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Chapter: 1566

"Don't be funny, will you? Is it because Yunda has been at the bottom for so many years because it is retaining its strength?"

Students from other colleges in K-state can't help being sarcastic.


Just after half an hour, Buck tech won again without any suspense!

Qiao LAN stood on the stage where thousands of people were watching. His eyes were cold, and he had long been used to the worship and envy of all people.

She glanced at the huge rest area, glanced at the bottom of her eyes and stepped off the stage.

This made other accompanying cloud college students more and more nervous. They knew that Qiao Lan was so aggressive to target them.

"I said there was no need to do everything. There was no overall view."

Hanhanhao, who had deliberately targeted Jianxi before, had a sour tone and couldn't help sneering: "peiyunge has a little background. Do you think the world is around her?

Professor Qiao LAN is really good. If you offend her, what will happen to Yunda? "

Others were shaken.

Yes, if you didn't offend Qiao LAN, there would be so much trouble.

Gaolixin could not help but retort: "peiyunge is also for Jianxi and our school. If it weren't for her, we wouldn't even get the second place."

"The second place is useless. It's better not to take it. Some people just want to show their identity. It's not necessarily for our good."

Hanhanhao said this, and before he could be more elated, someone suddenly kicked him on the back of his chair!

Hanhanhao was caught off guard and fell to the ground.

Hanhanhao felt so painful that he couldn't get up. Other people unconsciously looked at the past.

Before hanhanhao got angry, he suddenly saw the condescending man in front of him and looked at him with a smile.

Hanhanhao immediately became angry: "peiyunge, what are you doing?!"

Peiyunge pointed out a beautiful curve at the top of his eyebrows, which was indescribably rebellious. "I'm sorry for missing a seat."

She pulled the chair behind her and sat down naturally, making hanhanhao's words plain.

Hanhanhao blushed and dared not talk back to peiyunge.

The girls nearby couldn't help laughing. They couldn't help looking at peiyunge more, and their hearts were also plopping.

This scene was brought into Qiao Lan's eyes. She said with a light smile: "it seems that peiyunge is the main force of Yunda, and I'm looking forward to playing with her."

"Professor Qiao, you are too proud of Yunda."

Cheng Shu's sarcastic eyes were filled with disgust and disgust. "Where are they qualified to compare with you?"

"Although Pei Yunge's academic level is only average now, he may be a good seedling in the future."

Qiao LAN smiled casually and said, "I would also like to teach her how to go down this road as an elder."

Until the last game, the audience was already full. Looking at Qiao Lan's fight against Yun Da, who was the second in Zhan Zhijin, his heart was filled with blood!

"Buck is coming on! Yunda is ready to come on!! wait a minute, isn't peiyunge also participating in the competition? Why is she still off the stage?"

When people saw peiyunge standing under the stage, with his hands on the pole, talking to the blushing Jane Xi, they always felt something was wrong.

This scene is not like the friendship between the same school, but rather like the teacher-student relationship between the big brother and the fan sister

But at the thought of peiyunge's age, everyone gave up the idea.

When it was time for the game, everyone said, "what's going on? Why hasn't the game started yet?"

"It seems that a person from Yunda said that all the participants in the competition did not arrive."

"Everyone is not here!??"

This made everyone curious, so did peiyunge not participate in the competition??

"I thought the last card of Yunda would be peiyunge." The corners of Qiao Lan's mouth rose. She didn't care about the change of Yunda.

It doesn't matter to her who she is.

Just when the game was about to be late because of the cloud, and the victory of Barker polytechnic was automatically announced, there was a sudden commotion at the door.

"Sleeping trough! Why are teach and jasmine here!??"

This made everyone in the audience unbelievable and subconsciously stood up and looked around!

Are you kidding me!

Even Tiki and jasmin are here in this competition??

You know, with their strength, they won't pay attention to this kind of academic competition at all!

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