yunda go back happily

"Good guy! Even if Yunda wins the second place, if she is abused, she will become the annual joke in the circle, right?

This matter was sent back to country a, and Yunda was able to recruit students? "

After hearing this, everyone thought it was too cruel, but no one sympathized with Yunda.

The essence of man is to aspire to power.

Moreover, Yunda's back door behavior has long dissatisfied the public.

Someone could not help but look forward to it: "is this a real-life version of the great female master shuangwen behavior?"??

I have to record it and keep the historical picture. "

The student nearby couldn't help muttering: "I heard that Yunda has also replaced others to participate in the competition. Maybe there will be a good one?"

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